The Little Aussies Interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 January 2023

Australian Shepherds originate from the western region of the United States rather than Australia.

However, they’ve become a popular breed around the world in the past couple of decades.

Australian Shepherds come in a variety of different sizes and colors to make them all the more unique.

The Little Aussies (@littleaussies) are four toy Australian Shepherds with quite a sizeable Instagram following.

We spoke to their owner Scarlet to learn a little more about Luna, Poppy, Porkchop and Casper.

So without further ado, let’s find out more about this toy-sized Australian Shepherd pack.

1) How did you first hear about the (toy) Australian Shepherds?

I first heard about toy Australian Shepherds from my sister. I was originally planning on getting a border terrier, but fell in love with Luna, my first toy Australian Shepherd. I have an active lifestyle and was attracted to the characteristics of the breed.

2) What attracted you to the toy size rather than standard?

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)

I’ve had big dogs all my life, but when I adopted my first toy Aussie I was attending university and living in a townhouse, so I knew I wanted to have a smaller dog. I also travel a lot and they make easy travel companions! I always travel with them and they sit in their own carrier under the seat in front of me.

3) How many ‘little Aussies’ do you have? How old?

I have four toy Aussies! Luna, my oldest, is 2 years old. Poppy, my youngest, is 8 months old.

4) What are the different personalities of Luna, Casper, Porkchop and Poppy?

They are all so different and have a lot of personality, which I absolutely love!

Luna is very friendly and all about meeting new people. She is also the most active and loves to go on long runs with me.

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Casper is the sweetest pup I have ever met. He absolutely loves to curl up next to my side and cuddle. He’s also very aware of his surroundings and is often the first to alert me if he senses something.

Porkchop is my little Mama’s Boy! He’s very needy and loves to talk to us. He’s incredibly smart and picks up on new tricks the fastest.

Poppy is very loving and loves to cuddle. She is also very shy around new people and takes more time to get used to change.

5) What’s the most rewarding part of owning four Toy Australian Shepherds?

The unconditional love and happiness that they give me every day. They also inspire me to enjoy the simplest aspects of life.

6) What’s the most challenging aspect of owning four Toy Australian Shepherds?

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)

Walking them all together is definitely the most challenging aspect! They often tangle their leashes and loop around me so I tend to spend about 10 minutes of our walks untangling the leashes.

7) Are Australian Shepherds cuddly?

They are so cuddly and loving! My boys are cuddlier than the girls, but with age my girls have gotten more into being snuggled.

8) Are Australian Shepherds good family dogs?

Australian Shepherds make wonderful family dogs! They are so loyal and always want to feel like they are part of the family.

9) Do Australian shepherds shed a lot?

Yes, Aussies need to be brushed frequently. To avoid shedding and still have the Aussie breed people often get Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd mixed with a Poodle).

10) What’s the most common question you get asked about your ‘little Aussies’?

I get stopped all the time by people wanting to take pictures of them, wondering what kind of breed they are, and if they will get any bigger. The answers are yes you can take their picture, they are toy Australian Shepherds, and they won’t get any bigger!

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11) What advice would you have for someone thinking about a toy Aussie as a pet?

The best advice I have for someone thinking about getting a toy Aussie or any dog as a pet would be to research different breeds to determine which breed is right for their lifestyle. Before getting a toy Aussie in particular, you should ask yourself if you have an active lifestyle. If the answer is yes, then I highly recommend getting an Aussie. They are so energetic and never fail to keep up with me!

12) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for your dogs?

I didn’t plan on starting an Instagram at first but I took so many photos of Luna, my first toy Aussie, that I wanted an organized place to keep them all. I fell in love with the dog community on Instagram and that is why I remain so active. It is a great resource for advice and to make new friends that share my passions. I also absolutely love looking at pictures of dogs!

13) Do you have a favourite Instagram post?

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)

I don’t have a favorite Instagram post, but I especially love all the pictures that I post of the pups together! These are the most challenging and rewarding pictures to take!

14) How much time do you spend building your Instagram page?

I probably spend 30 minutes a day on my dogs’ Instagram page. I try to post every day and be an active follower!

I also have other dog Instagram accounts that I spend time on as well. @belikemydoggo is my shop’s Instagram account. I make and sell bandanas and bows for pups! I love seeing and sharing pictures of dogs in the products I make on this account. Another dog Instagram account I have is @interiordog. This account combines my passions for dogs and interior design. I spend less time on @interiordog, but I have truly enjoyed the process of creating this account.

15) What other Aussie accounts would you recommend our readers to check out?

There are so many accounts that I absolutely love! It’s hard to just choose a few but at the top of my head check out @theaussiequartet (family of four toy aussies just like us), @lifewithkubo, @scout_theminiaussie, @finntheminiaussie_, @strawberryiscute, and @hazelandbluetheminiaussies (they just had puppies)!

I also love following @aussiedoggos, @australianshepherdworld, and @aussiesdoingthings! These accounts are great to follow to see a variety of different Aussies!

Australian Shepherd pros and cons



Australian Shepherds are very active and energetic dogs. I love this aspect about the breed because they’re always ready to go hiking with me and they often motivate me to be even more active.


Australian Shepherds are incredibly intelligent. I am able to teach them new tricks in as little as 15 minutes. Aussies are also very eager to please so this has made training a breeze.


Australian Shepherds often follow their owners from room to room. If my dogs could they would be with me 24/7. It’s important for them to feel like members of the family!


Separation Anxiety

With loyalty can also come separation anxiety. We have struggled with separation anxiety in the past. Casper especially suffers from separation anxiety when it comes to Luna. If he is not with her, he gets very sad. We have found that CBD oil and constant training help with this!


The biggest con of having an Aussie is the shedding. Aussies need to be brushed frequently. In my house, dog hair has become an accessory!

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