20 Sheepadoodles to follow on Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

It’s easy to see why Sheepadoodles are so popular.

These fluffy dogs are not only beautiful in appearance, but they’ve got wonderful temperaments.

For those who haven’t figured it out already, the Sheepadoodle is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle.

They were thought to have originated in the 1980s or early 1990s before the International Designer Canine Association granted them recognition in 2009.

Sheepadoodles are low shedding dogs that do well as family pets thanks to their outgoing and social personalities.

These dogs can grow to 23 inches in size, but they’re gentle giants. They’re easy to train and eager to please their owners.

Mini Sheepadoodles have a Miniature Poodle parent rather than a Standard Poodle, resulting in a smaller dog.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 Sheepadoodles and Mini Sheepadoodles that you need to follow on Instagram.

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20) Oliver Clive (@oliverygoodboy) – 2,000 followers

We’re starting on the east coast of America. Oliver Clive (@oliverygoodboy) is a Mini Sheepadoodle living in the Big Apple. Weighing a cool 23 pounds, Ollie (to his friends and Instagram followers) loves to chew bones, eat carrots, play with toys and most importantly of all, sleep! It’s safe to safe this Mini Sheepadoodle with 2,000 followers is living the doggy dream.

19) Coffee (@coffee_the_sheepadoodle) – 16,000 followers

Coffee (@coffee_the_sheepadoodle) is a Sheepadoodle with a chocolate tuxedo coat. He’s an extremely rare variety of Sheepadoodle. This charming Doodle is a fashion icon, heartbreaker and king of sarcasm. As you can probably figure out, Coffee has a big personality.

18) Bark Leigh (@barkleigh) – 3,500 followers

In our search to find a Sheepadoodle to represent the west coast, we stumbled upon the aptly named Bark Leigh (@barkleighdoodle). Born in July 2018, Bark Leigh is a Mini Sheepadoodle who is living the bark life in East Bay. We’d expect nothing less from Bark Leigh! A self professed lover of scratches and a ball connoisseur, Bark Leigh can be found hiking around the Bay Area or posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

17) Teddy (@teddy4president) – 5,000 followers

Teddy (@teddy4president) is a Sheepadoodle who splits his time between Boston and Washington DC. A human in disguise, Teddy is the founding dog member of We The Dog, an organization dedicated to connecting local dog owners and advocates to support animal rescue organizations. Teddy for president!

16) Butler (@sheepadoodlebutler) – 6,200 followers

We’ve got a Sheepadoodle called Butler (@sheepadoodlebutler) at your service. He’s a Mini Sheepadoodle with a “fun-sized” mom. His mom writes that every woman needs a Butler. If they all looked like this Sheepadoodle, I think we can agree.

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15) Millie the Mini Sheepadoodle (@sheepadoodle) – 9,000 followers

Of course Sheepadoodles can came in a variety of sizes. Millie (@sheepadoodle) is a Mini Sheepadoodle. Based in New York City, Millie has a penchant for pizzas. A dangerous obsession for a pup living in NYC! When she’s not sniffing out a pizza, Millie has her own range of greeting cards. If you love NYC, you’ll love Millie’s posts around the city that never sleeps.

14) Watson (@that_dood_watson) – 7,780 followers

Watson (@that_dood_watson) is f1b Sheepadoodle living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. His coat color is certainly eye catching, while his range of facial expression will make you smile. Watson has nearly 8,000 followers on Instagram.

13) Walter (@walterthegentlegiant) – 24,000 followers

Walter (@walterthegentlegiant) is a Sheepadoodle who can be a little bossy but is a sweet pup most of the time. Walter has an executive assistant to help him with all his daily needs, otherwise known as mom. The Atlanta pup is closing in on 13,000 followers.

12) Georgia and Willow (@surreysheepadoodles) – 29,000 followers

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Georgia and Willow (@surreysheepadoodles) are a mother and daughter double act. They live in Surrey, just south of the English capital. Georgia is in touch with her other fur children, too. You’ll certainly get your Sheepadoodle fix on this account. You can read their interview with helloBARK! here.

11) Rory The Sheepadoodle (@rory_the_sheepadoodle) – 20,000 followers

Living in Long Island, Rory (@rory_the_sheepadoodle) is a three-year old Sheepadoodle. It’s not hard to understand why Rory has a respectable following of 23,600 fans on Instagram. With a beautiful grey and white coat, Rory has a handsome face that must get attention everywhere he goes!

10) Bear The Sheepadoodle @sheepadoodlebear – 26,500 followers

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

If you search Sheepadoodle on Instagram, Bear (@sheepadoodlebear) is one of the first accounts to appear. His profile gives us an insight into his personality: “Bear is my name, being a #devilishdoodle is my game”. Usually found in Washington DC or Montgomery County, Maryland, over 26,000 people follow his adventures on Instagram. Whether it’s posing in front of flowers in full bloom or sporting a stylish bandana, Bear always steals the show with his rugged good looks. You read our interview with Bear here.

9) Goose (@goose.mcswiggles) – 63,000 followers

Goose (@goose.mcswiggles) is a Sheepadoodle living in the Pacific North West. You can find Goose exploring the many beauty spots of this region. Goose is always smiling so his friendly face is certain to raise your spirits.

8) Tank the Sheepadoodle (@unleash_the_tank) – 49,000 followers

What’s all this talk about unleashing Sheepadoodles you may ask. Tank the Sheepadoodle (@unleash_the_tank) is the half brother of Otis (who we’ll meet a little later). They’ve got the same Old English Sheepdog dads but different Poodle moms. This brother from another mother is currently in training to join Otis’ countertop surfing crew.

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7) Bertie (@sheepadoodlebertie) – 37,000 followers

Sheepadoodles are known for being affectionate and friendly dogs. It’s easy to see why Bertie the Sheepadoodle (@sheepadoodlebertie) has over 35,000 followers on social media. This F1 Sheepadoodle has a beautiful white coat with a teddy-bear like face. He’s a dog of many talents, including but not limited to chasing cats, spilling the water bowl, and posing for pics. This Colorado Sheepadoodle certainly has the latter down to a tee. You can read Bertie’s interview with hellobark.com here.

6) Shiloh and Milo (@shilohandmilo) – 121,000 followers

Shiloh and Milo (@shilohandmilo) are an inseparable doggie duo. Milo is described as a crazy Sheepadoodle puppy ready to take on the world. Milo’s sibling is the adorable Shiloh, who is a shelter dog turned runway model. They’ve got nearly 40,000 fans on Instagram.

5) Boogie (@boggie_the_sheepadoodle) – 50,000 followers

Boogie (@boggie_the_sheepadoodle) a two-year old Sheepadoodle living in Denver, Colorado. You can find Boogie exploring the many hiking trails in this rugged state. Boogie has been known to climb a mountain or two!

4) Bunny (@what_about_bunny) – 1.2 million followers

Bunny (@what_about_bunny) is a Sheepadoodle with legs for days. You can find some interesting videos of Bunny trying to communicate using a soundboard on their Instagram. When she’s not on a mission to educate, you can find Bunny on some fun adventures in Washington.

3) Addison (@sheepish_addie) – 58,000 followers

Addison (@sheepish_addie) is an occassionaly shaggy Sheepadoodle. Otherwise known as the canine superdoodle, Addie is a member of That Dood Squad. You may have seen Addie posing with his Doodle friends in front of an iconic red MG Convertible. Addie likes to meet new people and pups, while her favourite person to explore with is her Goldendoodle fur-brother Oliver.

2) Zammy (@zammypup) – 130,000 followers

Zammy The Sheepadoodle (Photo: @zammypup / Instagram)

Zammy The Sheepadoodle (Photo: @zammypup / Instagram)

If we’re talking Instagram famous Sheepadoodles, we have to talk about Zammy (@zammypup). The giant Sheepadoodle is a viral social star who weighs an impressive 106 pounds. He’s featured on The Dodo, 9gag, UNILAD and BuzzFeed. When he’s not drawing chuckles on social media, Zammy has an important job to do. He works as a Childrens Hospital Therapy Dog. It’s not wonder this dog has 148,000 followers on Instagram given the smiles he puts on faces everywhere he goes!

1) Otis The Sheepadoodle (@otis_unleashed) – 184,000 followers

Let’s meet the most popular Sheepadoodle on Instagram. Otis (@otis_unleashed) has over 196,000 followers on the photo-sharing app. He may be a dog but he self identifies as a human! With a taste for drama, his Mom-manager Christie writes on his website that he provides daily laughs, “from the way he sleeps to his reaction to noises”. He’s got a trusty shelter dog sidekick called Sully.

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