Sterling Newton Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Meet Sterling Newton.

He’s one of the most famous Golden Retrievers on social media thanks to his goofy antics with his family members.

Sterling is a puppy school drop out so you won’t be surprised to learn he has a mischievous streak.

But his big personality and hilarious videos brighten the Instagram feeds of his 275,000-strong fanbase on the social media site.

We spoke to Sterling’s mom Diane to discuss his meteoric rise to social media star and hear more about life with a Golden.

You can follow Sterling on Instagram (@lifeofsterlingnewton), TikTok (@lifeofsterlingnewton), Facebook (@lifeofsterlingnewton) and YouTube.

1) How did you end up with Sterling Newton?

Sterling Newton (Photo: lifeofsterlingnewton)

Sterling Newton (Photo: lifeofsterlingnewton)

My sons had always wanted a dog but we were so busy with sports when they were growing up that it was never the right time. Fast forward years later and we finally gave in..Sterling fell into our lap via a girl my youngest son went to school with who’s two Goldens had just had a litter.

2) What attracted you to the Golden Retriever breed?

We honestly weren’t looking particularly for a Golden but we are so happy we ended up with Sterling.

3) How would you describe Sterling Newton’s personality?

Sterling has the most amazing personality. He is sweet gentle and so loving.

4) What is the most rewarding aspect of being Sterling Newton’s owner?

I get to stay home with Sterling so I feel very blessed to be able to give him an amazing fun filled life.

5) Why do you think Golden Retrievers make such great family pets?

They make the some of the very best family pets because of their gentle nature.

6) What does an average day look like in the world of Sterling Newton?

An average day is breakfast then probably some clothes stealing from upstairs and a big stretch. Next, we have a big walk which could be in the neighbourhood or down to the lake or a long hike then he will usually rest for a few hours. He gets a second walk when my son comes home from work and they play for a while and after dinner he settles for the night.

7) Why did you decide to start an Instagram account for Sterling Newton?

As most people do, I decided to have a dedicated account for him so my personal page wouldn’t just be of him.

8) What are some of the perks or best experiences you’ve had as a result of Sterling Newton’s success across your channels?

There are many perks, including lots of free products and earning some money from ads on Facebook and Youtube longer videos. The biggest, though, is the friends we have made through his account and we’re planning trips to go visit some.

9) Do you think there are any drawbacks to running a pet account?

There are definitely drawbacks too depending on how seriously you do it. It’s a 7-day commitment for me and often evenings too, answering messages and engaging with followers on all the channels, making a ton of different content. There is also sometimes a small amount of hate for certain things you post. Everyone has a opinion about what you put out, and although I get very little, it still can be hurtful when you’re doing your best. However I mostly let it roll off me now!

10) Do you feel photo or video content best captures Sterling Newton’s personality? Do you have a preference when it comes to content creation?

We focus mostly on video content because it shows Sterling’s personality more and I’m not a great photographer.

11) What advice would you give to someone looking to create an Instagram or TikTok account for their pet?

If I had any advice it would be don’t start a social media account with just the plan to make your dog famous. Enjoy every moment with your dog and just be yourself if you’re planning on being a part of their journey. If fame is meant for you and you work hard, it will come.

12) Do you have a favourite post or one that you go back to that is guaranteed to make you smile?

We had a super viral video of Sterling under my desk one day. It’s a actually a glass table and as I moved some papers his little face was smiling up at me. It’s my all-time favourite feel good moment.

13) Why do you think people are so passionate about Sterling Newton and Golden Retrievers in general on social media?

I think people love his personality so much and he’s such a cute boy. They also mostly love his Instagram stories where they get to see more of our family life and all the cute and quirky things he does every day.

14) Is there a big Golden Retriever community on Instagram?

There is a huge Golden Retriever Community on Instagram and we’ve made so many good friends, which as I said before is the most rewarding part.

15) What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you first got Sterling Newton knowing what you know now?

I guess the advice I would give myself is capture as many natural moments on film as you can because they change and grow so fast. I wish I had done more earlier.

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