20 Springador To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 25 March 2021

The Springador is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Springer Spaniel.

This particular hybrid dog is quite common in England given the popularity of Spaniels across the UK.

While they’re usually referred to as Springadors, they can also be called Labradingers.

These dogs tend to be active and energetic, which is highlighted by the adventurers included in our feature.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Springadors to follow on Instagram if you’re looking to find out more about these hybrid dogs.

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20) Rolo (@springadorable_rolo) – 283 followers

Rolo (@springadorable_rolo) is a Springador living in London. This pup loves to go for walkies, receive lots of treats and make lots of new friends.

19) Stan (@springador_stan) – 438 followers

Stan (@springador_stan) Is a Springador who likes to hang out with his best pal Bonnie the Beagle. Together, they make a charming duo who love to play on the sandy beaches of Merseyside.

18) Pip (@springadorpip) – 538 followers

Pip (@springadorpip) is another Springador living in the north of England. Pip is fast approaching her first birthday. With a gorgeous chocolate coat and striking eyes, this Durham dog will melt your heart.

17) Whiskey (@adventuresofwhiskeyboy) – 1,024 followers

Whiskey (@adventuresofwhiskeyboy) is a fox red Springador who loves to explore. Whiskey is always up for an adventure, whether it’s at the beach or in the woods. You can watch this young Springador pup grow!

16) Mister Goose (@mistergooseontheloose) – 1,028 followers

Goose (@mistergooseontheloose) is a Springador who loves to ramble across Hampshire’s many beauty spots. Goose loves camping, hiking, canicross and agility. He lives for adventures and possibilities!

15) Woody (@woodythespringador) – 1,098 followers

Woody (@woodythespringador) lives in Surrey with his five humans. With a pack that big, you can probably guess that Woody lives an active life whether it’s playing football, chasing tennis balls or just enjoying a spot of sunbathing.

14) Doug (@dougthespringadorable) – 1,212 followers

Doug (@dougthespringadorable) has giant chocolate heart ready to love everyone! This Gloucestershire-based pup has a beautiful chocolate coat with a white marking on his chest. This handsome boy will melt your heart!

13) Bonnie (@bonnie_the_springador) – 1,300 followers

Bonnie (@bonnie_the_springador) is a chocolate Springador who enjoys a good adventure or some shenanigans. Bonnie just turned one so there’s certainly a spring in the step of this Springador.

12) Mabel (@majesticalmabel) – 1,324 followers

Mabel (@majesticalmabel) is a fox red Springador with quite the mane. When Mabel isn’t dressing up as a lion, she’s catching falling leaves in London. If you want to check out what it’s like to train a young Springador, Mabel is your lady.

11) Storm (@springadorstorm) – 1,410 followers

Storm (@springadorstorm) is a Springador living with her mum. You can watch her grow up and check out her fun adventures. She’s close to 1,500 followers on Instagram!

10) Coco (@springador_coco) – 1,469 followers

Coco (@springador_coco) is quite the handsome boy. This pup loves food but water is life! Living in Dorset, the soon-to-be two-year old has perfectly-groomed ears that add to his eye-catching appearance.

9) Bella (@springadorbella) – 1,859 followers

With the most memorable coat pattern of the Springadors we’ve featured so far is Bella (@springadorbella). This lady is 3/4 Springer Spaniel and 1/4 Labrador, resulting in a striking black and white coat.

8) Olive (@olive_the_springador) – 2,862 followers

Olive (@olive_the_springador) is a black Springador with a big, big personality. This lady loves a good adventure with her family members whatever the weather!

7) Maui (@maui_the_labradinger) – 3,097 followers

We’re heading stateside to meet Maui (@maui_the_labradinger). Presumably named after a Hawaiian island, Maui lives in Louisiana. He’s a good boy who wants to make you smile!

6) Willow (@willowthespringador_) – 3,407 followers

Willow (@willowthespringador_) is a Springador who you’ll find going on lots of adventures in Devon, whether it’s by the sea, in the thick of the woods, roaming hills or country lanes.

5) Elvis (@elvis_springador) – 4,369 followers

Elvis (@elvis_springador) has a fun way of describing a Springador to the uninitiated – they’re basically a shrunken, cuter Labrador. Elvis is a chocolate Springador with nearly 4,500 fans on Instagram.

4) Wilson (@wilson_the_springador) – 4,369 followers

Wilson (@wilson_the_springador) is attached to the hip of his humans. Highlighting that these dogs can make loyal and loving family pets, Wilson is the best boy.

3) Merlin (@merlin.the.springador) – 4,921 followers

Merlin (@merlin.the.springador) is another black-coated Springador with almost 5,000 followers on Instagram. This soon-to-be one-year old can be found roaming Worcestershire.

2) George (@springador_george) – 5,023 followers

George (@springador_george) is a Springador doggo based in Manchester. Going through George’s photos, what really stands out is that he’s always smiling. If you want to brighten your feed, give George a follow.

1) Max (@max_the_springador) – 5,559 followers

We’ve reached the end of our Springador feature with Max (@max_the_springador). He’s a black Springador who is closing in on the 6,000-follower milestone. His fans love to follow his adventures. He’s a cute and derpy doggo!

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