Squid the Griff exclusive interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 29 January 2020

If you’re a fan of Brussels Griffon dogs then you’ve almost certainly come across Squid the Griff on the internet.

The Aussie-based pup has over 200,000 followers on Instagram who love to check out this adorable and hilarious Brussels Griffon.

Proving that big things come in small packages, Squid hit Instagram stardom in 2017 with the below photo.

(Credit: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

(Credit: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

This tiny dog puts smiles on the faces of his followers – and it’s easy to see why when you scroll through his feed.

Here’s helloBARK!’s exclusive interview with Squid the Griff.

Why did you decide to create your Instagram account for Squid?

We first created an Instagram account for Squid because we wanted to share him with family in the UK. It was after about a week of having the page, we discovered that more and more people from around the world wanted to share in his life too! His follower count grew and it is so nice to see how much love he receives from everyone.

How much time do you dedicate to building your Instagram page?

I spend more time scrolling through other dog’s Instagram pages than I do on Squids…I’m just like everyone else and get a huge kick out of animals I follow and their adventures! It doesn’t take too much time to maintain his page as, lucky for me, Squid is always doing ‘Post-worthy’ things. He makes my job very easy!

How old is Squid? What’s his personality like?

(Credit: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

(Credit: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

Squid will be 2 in May, although he is regularly confused as a young pup. He weighs in at a ‘massive’ 3.5kg and he still have the ‘puppy swagger’ about him. Squid is made up from 70% love, 20% sass and 10% beard. He is the most loving little guy who loves nothing more than finding the cosiest nook (normally the space between my shoulder and chin) to snuggle and relax with you.

Your favourite memory with Squid?

My favourite memory with Squid was in February 2017 when he played the important role of being ‘best pup’ at me and my (now) husband’s wedding. He was dressed the part in a suit and bowtie and even made a short speech…or be it a few snorts into the microphone. The day wouldn’t have been complete without him being a part of it and by our sides. He
provided our family and friends with plenty of laughs!

What Squid does that makes you laugh?

Squid is a Mummies boy. When my husband and I are hugging it is the only time Squid gets fired up. He starts barking and circling, telling us off! All he wants is to be a part of the love…so up he comes too for a family hug.

What’s the best thing about owning a Brussels Griffon?

Without a doubt, their loving and crazy nature. Their ‘supersize’ personalities make you roll on the floor laughing almost every day. Their small size is also very handy when trying to sneak Squid into restaurants or ‘pet-free’ areas….but shhhh!!…if you see me out please don’t ask to see what / or WHO is in my handbag…

What advice would you have for people considering a Brussels Griffon as a pet?

Brussels Griffons need a lot of love. If you have love and plenty of time and attention to focus on these little guys and you can 100% involve them in your family life, then they are a great fit for you. If you don’t have the time, energy or love to give…please don’t get a Griff.

What motivates you to create your continue with your Instagram page?

(Credit: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

(Credit: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

Seeing the amount of joy and smiles Squid spreads across the world is the biggest reward! I read every comment and message we receive because it makes me so happy that he is having such a positive impact.

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What advice would you give to pet owners who want to make their dogs Instagram stars?

Don’t force it! Your Instagram account should be a reflection of both yourself and your pets personalities. We want to spread smiles…that’s our one goal with Squid’s page. We don’t want to cause controversy or opinions…there is already enough of that in the world. If you spread happiness then you’re guaranteed to succeed!

What are the best ways you’ve found that can build engagement within your Instagram following?

Send positive messages. Everyone is looking for a smile and if you post a clip or photo that will give your followers a second to escape to a happy place, if only for a second, its happiness is addictive and they will always want more!

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