Skaya The Siberian Husky Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Skaya is one of the most popular Siberian Huskies on TikTok.

This small Siberian Husky has quickly amassed a following of over one million on the video-sharing app thanks to her vivacious personality.

You can watch Skaya play, grow and be her funny self on TikTok as well as Instagram if that’s your preferred choice of social media platform.

With a grey and white coat and bi-eyes, Skaya is a beautiful advocate for the Siberian Husky breed.

We spoke to Skaya’s mom to learn more about this TikTok-famous Siberian Husky as well as the pros and cons of owning the snow dog breed.

You can follow Skaya on TikTok (@skaya.siberian) and on Instagram (@skaya.siberian).

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1) How did you first hear about the Siberian Husky breed?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

As a child, my parents weren’t too keen on getting a dog (they wanted to wait for my siblings and me to become a little older and more responsible), so I spent my time reading through dog books, dreaming of the day I would finally get a four-legged friend of my own. It was in flipping through the pages of these dog books that I one day found the Siberian Husky breed and fell immediately in love with it.

2) What attracted you to the Siberian Huskies?

The first thing that attracted me to Siberian Huskies was their striking appearance: those piercing eyes, that beautiful coat, those unique face markings and their wolf-like appearance. Their sweet, friendly and outgoing personality only drew me to them even more.

3) Did you have experience with the breed before Skaya?

Yes, Skaya is in fact my second Siberian Husky. I had a male Siberian named Nova before her.

4) How did you end up with Skaya?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

My last Siberian really left a mark on my heart and although it took me a while to grieve his passing, I knew I needed another Siberian Husky in my life again. After a lot of research, I found a reputable breeder who I was in contact with for six months before going to visit. The day I finally met Skaya, I could see that she was immediately attached to me; she was fighting off all her siblings to be with me! It truly felt like she had picked me as her new mother.

5) What are some of the best things about owning a Siberian Husky?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Some of the best things about owning a Siberian is their friendly and charming personality, as well as their playful demeanor. They’re always up to have fun and give you a good laugh when you’re down. Although they can be aloof at times, they truly are a pack dog and love their families unconditionally.

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6) What are the challenges of owning a Siberian Husky?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

One of the most difficult parts of owning a Siberian Husky is how stubborn they can be. Mix that in with the fact that they are very smart, mischievous, high-energy breeds, and you easily have a recipe for an out-of-control dog without proper training.

7) How do you cope with Siberian Husky shedding?

Lots of lint rollers and a powerful vacuum cleaner! That, and regular brushing (at least a couple of times of week – daily if they’re blowing their coat).

8) Does Skaya love the snow if/when she sees it in Canada?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Snow is like food for Skaya’s soul. The second she sees it, it’s like she’s in a completely different world. She bounces around, digs, rolls, buries herself in it and then springs back up full of energy! I can tell she truly loves it.

9) How much exercise does Skaya require every day?

Skaya needs a good two to three hours of exercise each day (outside of training and playtime, which also help to tire her out). Even with all that, she still has tons of extra energy to expend!

10) Are there any misconceptions about Siberian Huskies you’d like to debunk?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

One of the most common misconceptions I hear about Siberian Huskies is that they cannot live in warm climates. Although warm climates are not ideal, Siberians are quite adaptable and can live in most places provided they are not exercised during peak sunlight hours and have enough shade, water and (preferably!) air-conditioning.

11) What are the common comments/questions you get about Skaya?

Since Skaya is on the small side for a Siberian Husky, people often ask when she’ll reach her full size (answer: she already has!) or if she’s a Pomsky. Some people also comment on her unique eyes and sometimes ask if she is blind.

12) Would you recommend a Siberian Husky to a first-time owner?

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

Siberian Husky Skaya (Photo: @skaya.siberian / Instagram)

As much as I love Siberian Huskies, unfortunately, I would not recommend one to a first-time owner. Siberians are challenging dogs that require strong leadership and dedicated training. Without both consistent mental and physical exercise, they can get easily bored and destructive. If you really have your heart set on a Siberian Husky, I suggest finding a Siberian Husky owner or a reputable dog trainer that can help guide you through the process of raising the breed.

13) What made you start a TikTok for Skaya?

Skaya has such a feisty little personality and so many of the people who have met her have expressed how cute and funny they think she is. I thought it would be fun to share some of the positivity she brings with the rest of the world.

14) What are the secrets to your success on TikTok?

Consistency (posting everyday), high quality videos (lighting and audio), and letting Skaya’s personality shine through.

15) What advice would you give to someone thinking about creating a TikTok for their pet?

I would say that you should do your best to keep your videos short and sweet, and let your pet be the star. Most importantly, remember to have fun and be patient. When your pet is happy, it shows in your TikTok videos, and people enjoy seeing that.

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16) Do you prefer TikTok or Instagram? Please explain why.

I definitely prefer TikTok. At times, Instagram can feel too curated, with an expectation that your posts must be cut-clean and perfect. TikTok has a sense of realness to it that makes it more fun and relatable, and the platform’s incredible organic reach makes it feel like you can truly be seen and heard.

17) How much time do you spend creating content for TikTok?

Creating content for TikTok can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours a day (depending on the storyline or editing required). Sometimes I plan things out in advance, other times I just pull out my phone and start shooting the moment I notice Skaya is up to her mischief again.

18) What are the pros and cons of owning a Siberian Husky?


• They are very friendly, outgoing, and sociable dogs
• They are highly intelligent


• They are extremely stubborn and challenging to train
• They shed. A lot. And all the time.

19) What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back to before you owned your first Husky (or Skaya)?

Be patient and consistent when it comes to training, remember that your Siberian Husky loves you (they’re just being hard-headed!) and take as many picture and videos as you can so you can treasure your memories with them forever!

20) What other TikTok accounts do you enjoy, draw inspiration from or recommend to our readers?

There are so many accounts I enjoy and I don’t think I could possibly list them all here, but a few that I would recommend are: @eddiepug_pug, @violingoddess91, @pudgeandstanley, @theleehuskies, @yo_adrian_dogs, @meekathehusky and @callumtheridgy

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