10 Yorkies To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Yorkies are loved around the world for their small size but big personalities.

The Yorkshire Terrier started as dogs bred to hunt mice and rats in the cotton and woolen mills in northern England.

However, it wasn’t long before these tiny terriers climbed the social ladder after Yorkies became a big hit with Victorian ladies.

While the breed suffered a hit throughout World War I and World War II, the Yorkshire Terrier rebounded in the second half of the 20th century.

Yorkies are the ninth most popular breed in the United States after the first member of the breed was registered with the American Kennel Club back in 1885.

Yorkshire Terrier licking lips (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Yorkshire Terrier licking lips (Photo: Adobe Stock)

There are over three million results for the yorkiesofinstagram hashtag on photo sharing app Instagram to highlight their popularity on social media.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 Yorkies you should consider following on Instagram.

1) @michcant – 89,000 followers

One of the biggest Yorkshire Terrier accounts on Instagram, the Michant pups (@michant) are two adorable Yorkies that love to dress up. Whether they’re reading a book, working at a computer or snuggling in their dog bed, these two tiny dogs are guaranteed to put smiles on faces. With nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see why so many people love to follow their adventures.

Fun fact: Yorkshire Terrier is thought to originate from Scotch Terriers, who came from Scotland before moving to England in the 19th century.

2) Maggie Mae @_miss_maggiemae – 61,000 followers

A southern gal who knows how to dress, Maggie Mae (@_miss_maggiemae) has over 60,000 followers on the social media platform. Usually found sporting a colourful bow on her head, Maggie Mae’s personality shines through in her photos. With a real sense of style, Maggie Mae has an enviable collection of sunglasses that wannabe doggie trend setters can only dream of.

Did you know? Yorkshire Terrier has provided the foundation for other terrier breeds. One famous example is the Australian Silk Terrier.

3) Kodie @kodietheyorkie – 80,000 followers

Kodie Bear (@kodietheyorkie) is another example of a Yorkie with plenty of style. A boy Yorkie from Southern California, Kodie can be found sporting a top knot bun usually wherever he goes. With in excess of 80,000 followers, this little Yorkie social star isn’t afraid to showcase his silky, straight hair in a slow mo video on Instagram.

Fun fact: Yorkshire Terriers have proven a big hit with the music industry. Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Donny Osmond are three global superstars who’ve fallen for the charm of these dogs.

4) Cody @cody_bear_the_yorkie – 60,000 followers

Another Yorkie called Cody with a substantial following on the social media platform, (@cody_bear_the_yorkie) is one of the more mature Yorkies on this list. A Yorkie boy based in Henderson, Nevada, he’ll win you over with his cute ears. With one standing erect and the other tending to flop over, Cody will melt hearts. No wonder he’s already amassed a following of more than 60,000.

Did you know? The Yorkshire Terrier has an average lifespan between 12 and 15 years, although some Yorkies can reach the ripe old age of 20 (that’s 140 in doggie years!).

orkie owner with poo bag on dog's leash (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Yorkie owner with poo bag on dog’s leash (Photo: Adobe Stock)

5) Leo aka Little Leo (@littleleothemorkie) – 145,000 followers

With a massive following on Instagram, we had to include Little Leo (@litttleleothemorkie) is a Yorkie-Maltese cross. The five-year old is based in Ottawa, Canada. With a beautifully groomed coat and a charming appearance, it’s little wonder Little Leo has proven such a hit on social media. You can clearly see the Yorkie in Little Leo with his gorgeous dark blue steel and tan fur.

Fun fact: Yorkies have regularly held the record for the world’s smallest dog – starting with Sylvia, who was a mere 2.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches from head to tail.

6) Ruby @ruby_the_yorkie – 22,000 followers

Hailing from the land of sushi, Ruby (@ruby_the_yorkie) is a Yorkshire Terrier making waves in Japan. Posting photos capturing her daily life in the Asian country, Ruby loves to pose in front of the beautiful flowers that can evidently be found in Japan. This four-year old Yorkie has lush hair that’ll make you fall in love with this small lady.

Did you know? The first Yorkies were thought to have arrived in the United States in the early 1870s before the first one was registered with the AKC in 1885.

7) Taco and Minnie (@taco_minnie) – 25,000 followers

With two great names, Taco and Minnie (@taco_minnie) are two Yorkies that you won’t forget in a hurry. A brother and sister act making waves on social media, Taco and Minnie will win your over with their tongues out and warm brown eyes. While Taco has pointed ears and a more alert expression, Minnie has long-haired ears that flop over by the side of her face. They’re two great examples of Yorkie siblings.

Fun fact: Yorkshire Terriers have proven a big hit with some Oscar winners, including Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman. Of course, you don’t have to win an Academy Award to own one of these dogs. Other famous actresses with Yorkies including Naomi Watts and Hilary Duff.

8) Teddy The Tiny Terrier (@ teddy_the_tiny_terrier) – 80,000 followers

Teddy The Tiny Terrier (@teddy_the_tiny_terrier) is a five-year old Yorkie with plenty of style. He’s a self proclaimed lover of the outdoors, which explains why he loves to pose in a variety of different places. Teddy loves to make people smile – which explains why he’s got over 80,000 followers.

Did you know? While Yorkie puppies tend to be born black and tan, as they grow older, their coat should me dark blue steel and tan rather than black and steel.

9) Tigi Yorkie (@tinytigi) – 10,000 followers

An influencer and a mode. Tigi Yorkie (@tinytigi) is clearly a busy pup. With an aethstically pleasing Instagram page, it’s no surprise that Tigi has already amassed a substantial following of nearly 12,000. Urging us to escape the ordinary, you’ll be bowled over by Tigi’s beautiful snaps in a variety of eye-catching environments.

Fun fact: While Yorkies don’t make great guard dogs due to their size, they can make adept watch dogs. They’ll bark to alert their owners to any visitors at the door.

10) Zoe @yorkie_zoe – 24,000 followers

Next on this list is a Yorkie who knows how to pull of a sweater. Zoe (@yorkie_zoe) is fast closing in on 30,000 followers on Instagram. This little Yorkie dog is nearly six years old and loves some knitwear. You’ll find Zoe sporting an array of different colored sweaters on her Instagram page, which will make you want to buy a jumper for your dog!

Did you know? We’ve already mentioned Audrey Hepburn’s love of the breed. She’s been credited with putting Yorkies in the limelight after her little terrier, aptly named Mr Terrier, joined her for interviews and photo shoots.

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