20 Whippets To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 25 September 2020

Whippets are perhaps one of the most elegant dog breeds.

These sighthounds may look lightweight but they’re a surprisingly robust breed.

Whippets are popular with dog lovers in cities given their reputation as canines that don’t bark a lot.

Perhaps that explains why the majority of Whippets we came across during our research for this feature lived in a city, namely London.

Three Whippets relax in the grass (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Three Whippets relax in the grass (Photo: Adobe Stock)

There are also a lot of Whippet owners with a great eye for a atmospheric photos that will take your breath away.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Whippets to follow on Instagram.

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20) Poppet (@poppet.the.whippet) – 1,700 followers

Poppet (@poppet.the.whippet) is an adorable Whippet living in London. She’s a one-year old lady who has mastered the puppy dog eyes. Her dad Matt specialises in photographing Sighthounds (@trianglefaces), which is clearly evident throughout Poppet’s colourful Instagram page.

19) Lucky (@luckys_tails) – 2,300 followers

Lucky (@luckys_tails) is a big Whippet with a boopable snoot. You can expect to see lots of beautiful photos of Lucky given his human won the RSPCA young photographer Instagram prize in 2020. The two-year old has also featured on the frontpage of The Times. Clearly Lucky is a Whippet going places.

18) Twiggy (@whippetofthewest) – 4,300 followers

Time to meet Twiggy (@whippetofthewest). Based in the UK, Twiggy goes by her official title… the greatest squirrel chaser in the land. This happy camper has over 4,000 followers on Instagram.

17) Ernie and Olive (@itsernieandolive) – 4,500 followers

Next we’ve got Ernie and Olive (@itsernieandolive). They’re a raw fed duo living in Lancashire in the UK. Ernie and Olive love to explore the Lancashire countryside, with their exploits beautifully captured on camera by their parents.

16) Loki (@whippet_loki) – 5,300 followers

Loki (@whippet_loki) lives in Camden in London. This Whippet loves to explore the English capital with mom, who is a content creator and photographer. The result is an easy-on-the-eye Instagram profile. Loki’s passions include sticks, treats and frisbee.

15) Stanley (@thelondonwhippet) – 6,200 followers

We’re staying in London to meet our next Whippet. Stanley’s username is aptly (@thelondonwhippet). He’s a professional shoe chewer, level 10 napper and obedience school dropout. Stanley sounds like our kind of Whippet. Keep an eye out for Stanley sniffing butts in Ealing.

14) Blue (@whippet_named_blue) – 7,600 followers

We’re leaving London and heading to Wales. Blue (@whippet_named_blue) lives in Swansea. He’s got striking eye and beautiful coat markings that most make this one of the most handsome boys in the Welsh town. Blue has over 7,600 fans on Instagram.

13) Banu (@banu_whippet) – 9,000 followers

Banu (@banu_whippet) is a gorgeous white Whippet living in Austria. He’s an 11 year old so one of the elder statesmen amongst our collection of Whippets. He’s an urban dog that likes to travel. Banu is closing in on the 10,000-follower milestone.

12) Josie and Edie (@theadventuresofjosieandedie) – 10,300 followers

Josie and Edie (@theadventuresofjosieandedie) are two Whippets living in the Nottinghamshire countryside. You can expect to lots of beautiful photos of the English countrywide and graceful Whippets on this account. Josie and Edie are prepared for whatever the British weather throws at them.

11) Toby (@whippettoby) – 10,800 followers

We’re leaving the UK for the time being and heading to the Netherlands to meet Toby (@whippettoby). This cheeky chappy lives for zoomies. It’s good to see Toby’s got his priorities straight. When he’s not in the middle of zoomies, Toby looks like he enjoys a good nap.

10) Pip (@whippet_pip) – 10,800 followers

Pip (@whippet_pip) is a Whippet based in Perth in Western Australia. This lady is a smart girl with a playful personality. She’s got a sister called Twiggy, who is an Italian Greyhound. Together, they entertain their 10,000-plus followers wit their daily adventures.

9) Pixel and Sage (@pixel.and.sage) – 10,900 followers

We’ve got a mother and daughter double act next on our list of wonderful Whippets. Pixel and Sage (@pixel.and.sage) are on the brink of 11,000 followers on Instagram. Based in Phoenix, mom Sage and daughter Pixel like zoomies, cuddling and breaking the rules.

8) Echo and Tee (@echothewhippet) – 13,400 followers

Echo and Tee (@echothewhippet) are two Whippets who love to explore. These two Hampshire-based hounds are raw fed. Like a lot of the other Whippet accounts featured in this list, Echo and Tee have a wonderful account that is pleasing on the eye with soft, subtle colors.

7) Walter (@whippetup) – 13,900 followers

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Tell me I'm beautiful

A post shared by Whippet Up (@whippetup) on

Perhaps with the best of all the Whippet usernames that we’ve encountered, Walter’s handle is (@whippetup). Walter Whippet is a fine name for this cheeky chappy. Walter is a regular at the London Whippet meets and he is attempting to raise funds for the breed.

6) Jess (@worriedwhippet) – 14,500 followers

Pushing Walter Whippet for the title of catchiest handle is Jess aka (@worriedwhippet). She’s a small dog learning to be brave in a big world. Together with Jess, you can forget your worries in this crazy world by admiring her adorable photos.

5) Lolly (@lollythewhippet) – 16,200 followers

Lolly (@lollythewhippet) is an account that documents the adventures of this Whippet, dubbed the velvet snake. Lolly has a fun account that is awash with photos that are sure to put a smile on your face. Whether it’s her close ups or capturing her goofy antics, it’s little wonder Lolly has 16,000-plus fans. She’s fuelled by Butternut Box like our dogs!

4) Nimbus (@nimbus_whippet) – 18,100 followers

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I’m not exactly a maths whizz, but I am familiar with a few famous equations: “E = mc²”, “a² + b² = c²”, and my favourite of all — “bank holiday weekend + unseasonably warm temperatures = beach time”! Oh, and while I was there, I managed to indisputably prove that other law of nature once again: “whippet + (sea) water = uh, NO”… 🐺🏝 #lawsofnature #beachwalk #bytheseaside #whippet #whippetsofinstagram #whippetlove #whippetgood #whippetstyle #dog #dogsofsheffield #dogsofinstagram #dogsofgreatbritain #dogoftheday #dogmilk #instadog #weeklyfluff #thestatelyhound #fujifeed #fujilove #fujixseries #sighthound #greyhound #italiangreyhound #windhund #levrier #ウィペット #galgo #yorkshirecoast

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Nimbus (@nimbus_whippet) would presumably give a Nimbus 2000 a run for its money in terms of speed. Once called a “velvety delight”, we can see why this sleek Whippet would have lots of admirers. While Nimbus no longer posts regularly, you and his 18,000 followers will have to savour the photos when they appear a little bit more.

3) Lloyd (@allaboutlloyd_) – 19,100 followers

We’ve previously featured Lloyd (@allaboutlloyd_) in our list of London dogs to follow. This Whipper is full of personality and style. You will find Lloyd posing around various spots in London or simply relaxing at home with his mom Paz.

2) Bolt and Dash (@whippetsunleashed) – 39,500 followers

Bolt and Dash (@whippetsunleashed) are two talented Whippets. Bolt is a champion dog and Dash is a loyal pet. Together, they promise to brighten your day with their beautiful adventures. Living in San Diego, you can expect, sun, sand and sea.

1) Kuiper (@spacewhippet) – 164,000 followers

The most followed Whippet on Instagram is Kuiper (@spacewhippet). This sports dog is a canine athlete and an obedience champ. But he’s also go a passion for museums, having visited 38 museums in 34 states. He loves science, history and sport!

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