Winston The Mini Dachshund Questions & Answers

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Updated on 25 September 2020

Winston is a Mini Dachshund based in London.

This charming chap lives in the pictureseque area of the capital called Notting Hill.

When Winston isn’t enjoying his beauty sleep, he likes to organize the Hyde Park Sausage Walk.

He brings together Dachshunds of London for a stroll around the park, allowing both dogs and humans to socialize.

We spoke to Winston’s mom Ana to learn more about Winston and the Dachshund breed, such as whether they’re picky eaters, get along with other dogs and make great family pets.

You can follow Winston on Instagram (@winstonminidachshund).

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1) How did you first hear about the Dachshund breed?

As it is such a special breed we always knew of the Dachshund breed.

2) What attracted you to the Dachshund breed?

Before we got Winston we used a service called and looked after Bertie, a standard size long-haired Dachshund. He was such a good boy that made Dachshunds top contenders of our very long list of breeds we would consider.

3) How did you end up with Winston?

Winston the Mini Dachshund (Photo: winstonminidachshund / Instagram)

Winston the Mini Dachshund (Photo: winstonminidachshund / Instagram)

While browsing online to get a dog, we saw Winston’s puppy photo (attached) and that was it. Love at first site. I showed him to my husband and within 3 minutes we were in touch with the breeders.

4) What is Winston’s personality like?

Winston is the most amazing creature in the world. He is kind, loving, smart and protective.

5) What does an average day look like for Winston?

Once the family wakes up, Winston comes to us and asks to come to the bed to snooze some more (he doesn’t like to sleep on the bed in the night though, go figure). After he is done with his morning beauty sleep, he has his breakfast and we go for a walk in the park. The rest of the day is: siesta after the walk, wake, play, have dinner, do commands training with food from the family dinner, play some more, a quick walk around the block and signing off for the day.

6) Are Dachshunds a good family dog?

They are amazing. They are very loving and very good with young children.

7) Does Winston get along with other dogs?

Winston the Mini Dachshund (Photo: winstonminidachshund / Instagram)

Winston the Mini Dachshund (Photo: winstonminidachshund / Instagram)

Yes – he loves to play with other dogs. And despite his size, he can hold his own in all sorts of dog situations.

8) In your experience, are Dachshunds fussy eaters? What diet does Winston eat?

In his first year, Winston would be a great eater. Unfortunately after the first year something happened and now he is a bit fussy. He gets excited with new food but gets bored of it fast. So it is always a guessing game if he will be happy with his dinner and what else we can try.

9) Do Dachshunds shed a lot? Does Winston require a lot of grooming?

As he has a lovely long coat he sheds. But he is a small boy so it is not an issue. He doesn’t need a lot of grooming a brushing every few days is enough.

10) Would you recommend Dachshunds to a first-time dog owner?


11) Why do you think there’s such a big Doxie community in London?

I think their temperament and the fact that they are so adorable. I am sure that a lot of it down to word of mouth recommendations as well.

12) What inspired you to start the Hyde Park Sausage Dog Walk?

Winston the Mini Dachshund (Photo: winstonminidachshund / Instagram)

Winston the Mini Dachshund (Photo: winstonminidachshund / Instagram)

When we got Winston, despite our best efforts, he was a bit shy with strangers so we wanted to socialize him even further and got the idea for the meet-up. Few years of meet-ups later and Winston still avoids people he doesn’t know but he loves to play with all his Dachshunds friends on the walks.

13) What is your favourite memory/social media post of Winston?

It has to be when we went to pick him up. He was such a small cute thing it was amazing to hug him for the first time and he was also really happy with us from day one! As soon we arrived home we went straight to the garden and started playing!

14) What other dog accounts do you enjoy following?

Buddy the dapple Dachshund

Hugo Dach

Gizmo of London



Sausage Squad

15) What advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now if you could go back to before you got Winston?

Nothing really. Winston did change our routines and lives but having him around makes everything better.

Dachshunds Pros And Cons

Dachshund Pros

• Adorable – Just look at them.

• Loving – They get really attached and they want to please their owner.

• Easy to look after – Especially the minis. Hey don’t need huge amounts of exercise and not a lot of grooming either.

Dachshund Cons

• Winston being the protective good boy that he is he can bark to new people coming to the house. He needs few minutes before he can be sure there is no threat and he can relax.

• Owners need to be careful with their backs. So no jumping should be allowed and ideally not too many stairs.

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