20 Shorkies To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 3 February 2021

A Shorkie is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier.

This cross breed can make excellent companion dogs given both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Shih Tzu tend to be relatively low maintenance.

The Shorkie is a hybrid dog that is growing in popularity, which isn’t a surprise given their friendly nature.

If you’re looking to learn about the Shorkie breed, it can be difficult as they’re still a relatively new cross.

The hashtag shorkiesofinstagram has over 250,000 posts on Instagram, highlighting their growing notoriety.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Shorkies to follow on Instagram.

20) Whiskey Baby (@luvvwhiskey) – 91 followers

First up we’ve got Whiskey Baby (@luvvwhiskey). This Shorkie has one simple motto: eat, play, cuddle. Whiskey can be found living his best life with dad and mom.

19) Prince (@shorkie_prince) – 303 followers

Prince (@shorkie_prince) is a Shorkie who likes to sleep all day. When Prince isn’t taking a nap, he likes to go for walkies and make some new friends.

18) Olive (@olivetheshorkie) – 575 followers

Olive (@olivetheshorkie) is a Shih Tzu Yorkie cross with a big personality. Don’t be fooled by her small size, Olive has a larger than life personality that shines through in her Instagram profile.

17) Butters (@butters_the_shorkie) – 720 followers

Butters (@butters_the_shorkie) is a Shorkie hero! Butters is a three-year Shorkie that just wants to make lots of friends, whether it’s on Instagram or in the real world.

16) Bailey and Lychee (@shorkiebears) – 738 followers

Bailey and Lychee (@shorkiebears) are two sister Shorkies who get up to all manner of Shenanigans every day. Bailey and Lychee have a particularly fun way of describing the Shorkie mix: a pinch of Shih Tzu, two tablespoons of Yorkie and a sprinkle of bear.

15) Honey (@honeybunnytheshorkie) – 855 followers

Honey (@honeybunnytheshorkie) is a three year old Shorkie. With big brown eyes and impeccably groomed ears, Honey is a Shorkie that takes pride in her appearance.

14) Mia (@mia_totherescue) – 869 followers

Mia (@mia_totherescue) is a Shorkie living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mia is a black and white Shorkie with a striking coat pattern that almost looks like a tuxedo.

13) Benji (@itsbenjitheshorkie) – 978 followers

We’re heading to San Jose next to meet Californian pup Benji (@itsbenjitheshorkie). Benji is a self-professed rascal who likes to have a good time.

12) Zoey (@zoeytheshorkie) – 1,063 followers

Zoey (@zoeytheshorkie) is a seven-year old Shorkie living in New York City. This Shorkie is loving life in the Big Apple where she gets to make lots of new fur friends.

11) Jasper (@jasperexplores) – 1,400 followers

We’re swapping one great city for another. Jasper (@jasperexplores) is representing the Shorkie cross breed in London. He’s a foodie, dancer, model and therapist. Jasper is a pup of many talents!

10) Bailey (@mr_sweet_face_bailey) – 1,486 followers

Bailey (@mr_sweet_face_bailey) is a stylish Shorkie. You’ll find this one-year old sporting a fashion accessory. Bailey has amassed a following of nearly 1,500 followers on Instagram.

9) Mia (@miathepupperina) – 1,650 followers

Mia (@miathepupperina) is 50% Shih Tzu/50% Yorkie but a 100% pest. Mia loves her family but especially her old sister Bella. This Canadian doggo is closing in on 2K followers.

8) Nova (@nova.theshorkie) – 1,750 followers

We’re meeting a Canadian Shorkie next in the shape of Nova (@nova.theshorkie). Nova has an easy-on-the-eye profile that showcases her beautiful coat colors.

7) Louie and Ella (@louie_and_ella_) – 2,500 followers

Louie (@louie_and_ella_) is a Shorkie living with his Yorkshire Terrier sibling. This f2 Shorkie got a gold plus at doggy school so he’s a high achiever!

6) Taz and Benny (@shorkie_brothers) – 2,550 followers

Taz and Benny (@shorkie_brothers) are two Shorkie siblings living in the Midwest. These two get up to lots of adventures together. Taz is the older sibling, reaching the ripe age of 10 in 2020.

5) Boots (@bootsactually) – 3,044 followers

Boots (@bootsactually) is a London pup loving life in the English capital. You can spot Boots around some London landmarks, meeting lots of fur friends in the city.

4) Emmi (@emmi_the_shorkie) – 9,450 followers

Emmi (@emmi_the_shorkie) is a Shorkie who is living with her Maltipoo sibling Alli. So you’ll get a good idea of these two popular cross breed oin this particular dog account. This duo like to be called the Fluff Sisters.

3) Bella (@bellbelltheshorkie) – 9,650 followers

Bella (@bellbelltheshorkie) is a Shorkie living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bella has a penchant for a bow that serves to enhance her good looks. This Shorkie is fast closing in on 10,000 followers.

2) Wilber (@wilber_the_shorkie) – 12,100 followers

Wilber (@wilber_the_shorkie) is an example of a raw fed Shorkie living in Devon in the United Kingdom. Wilbur likes to hike with his sister Winnie, while they’ve got a passion for treats and high fives.

1) Cooper (@cooper_kader) – 14,100 followers

Cooper (@cooper_kader) is a Shorkie that divides his time between New York City and Miami. He’s living the life! This three-year old Shorkie is one of the most popular members of the cross breed on Instagram with over 14,000 followers.

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