20 Vizsla To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 10 January 2023

The Hungarian Vizsla is a medium-sized dog with a distinguished appearance.

A member of the American Kennel Club’s Sporting Group, Vizsla is the 31st most popular dog breed in the USA.

These red-coated gun dogs are described as being affectionate, energetic and gentle canines.

With long, silky ears, beautiful amber or green eyes and a magnificent build, it’s easy to see why the Vizsla continues to rise in popularity around the world.

Hungarian Vizsla (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Hungarian Vizsla (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Vizsla hashtag has over 2.6 million entries on Instagram, highlighting just how well loved this breed is on social media.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Hungarian Vizsla to check out on Instagram if you’re looking to learn more about the breed.

20) Elba (@elbathevizsla)

Elba (@elbathevizsla) is a beautiful Vizsla who likes to be centre of attention. Elba’s Instagram bio reads: “The day is nearly done and I have not received anywhere near the level of attention I deserve”. So why not give Elba some love?

19) Bonsai (@bonsai_the_viz)

Bonsai (@bonsai_the_viz) is a Vizsla living in the UK. This pup has a naughty streak, earning a reputation as a sock thief. Raw fed, this Vizsla is a fashionable pup.

18) Luther (@luther_vizsla)

Luther (@luther_vizsla) is a 12 month old Hungarian Vizsla. This handsome pup is the goodest boy around. When he’s not roaming the Yorkshire dales, Luther models his own range of dog collars.

17) Easton (@easton_thevizsla)

We’re swapping Yorkshire for New York next to meet Easton (@easton_thevizsla). Easton appears to have mastered the puppy dog eyes, with a face that must be hard to say no to. This regal Vizsla will make you smile!

16) Molly (@mollymayhem_vizsla)

We all need a little mayhem in our lives and Molly (@mollymayhem_vizsla) is here to provide a dash of mayhem in your Instagram feed. This energetic Vizsla has nearly 10,000 fans who follow her adventures in Wisconsin.

15) Hubble Algot (@hubble_algot)

Hubble Algot (@hubble_algot) is a Vizsla with an Instagram account that also features James the Welsh Springer Spaniel. If you enjoy your photography and you’ve got a soft spot for the Vizsla breed, Hubble’s account will be perfect for you.

14) Ruby (@yorkshiregirlruby)

Ruby (@yorkshiregirlruby) is Hungarian Vizsla based in Yorkshire. She lives the good life and likes to pose for the camera. This beautiful girl is described as a “spoiled brat”, but she is a social media star with nearly 12,000 fans.

13) Alfred and Thorsten (@vizsla_and_a_ridgeback)

You may get confused between the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Hungarian Vizsla. Well Alfred and Thorsten (@vizsla_and_a_ridgeback) are two advocates for these magnificent dogs. Alfred is a Vizsla and Thorsten is a Ridgeback. You can learn about the subtle differences of these two breeds thanks to this account!

12) Theo (@vizsla_theo)

Theo (@vizsla_theo) is a four-year old Hungarian Vizsla who is based in Germany. This is a pup who loves to explore, with the account captured sweet moments between mom and Theo!

11) Canela and Oliver (@canoli.vizslas)

We’re swapping Germany for Texas next. Canela and Oliver (@canoli.vizslas) are two Hungarian Vizslas who own two low energy humans. You know what that means? Lots of cuddles and snuggles!

10) Tiger (@tiger_the_vizsla)

We’re back in Sweden to meet Tiger (@tiger_the_vizsla). This Sweden-based Vizsla loves to go for a dip, highlighting the breed’s ability to be proficient swimmers. Tiger has over 21,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

9) Cooper (@vizslacooper)

Proving that the Vizsla breed is a big hit in Germany, we’ve got Cooper (@vizslacooper) next in our feature. He’s one of the more mature Vizslas featured in this article at the age of six. Cooper’s big personality shines through in his Instagram snaps.

8) Willa (@willavizsla)

We’re back in New York to meet Willa (@willavizsla). You can follow along as she sniffs her through the Big Apple. This one-year old loves a good adventure in the great outdoors when she’s not enjoying the many smells of NYC.

7) Millie (@its_millie_timeee)

Millie (@its_millie_timeee) is a full-time mom and part-time dog. If you’re thinking about adding a Hungarian Vizsla to your home with young children, you can watch Millie interact with her young human sibling.

6) Karla and Ich (@a_girl_and_a_vizsla)

Karla and Ich (@a_girl_and_a_vizsla) are two Hungarian Vizslas. Described on their Instagram profile as a Vizslagirl and Vizslateenager, these two pups will brighten your social media feed on a daily basis. With a passion for socks, sticks and food, you can watch Karla and Ich adventure with mom Greta along with over 27,000 others.

5) Waffles (@waffles_the_vizsla)

Waffles (@waffles_the_vizsla) has a simple mission on Instagram: to provide you with giggles. Take it from us, Waffles doesn’t disappoint. This Vizsla’s goofy personality shines through.

4) Olive (@californiaolive)

Olive (@californiaolive) is an elegant lady with striking eyes that will melt your heart. This Vizsla is close to the 35,000-follower milestone. It’s easy to see why Olive has proven so popular!

3) Goose (@duck_dog_goose)

Goose (@duck_dog_goose) openly admits that he’s perpetually confused. This Vizsla puppy has a big personality, so be prepared for lots of goofy photos. Over 40,000 people are following his puppy adventures.

2) Kopa (@youstaywild)

Kopa (@youstaywild) is a Hungarian Vizsla who likes to be in the wild. Kopa relishes the sound of a crackling bonfire and the feeling of being truly wild. Kopa’s Instagram profile is a beautiful collection of photos of this Vizsla exploring the wild – it’ll make you want to get off the sofa and do some exploring too!

1) Whiskey and Bourbon (@mywhiskeygirl)

Whiskey and Bourbon (@mywhiskeygirl) are Bourbon buddies living in British Columbia. A beautiful part of the world, these beautiful dogs love to explore the breathtaking landscapes in BC. Whiskey is the elder dog, while Bourbon is still a pup!

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