Teddy The Maltese Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 23 October 2020

Teddy is a Maltese pup living in Florida.

You’ll find this adorable white dog exploring the sunshine state, looking for dog-friendly spots.

If you want to find some cool places to grab some food with your canine companion, you’ll want to check out Teddy’s account.

Perhaps you’re just looking for your daily dose of cuteness, in which case Teddy has you covered.

Ana and Teddy have already amassed a following of 13,800 on Instagram since launching their social media page.

We spoke to Ana to learn a little more about Teddy, the Maltese breed and life in Florida.

You can follow their page on Instagram (@southflorida_teddybear).

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1) How did you hear about the Maltese?

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

My cousin had a Maltese, and I would watch him when she was out of town. I loved the breed, and it was the only dog I had been around that I didn’t get allergies. I have horrible allergies, so I have never had a pet until I got Teddy.

2) How did you end up with Teddy?

Before I go into how I got Teddy, let me give you a little back story. On March 23, 2020, I was furloughed from my job of 5 years because of COVID-19. I was working at a fine dining restaurant planning corporate & social events. Planning events and meeting new people is a dream job for me.

When I got the call that I was furloughed, I was relieved since COVID-19 is super scary and so many unknowns. I was having so many people giving me their thoughts on how I should live through COVID-19 that my anxiety was extremely high, and it was hard to feel a sense of happiness with so many factors. I mean, staying home should have felt like a little vacation from the real world, but it didn’t feel that way. For those reading this and don’t know me, I am very much a type-A personality, and I like a lot of structure in my life, and I rarely do anything very spontaneous.

On May 10, 2020, Mother’s Day, I decided to take a walk and go to a boutique puppy store that only sells small dogs. Those little dogs in the window bring me so much happiness. There was one little puppy, in particular, that had my heart just by looking at his sweet face and seeing his baby paws touch the window. I just knew I needed to hold him. The pet store allowed me to play with him, and I instantly knew I needed this little guy. I made that decision without thinking it through just gave them a credit card. Luckily this pet store gave me all the things I needed for the first night.

Teddy is my first pet ever since I grew up with a lot of allergies. He is a Toy Maltese, and when I took him home, he weighed 2.5 pounds and was born on February 24, 2020. I never understood why people are obsessed with their pets, but now I truly understand why people love dogs so much.

Teddy has indeed brought so much happiness and entertainment to my life. He has cured the anxiety I was feeling. I don’t know how I lived without him. He has been the best spontaneous decision I have ever made in my life. He is worth every penny.

Check out Teddy’s blog for more.

3) What is Teddy’s personality like?

Teddy is a super affectionate and a social butterfly. He loves everyone he comes across, human or animal. I think he can teach us a lot on how to be kinder to one another.

4) What does an average day look like for Teddy?

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Teddy is an early riser, typically 7 am, then he eats at 8 am, plays a little, and then take a nap. We usually have an outing planned to discover a pet-friendly place in our area.

5) Do Maltese shed a lot?

No, the lack of shedding is because the Maltese dog breed does not have an undercoat.

6) Can Teddy be left alone?

I doubt it, lol! He is super attached to me. Since I got him, I have never left him home alone because I want to take him where ever I am going. If I must leave him I leave him with family. This breed is known for separation anxiety that is why a lot of maltese owners normally have two or 3 of them lol.

7) Are Maltese good family pets?

They are an excellent family dog. They are very loving and loyal to their family also great for a companion.
Are Maltese easy to potty train?

It was very easy to potty train Teddy. Maltese are super intelligent and they learn quickly.

8) Is there a big Maltese community in Florida?

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

There are a lot of pet-friendly places in South Florida. I’m not sure if it’s a huge Maltese community.

9) Would you say Florida is a dog-friendly state?

Absolutely! There are so many things you can do with your dog here. We also normally have great weather for outdoor activities.

10) Where are some of your favourite dog-friendly spots in Florida?

I love taking him to S3 to eat they have a fabulous dog menu and they have outdoor seating facing the ocean. I also like to take him to farmers markets and we do a lot of hotel tours that are pet-friendly.

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11) Why did you start an Instagram account for Teddy?

I started it for fun, but then I realized I was taking Teddy to so many places that I should make him into a Tour Guide and the idea stuck because people started contacting us all the time for suggestions. He also does tours for My Fort Lauderdale Beach and provides the viewers with a pet-friendly spot that are near the beach every Tuesday.

12) What tips do you have for other dog owners who want to step up their IG game?

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

There are so many dog accounts on Instagram. My suggestion is to find a niche to make your dog stand out. My dog friend Sasha her Mom loves street art so she has her dog pose near street art all over Mexico City. Some dogs are excellent at tricks or agility play on the things your dog likes. At the end of the day I think the best part is spending a lot of quality time with your dog and capturing these fun memories.

13) Do you plan your IG content or is it more spontaneous?

In the beginning it was spontaneous because I didn’t know what I wanted my page to be about, but now it is very planned out.

14) Would you recommend a Maltese to a first-time dog owner?

Absolutely I think they are a great dog but I do feel like it’s not a dog that likes to be left alone so keep that in mind when getting one.

Maltese pros and cons

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Teddy the South Florida tour guide (Photo: @southflorida_teddybear / Instagram)

Maltese Pros

Affectionate, intelligent, hypo-allergenic

Maltese Cons

No cons lol! My dog is perfect the way he is hahaha.

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