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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 23 October 2020
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If you’re looking for dog-friendly spots in the UK, Steph and her Spaniels have got you covered.

Sev and Lily are two English Cocker Spaniels who love to explore Great Britain with their mum.

These two adorable dogs have adventured in Cornwall, the Cotswolds, the Peak District and the Scottish Highlands.

Steph manages to capture the fun moments and the quiet moments through her beautiful photos.

We spoke to Steph to learn more about Sev and Lily as well as finding out her travel and social media tips for other dog owners.

You can follow Sev and Lily on Instagram here (@stephandthespaniels) as well as read her blog here.

1) How did you first hear about Cocker Spaniels?

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

My family had a show/English cocker when I was young, literally growing up with her. When I started working as a Veterinary Nurse, is when I found out more about the working breed.

2) What made you get your Cocker Spaniels?

Working as a Vet Nurse opens you up to so many breeds, most of which I knew I didn’t want and wouldn’t fit into my lifestyle. Working Cockers worked with what we wanted from a dog and with my loving memories from Megan (my old family dog) it seemed the right breed to go with.

3) Can you describe Sev and Lily’s personalities?

Sev is a twat – if I’m allowed to say that but it’s true. He has only child syndrome, wants all the attention. He is so loving, literally a shadow at my feet and really wants to do things right… he just struggles some times.

Lily is very gently and sweet, she loves cuddles and adores her brother. When outside she turns into a crazy little lamb, going mental and always wanting to play. Ball is her life!!

4) Do you think Cocker Spaniels do better in a pair?

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

I think that’s so hard to say, I think Sev would have been fine alone but Lily adores having her big bro.

5) What are some of the challenges of owning two Cocker Spaniels?

I don’t think having two changes things, but in general the amount of exercise and mental stimulation is really important to think about.

6) How easy is it to travel with Sev and Lily? Are they adaptable?

So easy and we travel all the time…. well less so thanks to Miss C. They’re great and just get on with things, some times it can take a night to get used to new surroundings, but generally they’re great. They just sleep in the car and they’re used to eating out too.

7) What are some of the favourites places that you’ve visited with them?

Cornwall is always our favourite place to visit, it’s no doubt the most dog friendly place in the UK. We’d love to visit The Lakes and The Scottish Highlands again too.

8) What inspired you to start your travel blog?

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

I think it’s just followed my life and what we’re doing, adapting to our life. Travelling is what I want to do & I don’t want to leave Sev and Lily behind. As my life changes, so will the blog. It’s very much a lifestyle blog, and adapts to my life with dogs.

9) Do you think the UK is dog friendly?

Generally yes and it’s got better. We could always be more dog friendly. Things like “well behaved” or “quiet” dogs welcome always annoy me – they’re dogs! Be dog friendly or just don’t. It puts more pressure on and just shows it’s not actually a dog friendly place.

10) Are Cocker Spaniels easy to train?

Generally yes. Sev was great, Lily not so much. But they want to do things right and please, they’re very intelligent so they can be very easy to train.

11) In your experience, are Cocker Spaniels fussy eaters?

Ha! No. They have eaten Butternut Box for about 2 years and just adore it.

12) We noticed your feed Butternut Box to Sev and Lily. What benefits does Butternut Box bring? Would you recommend BB to other dog owners?

Sev admires his Butternut Box (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Sev admires his Butternut Box (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

We love Butternut Box. It’s so easy for the humans, not having to re order is a dream- it just turns up on subscription. Which is a dream for a busy person. It’s all natural and healthy, what I feed the dogs is really important.

13) Why did you decide to start an Instagram account for Sev and Lily?

It started as my family dogs, just somewhere to post, may be fun. Tilly still features in it now sometimes too. Once we got Lily is when we stepped it up and made more time and effort with it. The dogs are my life, so just made sense I share photos of them.

14) What tips do you have for other dog owners who want to step up their IG game?

I think time is such a big one, and imagery. Gorgeous images and spending time sharing your photos, as well as engaging with other accounts. Commenting and sharing love to others is the best way to grow. Do what you want to, don’t follow others – that way it’s easier to stick to it and keep up your passion for it.

15) What is your favourite post or memory with Sev and Lily?

I’m proud of so many photos, so I’m not sure my favourite post. But I adore travels with them, seeing new places and how much they love it. But also home posts, showing us in our home and just being us.

16) Would you recommend a Cocker Spaniel for a first-time dog owner?

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Hmmm, such a hard question and honestly so many things could change the answer. Possibly not if you’ve never had a dog before, however I think doing your research is so important and knowing truly what you can give your dog.

Cocker Spaniel Pros And Cons

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Steph, Sev and Lily (Photo: @stephandthespaniels / Instagram)

Cocker Spaniel Pros

The most loving, very intelligent, truly a best pal

Cocker Spaniel Cons

Want attention all the time, eat everything, don’t know personal space

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