Simba The Samoyed Interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 January 2023

Simba is a Samoyed living in Australia.

Samoyeds originated in Russia but the northern breed can be found all around the world.

Nicknamed smiling Sammies, the breed are easily identifiable thanks to their fluffy white coats.

Simba has an impressive 62,000 followers on Instagram.

We spoke to Simba’s Mom Melanie to learn about the Samoyed breed, including the personality traits of the breed.

So without further ado, let’s start our chat with Simba (@simba.thesamoyed) to learn more about these beautiful dogs.

1) Why did you decide to get a Samoyed?

My partner and I met two Samoyeds whilst on a holiday and fell completely in love. After our first encounter with a Samoyed we researched the breed and fell in love with the breed even more when learning about their temperaments and love for families and agreed that it is the perfect dog for us – we are dog people and don’t mind all of the dog hair at all.

2) Did you do a lot of research before bringing Simba home?

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)

A LOT!! We researched and waited for approximately two years before we got Simba. We wanted to make sure our lives were fit to own a Samoyed and wanted to know all of the pros and cons of owning a Samoyed. We heavily researched the breed and at the time were living in an apartment and we were both working a lot and realized that working 9-5 jobs and living in a small apartment is not the lifestyle suitable for a Samoyed.

So we waited until we moved into a house and our work hours changed so we had a better lifestyle to suit owning a Samoyed. We also heavily researched breeders looking for an ethical breeder dedicated to assuring the health and safety of their dogs and pups and not breeding their Samoyeds on very regular intervals.

3) Has owning a Samoyed lived up to your expectations?

YES!! In fact, it has surpassed my expectations! Simba’s personality is better than I could have imagined, and also the amount of hair (and I was already expecting a lot of hair) but that’s even more than I was expecting.

4) What surprises have you encountered along the way?

Not meaning to be gross but I wasn’t expecting the amount of times poo gets stuck to the fur around his bottom. I am also surprised at how gentle Simba is in everything that he does – even eating!

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5) What’s Simba’s personality like?

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)

He is chilled out to the max. His two favourite things are sleeping and laying around all day (even as a pup) and then demanding cuddles off us by placing his paw on our legs when he wakes up. He loves people and loves being around us with everything we do. He always needs to get involved. He is more human than dog. He is also incredibly gentle. We often call him our little “gentle soul”.

6) Do Samoyeds make good apartment dogs based upon your experience?

Personally, no unless you are home to be with them and interact with them for the most part of the day. Samoyeds are very intelligent dogs and require a lot of human interaction and mental and physical stimulation because they can easily become destructive. Simba often explores the backyard and plays around in the backyard – he loves being chased around at home and the ability to run around the backyard.

7) What questions do people usually ask when they meet Simba?

The three most common questions we get are; “Do they struggle in the summer time?”, “Do you have a lot of hair in your house?”, “How often to you have to wash/brush them?”

8) Are Samoyeds friendly and sociable?

YES! With both humans and dogs. Simba loves everyone and everything.

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9) What is your favourite memory/photo with Simba?

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)

It’s hard to pick between two. The puppy photo from Simba’s first week home and the photo of Simba being held by my partner (Simba’s Dad).

10) Would you consider a second Samoyed?

Yes!! Waiting to get a second one.

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