Tosha The Beagle Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 9 June 2022

Meet Tosha the Beagle.

He’s an adorable Beagle boy based in Geneva in Switzerland.

This seven-year old loves to explore the outdoors with some frolicking in the wild flowers of the Swiss nature.

Tosha is on the cusp of 50,000 followers on Instagram, which isn’t a surprise when you see his adorable photos.

We spoke to Tosha’s owner to learn more about this charming Beagle.

You can follow Tosha on Instagram (@tosha_the_beagle) if you want to see more of this delightful dog.

1) How did you first hear about Beagles?

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

To be honest I never have heard about beagles until I got one!

2) Why did you decide to get a Beagle?

I fell for their cute look, big ears and beautiful eyes!

3) Can you give us an insight into Tosha’s personality?

Tosha has sweet and kind personality. He is very friendly with everyone he meets including cats, kids, other dogs or humans. He never growls, I’m not even sure if he knows how to do it. He is very calm at home, but very active outside, he loves to play with other dogs and explore new places. Sometimes he can “switch off” his long ears and pretend that he can’t hear me, but usually he listens well to me. He is a very smart guy, I easily taught him many commands and even some things he jus learned by himself (for example how to say “I love you”). And, of course, as most of the Beagles, he LOVES FOOD!

4) Has owning a Beagle lived up to your expectations?

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

Well, the first year was quite difficult as he didn’t know yet all the boundaries (lots of shoes and other things were destroyed, also he use to run away to play with other dogs without permission) but slowly, with the time he understood what is allowed and what is not and started to change and now I can say that its the best dog I could have dreamt of.

5) Do Beagles make great family pets? If so, why?

Tosha adores kids. Every time he is around them he is so happy and playful!!! And kids love him too due to his big ears and his cute face. So I would definitely say that he is a great pet for a family.

6) What problems do Beagles have?

So far the main problem I have with him is that sometimes he likes to follow some wild animals and when he is following the trail its almost impossible
to stop him until he decides. But he always comes back to me in a little while and i also bought a GPS for him, so I always know how far and where he is.

7) How much exercise do Beagles require?

I can tell that for Tosha there is no specific need to exercise. He is very happy to be outside and usually we do a very long walks about 7-10 km or even more but sometimes we can stay home even couple of days without walking and he is absolutely fine with it as long as he is staying next to his humans.

8) Do you Beagles get along with other dogs?

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

He loves other dogs and usually most of the dogs playing with him in a very friendly manner!

9) Do Beagles shed a lot?


10) Are there any misconceptions or stereotypes that you’d like to debunk surrounding Beagles?

It’s true people think that it’s a very difficult and stubborn breed and I can easily see why they say that, but I would say that it’s absolutely depends on the owners. Beagles need a bit of strict education and most important is to be consistent, where no, means no at all times. So I would say it’s important to be more stubborn than a Beagle.

11) Would you recommend Beagles to a first-time owner?

I am one of them!

12) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Tosha?

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

Tosha the Beagle (Photo: @tosha_the_beagle / Instagram)

I always loved dogs and was always going trough dog pages on Instagram, so at some point I thought why not to do it for Tosha. I love him, I love to take pictures, so I had to try.

13) Does Tosha like to pose for the camera?

I think he does like it. Sometimes he is choosing the spot by himself, sits and waiting for me to do the shot.

14) Do you have a favourite photo on your Instagram?

I have a few of them but I can say for sure that each and every post I do with my heart full of love to Tosha and to people who love and follow him.

15) What other Beagle or dog accounts would you recommend?

I would say BARKED is my favourite account about dogs, otherwise I love all breeds and accounts, so it would be unfair to choose one.

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