Sneakers The Corgi Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 February 2021

Meet Sneakers the Corgi.

This Corgi has become an Instagram-hit thanks to her pop culture-inspired costumes and fun meme content.

Sneakers has a following of 137,000 fans on social media.

With a love for pizza, this California pup is guaranteed to brighten your Instagram feed.

We spoke to Sneakers to learn more about her social media success as well as find out more about what life is like for a Corgi living in California.

You can follow Sneakers on Instagram here (@sneakersthecorgi).

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1) What attracted you to the Corgi breed?

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

Corgis are a working breed, so they’re active, learn quickly, and love to play. They’re a great size for most size homes. They’re also just so darn cute.

2) How did you end up with Sneakers (and the name!)?

Sneakers almost was named Socks. She has white paws, so it looks as if she’s always wearing 2 pairs of white crew socks. But we ended up with Sneakers because my husband insisted that “Socks” was a name more suitable for cats. I still wanted to keep the footwear theme, so we decided on Sneakers instead!

3) What is Sneakers’ personality like?

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

I think what people tend to be drawn to about Sneakers in her photos is how happy she looks most of the time. She has a big smile, but also a big appetite for life. Sneakers’s personality is sweet, but she is really feisty, too. She loves snuggling and naps, but also will happily play tug-o-war and enjoys a good frisbee fetch session at the park. Her passion in life, though, is food. She’ll drop everything that she’s doing when she smells something yummy or hears the crinkle of a bag of treats!

4) What does an average day look like for Sneakers?

Now that we work from home, an average day for Sneakers involves making sure we wake up by nudging us out of bed, running in “zoomies” (when she runs in circles rapidly) around the yard to get her day started, eating breakfast with gusto, and then proceeding to guard the home from any and all mail carriers and delivery people outside by borking (barking) loudly and fiercely. (Luckily, they often are not even the least bit scared off.) Then she’ll settle down with an extra-loud squeaky toy while we try to have video calls, to encourage us to stop working and take her out for a nice walk.

5) Is there a big Corgi community in California?

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

We are so lucky to have met so many other corgi owners through our Instagram account. It really does feel like there is a huge and really close community of corgi owners in California, and that’s also evident if you attend CorgiCon or Corgi Beach Day, which are huge gatherings for corgis held at the beach. Though many of these events were on hold during 2020, it’s great to still be able to connect with so many people on social media and online instead.

6) Do you have a favourite post on your social media?

We love creating fun meme and pop culture-inspired costumes for Sneakers, so our favorite posts might be Sneakers wearing her Nyan Cat costume at CorgiCon, or her zooming around in her Cat Bus costume (inspired by Studio Ghibli’s “Totoro”)!

7) Can you tell us your funniest Sneakers’ story?

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

Sneakers the Corgi (Photo: @sneakersthecorgi / Instagram)

Sneakers has a love affair with pizza, and this is why: when we first brought Sneakers home, we took her out for a walk and she somehow found a slice of pizza that was all by its lonesome outside. She picked up the slice in her mouth and started walking back home(very nonchalantly), expecting to enjoy it later. Of course, she did not get to keep the slice of pizza, but she’s spent her whole life in the pursuit of her next slice of pizza!

8) Finally, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you first got Sneakers knowing what you know now?

Stock up on vacuum cleaners, lint rollers, and microfiber dust cloths to keep up with all of the shedding corgi fur that will inevitably take over your home.

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