20 Weimaraners To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 25 March 2021

Is there a more elegant dog breed than the Weimaraner?

Nicknamed the “gray ghost”, these German dogs are much loved canine companions for their beauty and friendliness.

The Weimaraner breed have been granted status by the American Kennel Club.

These dogs are an active breed so they’ll require lots of mental and physical stimulation.

We’ll take a look at 20 Weimaraners to follow on Instagram in this article.

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20) Jade and Harlow (@thisweimlife) – 4,100 followers

Jade and Harlow (@thisweimlife) are two Weimaraners living in Sydney, Australia. Jada is a sassy senior goal, while Harlow has Wobbler Syndrome and IBD. These two Weims have big personalities with big ears!

19) Brunello (@brunellobunny) – 7,214 followers

Brunello (@brunellobunny) is a grey ghost that is half puppy, half bunny but all mischief. Brunello is a lover of fine wine living in the Hollywood Hills. Brunello still acts like a puppy!

18) Skylar (@skylar_weimaraner) – 7,460 followers

Skylar (@skylar_weimaraner) is a dog model. This Weim likes to travel the world! You may have seen Sylar is some ads so keep an eye out for this stunning Weim!

17) Lumen (@ladylulumen) – 7,801 followers

Lumen (@ladylulumen) has ears for days! This one-year old Weim is living her best life in Canberra, Australia, With nearly 8,000 followers, Lumen loves to entertain with her eye-catching Instagram posts.

16) Winston (@winstonn.the.weimaraner) – 8,536 followers

We’re heading to Belgium to meet Winston (@winstonn.the.weimaraner). This one year old Weimaraner lives in Ostend. Judging by his Instagram page, Winston likes to feel the sand between his toes.

15) Blue and Norman (@blueweimy) – 8,557 followers

Blue and Norman (@blueweimy) are two Weimaraners. Blue, aka Happy Azul, is aged 10 and Norman is aged 4. You can find these two beautiful dogs living the good life in Colchester in England.

14) Ozzie (@ozzietheweim) – 9,223 followers

Ozzie (@ozzietheweim) is a trilingual blue Weimaraner based in South Florida. This handsome pup loves snuggles and cuddles. He credits his humans with documenting his life through their brilliant photography!

13) Sookie and Piper (@sookietheweim_meets_piper) – 9,814 followers

We’re continuing our journey around the Weimaraner world and heading to Belgium to meet Sookie and Piper (@sookietheweim_meets_piper). Their account explains that they’re two Weims have a great time. There’s no doubt they’re an adorable double act.

12) Gustave (@gustave_the_weim) – 12,000 followers

Next up we’ve got a Weimaraner based in Moscow. Gustave (@gustave_the_weim) is a regal boy with an Instagram profile awash with aesthetically pleasing photos. Gustave is a notorious sock stealer and pillow chewer.

11) Thea (@thea.weimaraner) – 12,600 followers

It seems Weimaraners have quite a reputation for stealing socks. Thea (@thea.weimaraner) is a self-professed professional sock thief. This gorgeous girl has nearly 13,000 followers on Instagram.

10) Nimrod (@nimrodvizsla) – 13,300 followers

Nimrod (@nimrodvizsla) is an adventurous Weimaraner who has a special bond with his owner, Rebeka. He’s a dog model and he enjoys an adventure. Nimrod is a Weimaraner living in Hungary!

9) Louie (@louie.theweimaraner) – 15,600 followers

We’re continuing are trip around Europe to meet Louie (@louie.theweimaraner) in Norway. This one-year old pup is full of life, with a full range of facial expressions to brighten your Instagram feed. His eyes are mesmerizing!

8) Amore (@amoreweimaraner) – 16,200 followers

You may be able guess what country we’re in based upon the name of this account, Amore (@amoreweimaraner). Based in Italy, this Instagram account sheds light on why life with Weimaraners is just great. You’ll certainly get your Weimaraner fix here!

7) Amy (@weimaraner_amy) – 19,200 followers

If you want to see what life is like with an adult Weimaraner, check out Amy (@weimaraner_amy). This Weimaraner is an elegant lady with eyes that stare into your soul! She may be 13 years old, but Amy lives an active life!

6) Wheeler (@wheelertheweim) – 19,200 followers

Wheeler (@wheelertheweim) is a Weimaraner with a big personality. His Instagram profile explains that his account is dedicated to all the strange and funny things that his humans catch him doing. If you’re looking for some light relief, why not give Wheeler a follow!

5) Oscar (@oscarweimaraner) – 20,900 followers

We’re back in the UK to meet Oscar (@oscarweimaraner). This handsome Weimaraner lives in Manchester where he likes to meet up with his Weim friends. Oscar has nearly 21,000 followers on Instagram.

4) Darwin, Shelby, Milo and Cora (@weim.i.so.cute) – 22,500 followers

If you want to see what life is like with a pack of Weimaraners, you need to meet Dawrin, Shelby, Milo and Cora (@weim.i.so.cute). They’re living their best life in Colorado, making their followers smile with their daily adventures.

3) William and Yuni (@williamtheweimaraner) – 35,000 followers

William and Yuni (@williamtheweimaraner) have a gorgeous Instagram profile that expertly capture the different shades of the seasons in the nordic wilderness. Capturing little moments in their lives, these two Weimaraners are based in Sweden. It’s easy to see why they’ve got 35,000 followers!

2) Bella and Pipo (@pippotheweim) – 37,500 followers

We’re heading to Venice to meet Bella and Pipo (@pippotheweim). Together with their owner Victoria, the trio have an Instagram account dedicated to lifestyle, travel, advice and recipes. You’ll have lots of fun following this terrific trio!

1) PΓ³ D’Arroz, Broa de Mel & Lurdes (@podarroz_weimaraner) – 192,000 followers

We’re finishing our trip around the Weimaraner world in Lisbon. PΓ³ D’Arroz, Broa de Mel & Lurdes (@podarroz_weimaraner) are the cutest trio living in the Portuguese city. Po is a Weumaraner with a Dachshund sibling called Broa and their feline sibling Lurdes. Through their account, you can get a sense of what life is like with dogsin a family setting.

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