20 Weimador To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 8 February 2021

The Weimador is a relatively uncommon mix.

They’re a cross between the popular Labrador Retriever breed and the elegant German breed Weimaraner.

The Weimador isn’t as popular as some Labrador cross breeds, such as the Labradoodle.

At first glance on Instagram, there are around 30,000 submissions under the Weimador hashtag.

Labrador retriever playing outside smile in green park (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Labrador retriever playing outside smile in green park (Photo: Adobe Stock)

In this article, we’re going to highlight 20 Weimador accounts to follow on Instagram.

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20) Astrid (@astridtheweimador) – 66 followers

Astrid (@astridtheweimador) is a beautiful Weimador living in Southern California. While a lot of Weimador on this list have a coat color more commonly associated with the Weimaraner, Astrid has a yellow coat akin to the Lab breed.

19) Mylo and Ryu (@blackweimaraners) – 147 followers

What’s better than one Weimador? Two of course. Mylo and Ryu (@blackweimaraners) are two Weimaraner Labrador mizes living in San Diego. These two rescued brother love water!

18) Sadie (@sadie_weimador) – 164 followers

Sadie (@sadie_weimador) is part Weim, part Lab and all love. When Sadie isn’t chilling with mom, you’ll fund her exploring arid lands of California. Sadie has over 160 followers on Instagram!

17) Moos (@specialmoos) – 189 followers

Moos (@specialmoos) is a beautiful example of the Labrador Weimaraner cross. This Weimador is still very much a pup given he’s little over 6 months old. You can find Moos exploring the Netherlands.

16) Amy (@amyweimador) – 266 followers

Amy (@amyweimador) is a black Weimador with gorgeous big brown eyes. Living in Germany, Amy seemingly enjoys long walks in the countryside. She certainly enjoys an active lifestyle.

15) Ruby (@rubytheweimador) – 280 followers

We’re heading back to the USA to meet Ruby (@rubytheweimador). She’s a Weimador who is nearly five years old. She’s a rescue pup now living her best life!

14) Bacon (@baconthelabweim) – 340 followers

Bacon (@baconthelabweim) is a Lab Weim mix living in Bavaria. Bacon is a five-year old member of the cross breed whose coat color is similar to the Weimaraner coat color. He’s a regal-looking pup!

13) Ava (@ava_the_fetch_monster) – 432 followers

Ava (@ava_the_fetch_monster) is a Weimaraner Labrador mix living in Hawaii. There’s little doubt that Ava is living her dream life in the sandy beaches of the US state. Ava has big fetch game!

12) Byron (@lord_byron_the_best) – 581 followers

Byron (@lord_byron_the_best) is a handsome boy that will melt your heart. This Lab Weim mix lives in Europe where he loves to explore all manner of landscapes.

11) Beans (@beansandcashew) – 613 followers

Beans (@beansandcashew) is a nine year old Weim Lab cross. You’ll usually find Beans with his sibling Cashew and sometimes Lola the cat. If you want a up close look at this cross breed, there are lots of stunning photos of Beans and his crew.

10) Shayna (@brown_weim_tales) – 715 followers

Shayna (@brown_weim_tales) is a rescue dog who is a snuggle monster. This Lab Weim mix is a Mets and Syracuse fan. Shayna likes sport!

9) Winston (@winstonthelabmaraner) – 814 followers

Staying in USA, we’ve got Tennessee pup Winston (@winstonthelabmaraner). He goes by a few names: Mr Floppy Ears and Sir Long Legs. He likes to chase lots of things, including balls, frisbees, squirrels and birds.

8) Scout (@scout_the_labmaraner) – 1,118 followers

Scout (@scout_the_labmaraner) is a Labmaraner living in Scotland. This is a good girl looking to make some doggo friends. Scout has amassed a following of over 1,100 people on Instagram.

7) Stitch (@stitch_weimador) – 1,162 followers

Stitch (@stitch_weimador) is a Silver Labrador Weimaraner cross. This pup isn’t even a year old but Stitch is already blossoming into a handsome boy. The Dutch pup has some beautiful photos on his Instagram profile.

6) Bailey (@bailey.labmaraner) – 1,164 followers

It’s time to meet Bailey (@bailey.labmaraner). He’s a two-year old living in Wolfsburg, Germany. Bailey has over 1,160 followers on Instagram.

5) Liebe (@labmaranerliebe) – 1,206 followers

Staying in Germany, we’ve got Liebe (@labmaranerliebe). This three year old lives in Berlin. You can expect lots of adventures, hacks and stories on this account.

4) Winston (@winston.weimador) – 1,280 followers

Winston (@winston.weimador) isn’t even one-year old – yet. Winston is a German pup living his best life with nearly 1,300 followers on the photo-sharing app.

3) Ben (@ben.the.labmaraner) – 1,597 followers

Ben (@ben.the.labmaraner) is a handsome boy living in Karlsruhe in Germany. Whatever the season, Ben will be out exploring with his humans. This one-year old has nearly 1,600 fans on Instagram.

2) Berthold (@lifeofberthold) – 6,192 followers

Proving that the Weimador are perhaps most densely populated in Germany, we’ve got Berthold (@lifeofberthold). This two year old is a beautiful example of the cross breed.

1) Mila (@mila_the_labmaraner) – 7,040 followers

Mila (@mila_the_labmaraner) is sweet by pyscho. Mila has an impressive following of over 7,000 followers. You can find Mila hanging out with her mom or going for fun walks.

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