The Dog I Interviewed This Week

Conversations with pet owners and dog lovers from all walks of life.

Pavlov the Corgi (Photo: @pavlovthecorgi / Instagram)
Pavlov The Corgi interview

Pavlov is a Corgi based in Santa Barbara, California. Owners Anthony and Tram have managed to build an impressive following on Pavlov’s Instagram account (@pavlovthecorgi). The Corgi has over 110,000 […]

Chunki the French Bulldog (Photo: chunkithefrenchie / Instagram)
Chunki The French Bulldog interview

Chunki is a French Bulldog based in London. The handsome Frenchie has over 17,600 followers on Instagram and is a bona fide social media star. Chunki (@chunkithefrenchbulldog) was a guest […]