Surrey Sheepadoodles Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Georgia and Willow are two Sheepadoodles based in Surrey.

They’re a mother and daughter double act guaranteed to brighten your Instagram feed.

Georgia is Willow’s mother and these beautiful Sheepdoodles have over 29,000 Instagram followers.

Sheepadoodles remain a relatively uncommon cross breed in the United Kingdom.

So we spoke to Georgia and Willow’s dog mom Claudia to learn more about her Sheepadoodles.

You can follow Georgia and Willow, aka Surrey Sheepadoodles, on Instagram here (@surreysheepadoodles).

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1) What attracted you to the Sheepadoodle breed?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

We fell in love with the look of the Sheepadoodle many years ago. When we decided to get a dog, we needed one that was hypoallergenic (with the non-shedding being a fabulous bonus!) as our children have allergies. Throw in their amazing temperaments and we were sold!

2) How did you end up with Georgia and Willow?

We spent a long time looking for a breeder – there aren’t many in the UK. Eventually we found a great one and bought Georgia. We then decided to breed Georgia and Willow is her first born.

3) How would you describe the size of Georgia and Willow?

They are large dogs – Georgia is 33kg and Willow (at 8 months) is 28kg.

4) How would you describe Georgia and Willow’s temperament?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

My girls are incredibly laid back and calm. When they’re at home they’re most likely to be snoozing or looking for an available lap (they definitely believe they’re lap dogs!). They do, however love to run and play on our daily walks. They’re both affectionate and just want to be close to me.

5) Do Sheepadoodles suffer from separation anxiety?

Sheepadoodles love being around their people and I’d never recommend owning one if it was to be left alone for large amounts of time.

6) Do Sheepadoodles make great family pets?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Sheepadoodles make amazing family pets! They’re great with kids and other animals. They’re gentle, love to play and cuddle.

7) Are Sheepadoodles hypoallergenic?

They are mostly hypoallergenic – but as a cross breed it does depend on the genes they inherit from their parents. I have yet to meet one/hear of one who isn’t.

8) Are Sheepadoodles fussy eaters?

They are fussy eaters – and not food driven. Mine are on a raw diet which works well for them.

9) Would you recommend Sheepadoodles to a first-time owner?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

I’d recommend a Sheepadoodle to a first time owner if they’re willing to take the time to properly train their pup. These are big dogs who love people (including jumping all over them) so training is essential. A first-time owner should also be aware of the commitment to grooming that is required.

10) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Georgia and Willow?

I decided to start the insta page to keep my favourite photos of them in one place. It took off from there!

11) What is your favourite photo or video you’ve posted of Georgia and Willow on Instagram?

12) What advice would you have for someone starting an Instagram page for their dog?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

My advice would vary depending on why the individual is starting a page. Assuming they’d like to grow their followers, I’d always recommend using high quality images others would like to see, variety – different poses/scenarios, and a few words to tell the story. Speaking of stories – I love them – post to your story! Engage with others – they’ll typically return the favour.

13) Is there a big Sheepadoodle community online?

There are a few Facebook pages dedicated to Sheepadoodles and lots of Sheepadoodle accounts on Instagram.

14) What are the pros and cons of Sheepadoodle? (a few pros and a few cons with an explanation would be great)

Pros – They have the most amazing, fun, loving, playful natures. They will adore you and be very loyal. They tend to be very intelligent. They’re stunning to look at. They’re non-shedding & hypoallergenic

Cons – They’re very enthusiastic so unless well trained will greet and jump all over any and everyone. They are also strong and prone to pulling on a lead if not well trained. They can be stubborn. They are fussy eaters. They need a lot of grooming – or to be kept at a short length. I’m not sure if this is a con but they love to be around their people so would not make a good pet for a person/family who is out of the house all day.

15) What other Sheepadoodle accounts would you recommend?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

I’d recommend the following accounts as they’re Georgia’s babies:

• @bodi_the_sheepadoodle
• @cooperthesheepadoodle1
• @sheepadoodletoo

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