Sapphire The Pomsky Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Meet Sapphire the Pomsky.

This sassy little lady has been entertaining TikTok with her funny antics, racking up over 35 million likes on the video-sharing platform.

Affectionately dubbed the Queen Of The Zoomies, Sapphire’s explosion of energy has made for a number of viral videos.

Recently, Sapphire has been communicating with her owners using buttons, resulting in some hilarious and sassy conversations.

At the time of writing Sapphire has 4 million followers on TikTok and 200,000 fans on Instagram.

We spoke to Sapphire’s mom Sheena to learn more about Sapphire, life with a Pomsky and her viral successes on TikTok.

You can follow Sapphire on TikTok (@sapphie_the_pomsky) and Instagram (@sapphie_the_pomsky).

1) What attracted you to the Pomsky cross?

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

When I was a kid, my dream dog was a Siberian Husky with blue eyes. I told myself that one day in the future, I would get a husky as a birthday present, and I would name her Sapphire after my birth stone and her colored eyes. My husband’s prior dog was a Pomeranian, who passed away at 16 years old. When we found out that there was a cross-breed of a Husky and a Pomeranian, we thought it would be the perfect compromise!

2) How did you end up with Sapphire and how did you settle on her name?

Her name resembles the Sapphire gem for the color of her eyes. I was already settled on the name when I was a kid so my husband had no choice in the decision (haha). Lucky enough, it ended up being the perfect name for her!

3) How would you describe Sapphire’s personality?

She is animated, friendly, energetic, loving, sassy and hilarious! We notice that whenever she gets excited, she loves to do the infamous “butt scoot”. She also is an incredible host. When we have guests over, she must sleep with them, and if she doesn’t, she will slide her paw under the door to let them know that she is there if they need anything. She is very resilient. At 6 months, she was diagnosed with subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma and went through surgery and 5 rounds of chemo-therapy. She still would have the zoomies regardless of her treatment. We are happy to say that she is now in remission!

4) When did you realize that Sapphire was so sassy and talkative?

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

We found out when we were initially crate training her. We noticed that every time she was hungry or wanted to go for a walk, she would talk. Eventually, we started saying the words “I love you”, and she was able to learn how to say it back.

5) Did Sapphire always have the zoomies and what are some of her triggers?

Sapphie has had zoomies since day 1. Some of her triggers are playing fetch with her or asking her if she wants to go for a walk!

6) Is Sapphire more sassy with Mom or Dad?

She is sassy with both, however she is the most sassy with mom!

7) What does an average day look like for Sapphire?

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

Sapphie gets up around 6am by giving dad a simple lick on the lips letting him know it’s time for her to poop. She is then taken outside for a walk. After coming back from a walk, she is given a greenie which she becomes very protective of. She then devours her breakfast and gets the morning zoomies before taking her nap. She gives me company while I work from home. During lunch, I take her for another long walk. We live opposite a high school, and Sapphie loves to go up to the window and watch as the kids get out from school at around 3pm. We take another family walk at 6pm once dad gets home from work. She devours her dinner right after and plays fetch with us, which then induces another round of zoomies! Before bedtime, she snuggles right in between us and falls asleep.

8) Would you say Pomsky’s are easy to train?

From our perspective, they are easy to train, however we feel like Sapphie was an exception because she rarely woke us up in the middle of the night. She picks up on things very quickly as long as you have a daily routine set. The only thing that is tough is guiding them through the teething phase because they love to chew on everything!

9) How much exercise does Sapphire need on a daily basis?

She needs to go on at least 3 long walks/day.

10) Does Sapphire shed a lot?

Yes, Sapphie does shed quite a bit, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

11) Would you say Pomskies make good family pets?

Absolutely, however it is extremely important to get them socialized and trained from the beginning.

12) Does Sapphire have separation anxiety or is Sapphire an independent dog?

Sapphie was born during COVID-19 so it did take her some time to get rid of her separation anxiety. Now, she is very independent!

13) What comments do you get when you’re out for walks with Sapphire?

We get a lot of “awwww” and “wow, she is so loving and friendly!”.

14) Why did you decide to start an Instagram/TikTok account for Sapphire?

She makes us smile every single day and we wanted to share her derpy personality and ability to make other laugh with the world.

15) Did you have a post that really kick-started your TikTok’s growth?

Yes! Our very first mega-viral post is a video of us asking her if she wants to go for a walk and before we finished our question, she bolted towards the door!

16) How long did it take to train Sapphire on the buttons?

We are still in the process of training her, but it did take 2-3 weeks of consistent daily practice for her to get the hang of it!

17) What’s your biggest “pinch-me” moment since starting Sapphire’s account?

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

Sapphire The Pomsky (Photo: @sapphie_the_pomsky / Instagram)

The amount of messages and love we have received!

18) Do you have a favourite Sapphire post on social media so far?

Yes! We absolutely love the video of her her getting the zoomies because it really encompasses her personality and how happy she is!

19) Can you tell us your funniest Sapphire story?

One time we were taking Sapphie on her first flight, and she was actually doing really well during the whole flight! By the time we landed, we noticed she was getting very antsy, and she started dragging us out the gate. We had no clue what was going on until we reached these automatic doors that don’t allow you to walk backwards. As we were walking through the doors, we realized she had pooped at the EXACT moment the door had closed behind us, not allowing us to go back. We felt horrible because we weren’t able to go back and clean it up, but we couldn’t help but laugh at Sapphie’s impeccable timing!

20) Finally, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when your first got Sapphire?

The advice we would give ourselves is to continue to cherish every moment we spend with her. She is truly one of a kind, and our goal is to keep her happy and loved. We want to give her the opportunity to explore the world. She has been on RV trips, busses, boats, flights – everything! She is very curious and embraces her surroundings and the people around her. It’s easy to learn how to not take things for granted by having Sapphie in your life.

You can follow Sapphire on TikTok (@sapphie_the_pomsky) and Instagram (@sapphie_the_pomsky).

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