20 Yorkipoo To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 4 February 2021

Yorkipoo are a popular cross breed on social media.

At a quick glance, we noted that the Yorkipoo hashtag has over 800,000 submissions on Instagram.

For the uninitiated, a Yorkipoo is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle.

The result is a low-shedding companion dog that can make excellent family pets.

They can also be called Yorkiepoo (spelt with an extra e), Yoodle, Yorkapoo, Yorkerpoo, Yorkiepoopoo and Yorkiedoodle.

Fred the Yorkiepoo (Photo: @yorkiepoofred / Instagram)

Fred the Yorkiepoo (Photo: @yorkiepoofred / Instagram)

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Yorkipoo to follow on Instagram if you’d like to learn more about this hybrid dog.

20) Luna (@luna_the_london_yorkiepoo) – 82 followers

Luna (@luna_the_london_yorkiepoo) is a Yorkipoo exploring London. Luna is fast approaching her first birthday and her first 100 followers. If you love London and Yorkipoos, this is the account for you.

19) Remi (@remi.the.poo) – 94 followers

Remi (@remi.the.poo) is an adorable chocolate Yorkipoo living in Texas. This cute character is a five-year old Yorkipoo. Remington has big brown eyes that will leave you mesmerized.

18) Roo (@roo_the_yorkipoo) – 340 followers

If you weren’t already charmed by the appearance of the Yorkipoo, you will be once you meet Roo (@roo_the_yorkipoo). This happy pup has a fluffy light coat that makes this Yorkipoo look majestic.

17) Delphi (@delphi_the_yorkipoo) – 564 followers

If you want to see how Yorkipoo interact with other pets, Delphi (@delphi_the_yorkipoo) is your dog! Delphi can regularly be found hanging out with other canine and feline friends.

16) Lulu (@luluyorkipoo) – 1,024 followers

We’re heading to New York to meet Lulu (@luluyorkipoo). This ruby-colored Yorkipoo loves to explore one of the world’s greatest cities with mom and dad. She may be three but Lulu has retained her puppy dog looks!

15) Nala (@nala_the_yorkipoo) – 1,039 followers

Nala (@nala_the_yorkipoo) is an international heartbreaker. The F1 Yorkipoo has a gorgeous white coat that has over 1,000 followers on Instagram – and it’s easy to see why.

14) Mabel (@mabeltheyokiepoo) – 1,400 followers

It’s time to meet a British Yorkipoo called Mabel (@mabeltheyorkiepoo). She’s an adorable member of the cross breed with a lush ruby coat and button brown eyes. It’s little wonder Mabel is fast closing in on 1,500 fans on Instagram.

13) Brady (@yorkipoo.brady) – 1,500 followers

Brady (@yorkipoo.brady) is a handsome boy. This Yorkipoo likes to use his Instagram to show off his undeniable good lucks. With a black coat with silver and white markings, Brady will put a smile on your face.

12) Noo Noo (@noonoo_yorkiepoo) – 1,800 followers

If you want a laugh, Noo Noo (@noonoo_yorkiepoo) is your pup! This Yorkipoo has a sense of humour, which shines through on his account. Noo Noo is ‘living the dream’ in Worcestershire in the UK.

11) Maisie-Moo (@maisiemoo_the_yorkiepoo) – 2,400 followers

Maisie-Moo (@maisiemoo_the_yorkiepoo) is a two-year old Yorkipoo living in the UK. She’s a dog model by week and all-round cute pup at the weekend. Maisie’s passions include socks, sand and sausages.

10) Sadie (@yourdesignerdog) – 3,880 followers

Meet Sadie (@yourdesignerdog)! This Yorkipoo has a penchant for a fashion accessory, outfit or carrier. You’ll get an idea of the full range of dog accessories through Sadie’s account.

9) Archie (@yorkiepooarchie) – 4,140 followers

We’re heading further north in the UK to meet Archie (@yorkiepooarchie). The two-year old likes to explore the many beauty spots of Scotland, while he recently welcomed a new sibling to the pack called Dougal.

8) Jaxson (@actionjaxson_yorkiepoo) – 5,110 followers

Jaxson (@actionjaxson_yorkiepoo) is a five-year old Yorkipoo who likes to steal hearts. It’s easy to see how with an adorable face. This Yorkie Poodle cross lives in Massachusetts in the USA.

7) Bubba (@bubbatheyorkiepoo) – 5,230 followers

Bubba (@bubbatheyorkiepoo) weighs in at six mighty pounds. This Yorkipoo lives in the beautiful PNW, roaming the streets of Seattle. Bubba has mastered those big puppy eyes with a striking red and white coat.

6) Fred (@yorkiepoofred) – 5,680 followers

Fred (@yorkiepoofred) is a mischievous Yorkipoo with a bounce in his step. Fred is fast approaching his first birthday. Fred has a Yorkie sibling called Olly.

5) Chuwy (@chuwy_yorkie) – 5,690 followers

There’s an element of mystery to Chuwy (@chuwy_yorkie)‘s account. Is this adorable pup a Morkie or a Yorkipoo. It’s unclear as Chuwy explains that he was adopted in Chile. Irrespective of his cross, this three-year old will melt your heart.

4) Juno (@juno_yorkiepoo) – 6,251 followers

Juno (@juno_yorkiepoo) is teenie tiny Yorkipoo weighing it at just five pounds. Although this Yorkipoo may be small, don’t be fooled, Juno has a big personality! Juno has over 6,200 fans on Instagram.

3) Carson (@carsontheyorkiepoo) – 7,250 followers

We’ve got a senior pup up next on our list. Carson (@carsontheyorkiepoo) has reached the grand old age if 15. Carson likes to spend his golden years in the California sun.

2) Charlie (@charlie_yorkiepoo) – 13,000 followers

Charlie (@charlie_yorkiepoo) lives in the Bay Area with his furry sibling Vinny. Charlie is a service dog with a big heart. Charlie cares a lot about social justice so support him in his cause.

1) Riley (@rileytheyorkiepooh) – 13,500 followers

Riley (@rileytheyorkiepooh) is a New York Fashion Week mode. This two-year old lives in the Big Apple where she likes to showcase her fashion sense. Riley has over 13,500 followers.

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