Scout the Pomeranian Questions and Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 6 January 2020

Scout is one of the biggest Pomeranians on TikTok.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen TikTok’s popularity.

Scout is on the brink of one million followers on the video-sharing app, having first joined when TikTok was still

This Pomeranian has received over 19.5 million hearts on the platform, proving her undoubted popularity.

We spoke to Scout (@scout.2015) to learn more about the Pomeranian breed as well as their success on TikTok.

1) How did you first hear about Pomeranians?

Scout the Pomeranian (Photo: @scout2015 / Instagram)

Scout the Pomeranian (Photo: @scout2015 / Instagram)

The first time I ever heard about Pomeranians wasn’t from a friend, family or the internet. We had a family boat day and as we were out and about I saw a lady with this stunning dog. At the time I was looking for dog because my parents had told me I could get one. We talked to her and found out her dog was a Pomeranian. From that point on I was on a mission to find my perfect fur baby!

2) Can you explain how you ended up with Scout?

After days of staring at the computer screen searching every dog website and every article you can possibly find about dogs, I finally narrowed it down to a breed, a website, and two different litters of puppies. I found a litter of Pomeranian puppies in one location and a lone puppy in another location, Scout! My parents told me I could go visit either the one puppy or the litter of eight. For some reason I put all my eggs in one basket and decided to go for the one instead of eight. We traveled in the car for a few hours and went to a location in an unfamiliar area and there sat Scout ready to be taken home.

3) What are the perks of owning a Pomeranian?

Pomeranians are now my favorite dog breed after owning Scout! They are very light so you can pick them up easily. They are so astonishingly loyal and intelligent, not to mention that they are drop-dead gorgeous. Plus, who doesn’t love always having a watchdog at night?

4) Do you think there are any unfair stereotypes surrounding Pomeranians?

Yes I do think there are unfair stereotypes about Pomeranians. When I first got Scout I did a lot of research to make sure she would be a match in our family! Many articles I read said Pomeranians are not very good with little kids, however, I highly disagree. Scout of course has a limit and does not appreciate when a baby pulls her tail and fur; but she has NEVER reacted to this. She just puts back her ears or she’ll just walk away. She always plays with little kids when they come over to the house. I would say Pomeranians are a friendly breed.

5) Are Pomeranians easy to train?

Scout the Pomeranian (Photo: @scout2015 / Instagram)

Scout the Pomeranian (Photo: @scout2015 / Instagram)

From my experience, Pomeranians overall are highly intelligent, and with enough patience, your Pomeranian can be trained and unstoppable. I think many people tend to forget that training a Pomeranian takes time and your pup may not be a super Collie from birth. If you put in work every day and build your bond between you and your Pomeranian, you can truly do amazing things.

6) Do Pomeranians bark a lot?

YES! It is inevitable that every Pomeranian will bark! Of course some more than others, but they will naturally bark. Like I said before, Pomeranians are easily trained and you can easily train them to be on the quiet side.

7) How did you first hear about TikTok?

We first started filming videos on the app called, which later turned into TikTok. So we are happy to say we have been here since the birth of TikTok.

8) Do you have a favorite video on your TikTok?

I would say we don’t have a “favorite” video on our TikTok but we definitely have some TikToks we love more than others. That being said, almost every video we upload we are in love with and cannot wait for our followers to see.

9) What tips and tricks would you have for someone starting off on TikTok?

There are definitely some factors like, good lighting, having a vertical video, something with a beginning middle and end that will help your video take off and hit the foryoupage! Although those factors can, at the end of the day, be overridden if your video has something truly special about it. The foryoupage is very hit or miss and sometimes you think a video will do awful and it does great. Working on finding your niche and what kind of content you want to be known for is important. Because once you find that out every video that you work on can become better.

10) Is this your favorite social media platform for your dogs? If so, why?

Scout the Pomeranian (Photo: @scout2015 / Instagram)

Scout the Pomeranian (Photo: @scout2015 / Instagram)

My favorite social media platform for my dogs would have to be TikTok! I think TikTok allows us to be the more creative than all the other apps! Instead of just a basic picture we have a full-on story in 15 seconds, which is incredible!

11) Would you recommend Pomeranians to a first time dog owner?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Scout truly is my first dog and I couldn’t ask for a better match! Although every dog breed has something different to offer and you must make sure a Pomeranian will fit your lifestyle, I could not recommend a better breed.

12) Do you have any other dog TikTok accounts you’d recommend?

Yes! We have many TikTok friends like @huxleythepandapuppy @heyjjwolf @jadenthekingsley @thepawsomepaws and @thepawfect_penny who have AMAZING doggie content!

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