Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 January 2023

Yorkshire Terriers are a breed that started in England but can be found around the world.

They’re a small dog breed that are universally loved companion pets.

In fact, the American Kennel Club ranks them as the sixth most popular breed worldwide.

Just like any dog, Yorkshire Terriers have their own set of pros and cons.

We spoke to Taco and Minne (@taco_minnie) to learn more about Yorkshire Terriers.
So let’s begin our interview this sibling pair.

1) Why did you decide to create your Instagram account for Taco and Minnie?

I decided to make an Instagram account for Taco and Minnie because I found myself taking so many pictures of them! My entire camera roll was just of them, so I thought I might as well share the cuteness with the rest of the world! After starting their page, I noticed how many positive comments they got from people mentioning how their pictures brightened up their day, so that’s the main reason I keep up their page!

2) How much time do you dedicate to building your Instagram page?

I normally post 2 pictures a week. I usually take all the photos during the weekend when I’m free and post them through the week

3) What are their personalities like? How old are they?

Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers (Photo: @taco_minnie / Instagram)

Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers (Photo: @taco_minnie / Instagram)

Minnie is very outgoing and loves attention. She knows she is cute and wants to be the centre of attention. Her personality is bold and courageous. She doesn’t like to cuddle, but she loves to give kisses!

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Taco is a little more shy and he’s a mamas boy. He loves to be held like a baby and cuddled all day! He is timid when it comes to jumping off a couch, but thinks he’s a German Shepard when he see’s a big dog!

They’re both 6 years old.

4) Your favourite memory with Taco and Minnie?

My favourite memory with is when I was at the pool and I thought I might take Taco in for his first swim. I wanted to take Taco first because he is pretty calm when I bathe him, so I thought he might like being in the water. I took him in my arms and went into the pool, and as soon as I went in, Minnie ran so fast towards us without realizing we were in the pool and basically dove right in! I caught her right away, but I died laughing because it was so unexpected!

5) What’s the most challenging aspect of owning two Yorkshire Terriers?

The most challenging part would be potty training. Yorkies are notorious for being difficult to potty train – and having two doesn’t help! When they were puppies, it was very difficult to know which puppy was the one who made a “mistake” in the house, and which one didn’t!

6) Do Yorkies like to cuddle?

Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers (Photo: @taco_minnie / Instagram)

Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers (Photo: @taco_minnie / Instagram)

Yes! Taco and Minnie always want to be next to me. Minnie likes to be cuddled at first and then likes to have her own space near me, while Taco loves to be cuddled all day and night!

7) Are Yorkies protective of their owners or is that an unfair stereotype?

I would say they are a little!

8) Do Yorkies demand a lot of attention?

Yes, but I also love giving them a lot of attention! Sometimes I think I annoy them with too much attention!

9) Do Yorkshire Terriers make great family pets? If so, why?

They make great family pets for families that have older children. Since they are so small, it is better if they are around older children that know how to handle them, but I know families who have infants/small children with Yorkies and they do just fine as well!

10) What advice would you have for people considering a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet?

Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers (Photo: @taco_minnie / Instagram)

Taco and Minnie the Yorkshire Terriers (Photo: @taco_minnie / Instagram)

My advice would be to do your research and know all the pros and cons for any type of pet your are considering getting!

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11) What’s the secret to your success on Instagram?

There’s no real secret! I just try and post pictures that hopefully make people smile.

12) What other Yorkie account would you recommend helloBARK! readers check out?

@happyyorkiefamily @duckytheyorkie @iloveleoandcoco

Yorkshire Terrier pros and cons


• Great companions

• Big personalities

• Love to cuddle

• Smart and learn things quickly


• Hard to potty train

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