Tofu & Boshi The Corgis Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Meet Tofu and Boshi.

They’re a Corgi duo based in California who put smiles on faces thanks to their often hilarious Instagram and TikTok videos.

Tofu and Boshi have different personalities that are captured perfectly on social media, while their mom and dad are willing to get involved for the sake of a viral video.

They’ve got 266,000 followers on Instagram and a whopping 1.5 million fans on TikTok, so these diminutive dogs are bona fide social media stars.

You can follow Tofu and Boshi on Instagram (@tofu_corgi) and TikTok (@tofu_corgi).

Without further ado, let’s start our interview with Tofu and Boshi’s dog mom Tiffany to learn more about the cutest Corgi double act.

1) What attracted you to the Corgi breed?

Several years ago, I saw a Buzzfeed video featuring a guy who surprises his girlfriend with two Corgis. The Corgis in the video were Ralph and George and I started following them on their Instagram page and I fell in love with Corgis.

2) How did you end up with Tofu?

We were looking for a corgi puppy and we found a breeder who sent us photos of two female Corgis she had. We originally signed the papers for a different Corgi but I couldn’t get the photo of puppy Tofu out of my head. We were able to switch and get Tofu instead.

3) Do you think Corgis do better as a pair with a partner in crime? Had you been planning to get Tofu a sibling for some time?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

I think it really depends on the Corgi; some do better with siblings while others don’t. We had planned on getting Tofu a sibling for a few years but at the time, we were living in a condo and we wanted to wait until we had a house with a backyard before getting a second one.

4) For the few people who haven’t come across your account, how would you describe Tofu and Boshi’s personalities?

Tofu is the older sister who is an introvert and prefers to be left alone. She loves herself the most and can be sassy sometimes. Boshi on the other hand is an extrovert who loves everyone. He is the biggest cuddlebug and loves getting pets from everybody.

5) What does an average day look like for Tofu and Boshi?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

An average day for Tofu and Boshi begins with going out for their morning potty and then breakfast. After this, Tofu likes to take a nap while Boshi will play with his toys and follow me around while I work/do chores. In the afternoon, they go on a pack walk with their doggy friends and after coming back, will nap for a few hours. Then my husband and I will take them on a walk and give them dinner after. For the rest of the evening, Tofu and Boshi will play a little bit and nap some more until it’s bedtime.

6) How hard was it to train Tofu and Boshi?

It wasn’t too hard at all! Both of them were able to pick up various tricks easily. We are always still working on their training as we see it as a lifelong process

7) What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting a Corgi?

I would definitely make sure they do research into Corgi temperaments and energy levels to make sure they are a good fit for their lifestyle. There is a misconception that Corgis are lazy, chill dogs when they are the complete opposite. Corgis are high energy working dogs who need both physical and mental stimulation in order to thrive.

8) Why did you decide to start an account for Tofu?

I started the account a few weeks after getting Tofu. I had been posting so many photos of Tofu on my personal page and was worried that my friends and family would be sick of seeing her. I ended up creating an IG account for her as a way to keep a daily diary of her hijinks.

9) How have you found the transition into video content from photo content since TikTok’s surge in popularity and the introduction of Reels?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

While I do miss how much easier it was when photo content was the main focus, I do like the transition to video content. I think video content overall captures Tofu and Boshi’s personalities a lot better and makes it more fun/relatable when sharing the different aspects of their lives.

10) Do you have a preferred platform Instagram/TikTok? If so, why?

It’s tough because the platforms are so different. I get a lot of my inspiration from TikTok but I feel like Instagram allows me to have more personal contact with our followers.

11) What advice would you give to someone looking to start a social media account for their pets?

My best advice is to always make sure you are having fun and don’t be afraid to take a break when you need to.

12) As someone who has started some trends on TikTok (such as needy dogs trend), what’s the secret to your success in creating trends?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

I think the secret is to be open to your ideas that may not fit within what’s trending. A lot of time when I talk to other content creators, they talk about having ideas for videos but are afraid to create/post them because they think it won’t perform well. My advice is to just go for it because you really never know!

13) Did you and your partner have to think about introducing yourselves into the account or was it a natural decision?

I believe it was a natural decision since we do play a big part in their lives. I definitely still make sure that the Corgis have the spotlight, front and center. However, there are some trends that do require a human to take part in and that’s when my husband or I jump in.

14) Do you have a favourite trend that you’ve participated in?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

My favorite trend was the Wildest Dreams challenge because Tofu made the most perfect face when we were filming this trend. You can watch the video here!

15) Do you have a favourite Instagram or TikTik post of Tofu or Tofu/Boshi?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Yes, one of my favorite ones is this one here where my husband makes me choose between a year without him or a year without my Corgis. I love that all four of us got to be in the video together (you can watch this video by clicking here). Additionally, I didn’t notice when I was filming that my husband’s sweater was covered in corgi fur and it made the video funnier when I put it together.

16) Can you tell us your favourite Tofu and Boshi story?

My favorite Tofu and Boshi story happened a few months ago. When Boshi was younger, we would have him sleep inside a crate/pen combo during the night. One of the nights we left the gate of the pen open by accident; Boshi discovered it was open in the middle of the night and started sniffing around the room. Keep in mind, at this particular age Boshi was in his destructive phase where he would chew on furniture, try to climb on tables etc. Well when we watched the footage, we saw that all Boshi did was climb into Tofu’s dog bed and napped there the rest of the night. It was the cutest thing!

17) What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back to when you first got Tofu or Boshi knowing what you know now?

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

Tofu and Boshi (Photo: @tofu_corgi / Instagram)

I would tell myself to take more photos and videos. I know that I already have a lot but to me, I feel like I can never have enough. The puppy phase always goes by so fast.

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