The World’s Grumpiest Dog Chico

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 13 October 2020

Meet the world’s grumpiest dog, Chico.

It’s a title he earned in 2020 after the Daily Mail featured this smooth coat Brussels Griffon.

With his “wonky jaw”, Chico has a permanent grumpy expression that has earned him nearly 10,000 fans on Instagram.

Living in Virginia, this Brussels Griffon may look like he’s scowling but he’s actually a happy and upbeat character.

We spoke to Chico’s mom Belle to learn more about how Chico is coping with his title as the world’s grumpiest dog.

You can follow Chico on Instagram here (@hazelandthegang).

1) How did you first hear about Brussels Griffon?

I first saw a smooth coat Brussels Griffon on Instagram and instantly feel in love with those little faces. They have such expressive faces!

2) What attracted you to the breed?

Something about their little faces made me really start looking for a Brussels.

3) Can you explain how you ended up with Chico?

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

Chico was not easy to find. I am in Virginia and found two great possibilities but one was in Florida and one was in Washington State. I ended up lucking out and found Chico from a lady in North Carolina.

4) What were your first thoughts when you saw Chico?

As soon as I saw Chico I knew he was the one. He was absolutely adorable looking and tiny! We didn’t realize his jaw was kind of wonky until we got him home.

5) What is Chico’s personality like?

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

For a seven pound dog Chico has a big personality. He is not afraid to tell you what he wants and Will let you know when he needs something.

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6) How did Chico end up with the title, “the world’s grumpiest dog”?

I noticed as a puppy that he constantly looked fed up with life with every picture I took. People always said he looked so grumpy. His pictures just always make me laugh. I was contacted by a writer in the UK for a story in the Daily Mail about him looking so grumpy. That is where the title grumpiest dog came from.

7) What does Chico like to do when he’s feeling particularly “grumpy”?

Funny part is that he is not grumpy. He is a very playful, spunky and super cuddly dog that just happens to look mad at the world all the time.

8) Does Chico like hanging out with other dogs?

Chico ADORES his sisters. Hazel, the ten year old pug mix tolerates Chico and will given him some snuggle time. Rita, the six year old pug is basically his mother. Rita is his safety net and home base. Ramona, the two year old Bugg is his wrestling partner. They have a ball everyday together.

9) What has been the reaction on social media to Chico?

People have been funny with their reactions. The gang has a group on Instagram and Facebook that adore them. Some people will see him and say he is grumpy because I put hats and clothes on him. But honestly Chico looks grumpy 24 hours a day! All 4 of the dogs are so fantastic about wearing costumes and hats and taking pictures. They have learned that is part of their everyday life and just humor me now.

10) What comments do you get out and about with Chico?

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

I teach part time and my students love Chico!! My husband takes the gang out for ice cream a lot and so many people in the community recognize them and are always sweet.

11) How does it feel to see Chico become a social media sensation?

I am thrilled that people are enjoying see the gang. Of course I think they are all adorable and am glad other people are getting a kick out of them.

12) What plans does Chico have to spread his grumpiness worldwide?

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

Chico the Brussels Griffon (Photo: hazelandthegang / Instagram)

Not sure about plans to spread the grumpiness…keeping on with their social media pages and just enjoying having them. I think my main goal is to simply spread the happiness. When you look at Chico and his sisters it just makes you smile and laugh.

13) Does Chico have any other Brussel Griffons that likes to follow?

On Instagram we fell in love with Walter and Norm. They are the ones that really pushed me into finding a Brussels Griffon.

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