31 Siberian Huskies To Follow On Instagram
Siberian Husky originate in eastern peninsula of Russia (Photo: Adobe Stock)
helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on June 10, 2019

Siberian Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds on Instagram.

The hashtag #siberianhuskies has nearly 5 million submissions, while #husky has close to 15 million. That’s a lot of Husky smiles!

Given their striking appearance and mesmerising eyes, it’s little wonder that Siberian Huskies are such a social media hit.

Their ability to blend into family life means there’ll be no shortage of laughs with these dogs around.

Siberian Huskies are sociable dogs (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Siberian Huskies are sociable dogs (Photo: Adobe Stock)

These sled dogs have a sense of adventure and make awe inspiring models in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

Siberian Huskies originate from the northern regions of Russia but they can now be found around the world.

From Tokyo to Manchester, California to Barcelona, here are 31 Siberian Huskies you should follow on Instagram.

31) Great Balls of Fur (@greatballsoffur) – 2,500 followers

If you didn’t realise Siberian Huskies were big shedders, well you do now! Great Balls of Fur (@greatballsoffur) is a great Instagram account that documents the adventures of four huskies and all their fur along the way.

30) Bruin and Glacier (@rockymountainhuskies) – 10,000 followers

Based in Colorado, Bruin and Glacier (@rockymountainhuskies) have a motto that we really believe in: hike more, worry less. Bruin is red and white Siberian Husky and Glacier is a black and white Siberian Husky. The pair have nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram.

29) Enzo (@thehuskyenzo) – 10,000 followers

Swapping the United States for the United Kingdom, we’ve got a British Siberian Husky up next. Enzo (@thehuskyenzo) has welcomed over 10,000 people into his world on Instagram. This is a Husky who has a raw food diet. This one-year old Siberian Husky is always smiling – and he’ll make you smile too!

28) Miller (@miller.siberian) – 10,500 followers

The first thing you should know about Miller (@miller.siberian) is that ‘it’s always Miller time’. Based in Canada, Miller loves to explore the country’s abundance of beauty spots. If you want a glimpse of life with a Siberian Husky, you should follow along with 10,000 others.

27) Odis and Max (@odieeebear) – 15,000 followers

Odis and Max (@odieeebear) are two Siberian Husky pups with eyes to die for. Max has striking blue eyes and Odies is bi-eyed with a blue and brown eye. They’ve got nearly 15,000 followers who are keeping tabs on their paw prints through life.

26) Lua and Jack (@lua.husky) – 15,000 followers

Switching Canada for Europa, we can find Lua and Jack (@lua.husky) in Barcelona, Spain. You’ll find these two magnificent Siberian Huskies standing at a vantage spot admiring the splendid views of Catalonia.

25) Gala (@greysibe) – 18,000 followers

Staying in Spain but moving to another picturesque region, we have Gala (@greysibe). Found exploring the Basque country, Gala is Santsierra’s runaway beauty. This gorgeous Siberian Husky has a life motto that we can all sign up for: living la vida loca.

24) Shadow (@shadowthechiberian) – 19,000 followers

Shadow (@shadowthechiberian) is a Siberian Husky based in Seattle in the state of Washington. Shadow can be found exploring the city’s sights when he’s not sitting on his wooden throne ruling the seven kingdoms. Almost 20,000 people are following his Seattle adventures.

23) Koda (@koda_siberian_husky) – 21,000 followers

Moving to Missouri, we’ve got a female Siberian Husky called Koda (@koda_siberian_husky) up next. This four-year old is “fabulously floofy and always sassy”. If you want to get an insight into the personalities of these wonderful dogs, look no further than Koda.

22) Koda and Kyzer (@adventureswithkodaandkyzer) – 22,800 followers

Koda and Kyzer (@adventureswithkodaandkyzer) are two Siberian Husky brothers living in Kelowna, British Columbia. Koda and Kyzer aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with an abundance of boop-worthy photos. Closing in on 23,000 followers, their variety of facial expressions will make you smile!

21) Ginn and Tora (@ginn_husky) – 33,000 followers

Our first Asian representatives are Ginn and Tora (@ginn_husky). The only thing prettier than Japan’s cherry blossoms are Ginn and Tora. The good news is if you’re on the fence, you don’t have to pick sides. The two gorgeous Siberian Huskies can be found posing alongside these trees that are synonymous with Japan.

20) Yugi, Saga and Monty (@north_yuki) – 38,000 followers

We’re 11 Siberian Huskies accounts down and we finally make it to the breed’s homeland thanks to Yugi, Saga and Monty (@north_yuki)! They’re three huskies who love to explore. Yugi, Saga and Monty all have different colorings, which makes them all the more unique.

19) Miska and Nanook (@huskyhusky) – 38,000 followers

If you’re eager to learn more about Siberian Huskies, look no further than Miska and Nanook (@huskyhusky). Miska is a grey and white female Siberian Husky and Nanook is an all white male Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Nanook also goes by the name ‘polar bear’, while Miska likes to be called ‘little bear’.

18) Piper and Ember (@voguehuskies) – 39,000 followers

Spreading smiles, laughs, and knowledge, Piper and Ember (@voguehuskies) are based in Ohio. When these two fine specimens aren’t exploring what the state has to offer, they can be found training to be canine athletes. Should you be on the lookout for more information about the breed, follow their Ohio adventures.

17) Sully Navas (@navas_huskies) – 54,000 followers

If you’re hesitent about getting one Siberian Husky, just imagine owning five! Well there’s no need to picture it. Just follow Sully Navas (@navas_huskies)! Based in Hampshire, England, this crazy pack is made up of Sully, Bella & Skye, and the pups Indiana & Boo (Scrappy). You can read more about Navas Huskies in our interview.

16) Kuma (@kuma_thehuskybear) – 62,000 followers

Proving that Siberian Huskies adapt well to the great outdoors, Kuma (@kuma_thehuskybear) loves to explore Colorado’s mountain ranges and breathtaking hikes. Along with travel enthusiast mom Abi and partner in crime Kodiak, Kuma can be found shining a spotlight on Colorado’s many beauty spots.

15) The Red Huskies (@thehuskypride) – 69,500 followers

So you thought a pack of five Siberian Huskies was impressive? Well try doubling that! The Red Huskies (@thehuskypride) are a pack of 10. However, the pack leader isn’t a Siberian Husky but a little girl. Siberian Husky accounts don’t get much cuter than the life story of this Khaleesi and her 10 huskies.

14) Coda (@codathewoof) – 69,600 followers

Passionate about photography? A fan of Siberian Huskies? Coda (@codathewoof) could well be the perfect account for you. Based in the Pacific Northwest, you can find Coda with her dad Dillon. She’s a beautiful red and white Siberian Husky that is adept at looking natural in the region’s wondrous landscapes.

13) Husky Squad (@huskysquad) – 71,300 followers

If you’re looking for some dog lifestyle hacks, look no further than the Husky Squad (@huskysquad). This pack is made up of three Siberian Huskies called Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri. They’re all about wild things and good times – and 71,300 people are following their colorful adventures on Instagram. The Husky Squad will leave you daydreaming of exploring the world with your pups.

12) Carl (@carl_thegirl_husky) – 81,000 followers

Don’t confuse this next Siberian Husky for a dude. Carl (@carl_thegirl_husky) is a female Siberian Husky living in southern California. Proving that the breed do well in a family environment, Carl looks to have made herself at home along with her pack of humans.

11) Maska (@maska_the_husky) – 89,000 followers

Maska (@maska_the_husky) has a simple promise for her 89,000 followers: she’ll bring you the sunshine! Living in Canada, she’s a Siberian Husky that energetic, happy, silly and loved. An advocate for dogs, Maska believe every dog deserves a lovely home – and we agree!

10) Clyde (@clydethesuperhusky) – 118,000 followers

Clyde (@clydethesuperhusky) is a super husky spreading awareness about cerebellar hypoplasia. It is a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed. As a result, Clyde – and other cats and dogs with the condition – can be a little wobbly.

9) Spoiled Husky (@spoiledhusky) – 129,000 followers

Siberian Huskies love to be the centre of attention. Spoiled Husky (@spoiledhusky) is based in Bangkok, Thailand. With two Siberian Huskies, the Spoiled Husky account provides an insight into life for these northern dogs in Asia. Nearly 130,000 people are following the adventures of these two spoiled dogs!

8) Anuko (@huskyanuko) – 130,000 followers

Moving back to the United Kingdom, Anuko (@huskyanuko) is five-year black and white Siberian Husky based in Shropshire. Anuko is famous for being grumpy – and his serious expressions are certain to make you smile!

7) Miles (@iheartmiles) – 140,000 followers

Unfortunately Miles (@iheartmiles) may have passed the pearly gates but he’s still spreading positivity on social media. With over 140,000 followers on Instagram, Miles managed to successfully battle cancer before he was “called back to heaven”. Nevertheless, his account continues to inspire change in the world.

6) Rain and River (@thenortherndogs) – 140,000 followers

Exploring Northern Ontario and beyond, Rain and River (@thenortherndogs) are two Siberian Huskies with a following of over 140,000. They never get left behind when its adventure time. With majestic coat and eye colors, you’ll be left swooning over these two beauties.

5) Husky Ranch (huskyranch) – 175,000 followers

Husky Ranch (@huskyranch) provide their followers with a chance to peak behind the doors and see the work involved in raising Siberian Huskies. They’re “a big family with a big heart for dogs” but admittedly a “little biased towards huskies”. Going through their 2,000-plus photos will send you into puppy fever!

4) Nika and Kira (@2husketeers) – 186,000 followers

A pair of Siberian Huskies with style and sass, Nika and Kira (@2husketeers) are both grey and white. Struggling to tell them apart? Well Nika has a dot on her forehead and Kira has a mask under her eyes. These two characters have already amassed a following of nearly 190,000 on Instagram.

3) Maru (@maruhusky) – 353,000 followers

Part panda, part seal and part Husky, Maru (@maruhusky) is most certainly an Instagram star. This adorably naughty Siberian Husky has over 350,000 followers on the social media platform. It’s little wonder given this Siberian Husky is always smiling.

2) Lilo, Infinity and Rosie (@lilothehusky) – 505,000 followers

A heartwarming feed about unlikely companionship, lifelong adventures, and unconditional love, Lilo, Infinity and Rosie (@lilothehusky) are an adorable trio. Lilo and Infinity go everywhere with their kitty friend Rosie. Their friendship is simply defined on their Instagram profile: different by chance, friends by choice.

1) Milperthusky (@milperthusky) – 880,000 followers

One of the biggest Siberian Husky accounts on Instagram, Milperthusky (@milperthusky) has 880,000 followers with a blue tick to boot! You get two Siberian Huskies for the price of one with Millie and Rupert. Based in Manchester, England, Millie and Rupert can be found goofing around with their dad Aaron.