TikTok: Tod the Fox Q&A

By helloBARK!
Updated on 7 April 2020

Tod is a fox with over 1.7 million followers on TikTok.

He has quickly proven a social media sensation on the video-sharing app thanks to his big smile and loving personality.

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However, his mom Megan is hoping to give her fans a true insight into life with a fox.

She’s also eager to discourage anyone from buying a fox from breeder.

Instead, Megan recommends adopting a fox that needs a home from a sanctuary that is looking to rehome foxes.

In our second interview in our TikTok series, we learn more about Tod, his personality and why Megan is trying to be a responsible advocate for foxes.

You can follow Tod on TikTok by clicking here.

1) How did you end up with Tod?

Tod and Megan (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

Tod and Megan (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

I frequently go to a local pet store where they briefly mentioned a breeder who had a pair of fox kits he was desperate to get rid of and if no one took interest they would go to a fur farm. Weeks went by and there was still no interest in the boy (his sister was euthanized for a birth defect) and the fur farm idea was going to be a reality if I had not taken him.

2) Is he the first fox you’ve rescued or have you got previous experience?

Tod is my first ever fox and my first exotic animal. I did as much research to prepare myself since I had no experience.

3) What is Tod’s personality like?


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I got extremely lucky with Tod because he is a huge love bug. Foxes are still moody animals and Tod will have his moments but he’s also very gentle and warns you if he has had enough.

4) What does an average day look like for Tod?

Tod the Fox (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

Tod the Fox (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

Everyday we go for walks at least once if not more. Tod gets a daily raw meal about mid day but usually everyday is different with him. There’s some days where he’s sleepy all day and some he’s got a crazy amount of energy. We adjust routines as needed.

5) Is Tod housetrained (or trained) in general?

I personally keep Tod outdoors for the time being because foxes do not house train 100% of the way. Foxes can use a litter box but maybe use it 50% of the time. While he’s not potty trained, he does know some simple tricks such as sit, paw/shake, lay down, wave, and we are working on him holding objects.

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6) How does Tod get along with other pets?


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We have a few cats and he loves them, he always wants to play with them but the cats don’t understand and often get spooked.

7) What are the comments/questions you get asked about Tod?

The most common question I get asked is how did I get him. I also frequently get asked for advice on owning a fox.

8) How does it feel to have over 1.7 million TikTok fans?

Tod the Fox (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

Tod the Fox (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

Having such a large audience is still crazy to me! I’m incredibly grateful but I also worry with that large of an audience people will want to get a fox of their own.

9) Why did you decide to join TikTok in the first place?

I started on Instagram and fell into the love of taking pictures and would occasionally get asked to make video content as well but wanted to keep his Instagram more picture based so we joined TikTok to use as a video platform.

10) How does your content strategy on TikTok differ to Instagram?


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Instagram for me is like my safe place, I’m more confident with my content there because of my love for photography and my audience is more mature. On TikTok I have a much younger audience so I have to keep that in mind when thinking of video ideas. Also with a larger audience I have to show more of the reality of living with a fox so that I’m not just showing how cute he is.

11) Do you plan your videos or prefer to be spontaneous?

A lot of them are planned but even when they are the video can turn into something spontaneous because of how he acts. I prefer to be spontaneous because that’s when more of our real life shows.

12) How does it feel to be an advocate of Foxes on TikTok to such a big platform?

Tod and Megan (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

Tod and Megan (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)

It’s a lot of pressure because I truly don’t want to be the reason someone gets a fox. This is why I make sure to advocate for rescuing foxes vs buying from breeders. I obviously can’t stop anyone from doing what they’re going to do which is why I try to do educational videos.

13) Do you prefer Instagram or TikTok? Reasons why.

I prefer Instagram, I’m truly not in it for the followers so even though my TikTok platform has a larger following I much prefer Instagram. Taking pictures of Tod is much more memorable to me than planning scripted videos. I look at a picture of Tod I can remember the moments of what lead to that photo vs watching a TikTok of Tod and not seeing his personality shine through.

14) What’s your favourite video or most popular video on TikTok?

My favorite video I’ve posted is probably his smiling videos but those are certainly not my most popular.

15) What other TikTok accounts do you draw inspiration from or recommend to our readers?

I highly recommend mikaylaraines.saveafox for more fox content because she is a sanctuary who adopts out foxes to suitable homes.

16) What are the pros and cons of TikTok?

The pros to tik tok is that anyone can ‘blow up’ on the app and everyone is constantly using the app. The cons for me are how some people react to certain videos, not everyone shows kindness and you just have to look away.

17) Finally, for someone starting a TikTok for their pet, what three bits of advice would you offer them?

Starting a TikTok might start off a little slow but get some creativity by looking at other pet accounts or follow some trends you see on the fyp. You can also use popular audios to help get traction to your account.

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