17 White Siberian Huskies To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 January 2023

White Siberian Huskies are a rare variety of the sled dog breed.

The Spitz dogs originated in northern Russia before Siberian Huskies were exported to Alaska at the turn of the 20th century.

These medium sized dogs are known for their striking coat colors and spellbinding eyes.

Siberian Huskies can have coats that are black and white, copper/red and white, grey and white, sage and white and all-white.

The unique coloring is the result of a recessive gene that makes coat completely white.

Their almond-shaped eyes tend to be brown, amber or blue in color. They can have bi eyes or a parti-eye.

Kikko Samsky and Katana Husky (Photo: @katana.kikko / Instagram)

Kikko Samsky and Katana Husky (Photo: @katana.kikko / Instagram)

Here are 16 all-white Siberian Huskies that you should check out on Instagram if you’re interested in learning more about these special canines.

17) Kylian (@kylian_whitehusky) – 145 followers

Based in Sicily in Italy, Kylian (@kylian_whitehusky) is an eight-month old white Siberian Husky. He loves to sleep, eat and likes cuddles. Proving that Siberian Huskies can live in mediterranean climes, Kylian has piercing blue eyes. Follow along to watch Kylian transition from puppyhood to adulthood.

16) Fantasma (@ghostiethehuskyy) – 149 followers

Swapping Italy for Mexico, next on our list of white Huskies to follow is Fantasma (@ghostiethehuskyy). Like Kylian, Fantasma is adept to living in hot weather. Always smiling, this beautiful white Siberian Husky loves tacos and playing with his friends. You’ll get your daily dose of good vibes on Fantasma’s Instagram account.

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15) Nom Nom the Siberian Husky (@woolynomnom) – 404 followers

Our first American representative is Nom Nom the Siberian Husky (@woolynomnom). A Maryland native, you’ll find Nom Nom in Denver, Colorado these days. He’s a wooly and derpy all white Siberian Husky. With gorgeous blue eyes and a wholesome pink nose, Nom Nom’s good looks will put a smile on your face.

14) Rocco (@rocco_allwhitehusky) – 447 followers

Rocco (@rocco_allwhitehusky) is a purebred white Siberian Husky living his best life. With inviting dark brown eyes, the four-year old can be found sitting on some breathtaking vantage points in British Columba, Canada. If hiking and Huskies is your thing, you’ll want to check out Rocco’s Instagram page.

13) Arko (@arko_snowhusky) – 583 followers

Proving that Siberian Huskies can get along with other household pets just fine, Arko (@arko_snowhusky) is a cream white Siberian Husky living in France with his feline friends. The one-year Husky can more often that not be found chilling with cats. His light brown eyes and big smile have already earned him a following close to 600.

12) King Cairo (@lifeofkingcairo) – 746 followers

Next up is some Husky royalty: King Cairo (@lifeofkingcairo) is a male white Siberian Husky living in Los Angeles, California. The one-year old likes to hike and travel the world with his family. With a higher percentage of “wolfiness” than most dogs, King Cairo is doggie royalty indeed.

11) Niko (@husky_niko) – 942 followers

Closing in on the 1,000 follower milestone, Niko (@husky_niko) is a white Siberian Husky from Alabama. He’s got quite the collection of highlights on his Instagram profile. You can check out Niko enjoying some play time, going on adventures, displaying his IQ with nifty tricks and tucking into some treats.

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10) Casper (@casper_theghosthusky) – 1,512 followers

The aptly named Casper (@casper_theghosthusky) is a one-year old bi-eyed white Siberian Husky. Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Casper will take your breath away with one blue eye and one brown eye. This Siberian Husky appears to love the beach just as much as the snow judging by his adventures on Instagram.

9) Katana (@katana.kikko) – 1,514 followers

Our only Australian representative on this list is Katana (@katana.kikko). The white Siberian Husky has a brother called Kikko, who is a Samoyed Husky mix. Aptly, they’ve got a French mom and Australian dad to complete a diverse house. Katana and Kikko have over 1,500 followers on Instagram, where they provide a great example of the differences and similarities of Siberian Huskies and Samskies.

8) Shedly Blu and Kodiak (@southern.huskies) – 1,559 followers

What’s better than one Siberian Husky? Two huskies, of course! Shelby Blu and Kodiak (@southern.huskies) are two Huskies living it up in North Carolina. Kodiak is a white Siberian Husky while his sister Shelby Blu is a dark grey and white. They may be spoiled, sassy and derpy, but who can blame them with their good looks?

7) Kiba and Korra (@huskytwins) – 4,124 followers

Kiba and Korra (@huskytwins) are two AKC purebred Siberian Huskies. These white twins will turn five in 2019. Korra has blue eyes and Kiba has brown eyes. Based in Houston, Texas, this pair of Siberian Huskies have over 4,000 followers on Instagram. If you want an insight into life living with two Huskies, follow along.

6) Kodiak (@kodiak_husky) – 4,518 followers

Next up we’ve got another white Siberian Husky called Kodiak (@kodiak_husky) – or Kodi for short! He lives in New Hampshire along with his cat brother Toulouse. Kodi has a fondness for snow, peanut butter and his feline friend. You can check out his outdoor adventures or his interactions with his fur friends.

5) Iceland (@icelandthewhitedog) – 8,376 followers

Iceland (@icelandthewhitedog) has a soft spot for cookies. Proving once again that Siberian Huskies can live happily in hot climates, Iceland is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves to chase fluffy trails and play with her fur friends. Iceland is a Husky going places on social media with over 8,000 followers on Instagram.

4) Skye (@thewhiteskye) – 10,200 followers

Ghost may have left our TV screens following the end of Game Of Thrones in summer 2019, but you can get your fill of dire wolf with Skye (@thewhiteskye). While Ghost ended up north of the wall with Jon Snow, winter is not coming for Skye. The blue-eyed Siberian Husky gets to enjoy Miami’s sandy beaches.

3) Kratos (@kratos.white.wolf) – 13,100 followers

Moving from the east coast to the west coast, we’ve got Kratos (@kratos.white.wolf). The three-year old white Siberian Husky is loving life in southern California. Over 13,000 people are following his adventures on sandy beaches, snowy mountains, rocky shores and vast deserts.

2) Maui (@maui_the_siberianhusky) – 13,300 followers

We’ve got a white Siberian Husky with a sense of humour up next. Maui (@maui_the_siberianhusky) likes to think of himself as an actor, model, sweat enthusiast. However, he admits that really he’s just a dog. The two-year blue-eyed Siberian Husky lives in Montreal, Canada. With a following of 13,300 on Instagram, Maui is certainly popular on social media.

1) Mad Husky Max (@madhuskymax) – 44,500 followers

Last but not least we’ve got a five-year old white Siberian Husky called Max (@madhuskymax). A self proclaimed Daddy’s boy, Max is raw fed. Max has over 44,000 Instagram followers who like to check in to see his adventures in Leeds, England.

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