20 Schipperkes To Follow On Instagram

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 6 December 2021

Have you spotted one of these little black dogs on social media?

Schipperkes are a Belgian dog breed with a jet black coat – although some rarer members of the breed can have a brown colored coat.

They’re extremely smart dogs that can make excellent companion pets or family dogs.

Having said that, Schipperkes come with their pros and cons just like any other dog breed or mix, including considerations such as price and shedding.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Schipperkesx to follow on Instagram.

Schipperke (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Schipperke (Photo: Adobe Stock)

20) Beezer Fox (@beezer_wheezer) – 316 followers

We’re starting our Schipperke feature by highlighting the uniquely coloured blonde Schipperke called Beezer Fox (@beezer_wheezer). Unlike all but one other Schipperke in this article, Beezer has a blonde coat.

19) Mr Black Velvet (@mrblackvelvet) – 449 followers

With a name as smooth as his coat, Mr Black Velvet (@mrblackvelvet) is a Schipperke based in LA. Sometimes confused for a bear, a pig or a bat, Giorgio likens himself to a black mini loaf in his Instagram bio.

18) Whisky (@whisky.the.schipperke) – 650 followers

Whisky (@whisky.the.schipperke) is the first of his name. Whisky has a number of other titles such as King of Barking at Everything, Master of Wanderlust & Destruction, Stealer of Things, and Breaker of His Pawrents.

17) Pickle (@pickletheschipperke) – 681 followers

We’re heading to France to meet Pickle (@pickletheschipperke). Pickle is a bat at night but dog by day. This Schipperke likes to explore and meet other dogs at local dog parks. You can learn more about the Schipperke breed through Pickle’s educational posts!

16) Okami (@okami.the.dog) – 851 followers

We’re staying in France to meet Pickles’ half sister Okami (@okami.the.dog). This Schipperke has a wonderfully glossy coat, who has benefited from positive training methods and a raw-fed diet.

15) Kuroneri (@kuroneri) – 1,024 followers

We’re swapping France for Japan now to meet Kuroneri (@kuroneri). If you want to see what life is like in Japan for a Schipperke owner, Kuroneri will give you a fascinating insight. You can expect some photos of Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms!

14) Happy (@happy_the_schipperke) – 1,305 followers

Next up we’ve got a cuddly Schipperke called Happy (@happy_the_schipperke). This Schip is a firm favourite of the family and very much a velcro dog who follows mom everywhere! You can follow Happy’s adventures in Sweden.

13) Mochi (@mochi.theschipperke) – 709 followers

Mochi (@mochi.theschipperke) is a mischievous Schipperke living in Vancouver. This soot sprite can be found exploring the rugged terrains in British Columbia or chilling at home.

12) Basil (@basiltheschipperke) – 1,030 followers

Basil (@basiltheschipperke) is a rambunctious Schipperke in Toronto. This Canadian Schip has a natural bobtail. Basil has over 1,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

11) Roe (@schipalong) – 1,785 followers

The next Instagram account highlights that these small Belgian dogs are always up for an adventure. Roe (@schipalong) is described as a travel-sized dog living on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

10) Scarlett and Georgie (@scarlett_and_georgie) – 1,805 followers

If you’re interested in seeing what life is like with two Schipperkes, you may want to check out Scarlett and Georgie (@scarlett_and_georgie). Proving that Canada has a lot of Schipperkes, this adorable pair like to give their followers an insight into their daily adventures.

9) Lulu (@lulu_the_brownbear) – 1,851 followers

We’re meeting a brown Schipperke up next called Lulu (@lulu_the_brownbear). This chocolate-coloured canine can be found living her best life in New York City. The talk of the town, Lulu is closing in on 2,000 followers on Instagram.

8) Sherlock (@sherlock_schipperke) – 2,041 followers

We’ve got a rescued Schipperke to meet in the shape of Sherlock (@sherlock_schipperke). This six-year old pup lives in Brazil with his dog trainer mom. You’ll find Sherlock hanging out with his canine and feline friends.

7) Chico (@chicoschipperke) – 2,168 followers

We’re staying in Brazil to meet another Schipperke. Chico (@chicoschipperke) lives with his family in the South American country where he’s amassed a following of over 2,000 followers on Instagram. Chico has a TikTok too!

6) Caspian (@caspian__schipperke_) – 2,581 followers

Caspian (@caspian__schipperke_) is a Slovak Schipperke. Caspian is a five-year old who loves to take part in agility when he isn’t posing for beautiful photographs for his stylized Instagram page.

5) Pako and Sanouk (@the_schipperkes_adventures) – 2,584 followers

We’ve arrived back in France to meet some more Schipperkes. Pako and Sanouk (@the_schipperkes_adventures) are two Schipperkes who have a two-year age difference. Living on the Cote d’Azur, you’ll find these black dogs at the beach but also in the snow and mountains.

4) Lily (@place_of_lilly) – 2,851 followers

It’s only fitting that we feature some Belgian Schipperke in this article. Lily (@place_of_lilly) is a three-year old Schipperke born n Belgium. The lovely Lily is closing in on nearly 3,000 followers.

3) Loki (@venturewithloki) – 3,060 followers

Loki (@venturewithloki) is a Schipperke living in the capital of France. This Parisian pup may be called Loki but his middle name is mischief. Loki has over 3,000 followers on Instagram.

2) Blackhole Ben (@blackhole_ben) – 10,300 followers

Blackhole Ben (@blackhole_ben) is a 10 and a half year old Schipperke. You may have seen Ben go viral earlier this year with features on We Rate Dogs and the Daily Mail (to mention a few outlets).

1) Sam (@blackdog_sam) – 10,800 followers

Finally, it’s time to meet Sam (@blackdog_sam). This black dog lives in Japan. This seven-year old lives in Saitama in Japan. With over 10,000 followers, Sam is one of the most popular Schipperkes on social media. It’s easy to see why with the stunning photography on this page.

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