20 Rottweilers To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Rottweilers are the eighth most popular dogs in the US.

The American Kennel Club list these medium dogs as one of the most common in the United States.

They’re described as a robust working breed that can make a gentle playmate but effective protector.

Facing some unfair stereotypes, the AKC write that a “well-bred and properly raised Rottie will be calm and confident, courageous but not unduly aggressive”.

The Rottweiler is a popular breed on Instagram, with over 6 million entries under the Rottweiler hashtag.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Rottweilers to check out on Instagram.

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20) Enzo (enzolerottweiler) – 6,375 followers

Enzo (enzolerottweiler) is a fearless Rottweiler living in Montreal, Canada. While this boy has a big heart, he is scared of one thing: fireworks. This soon-to-be two-year old has amassed a following of over 6,000 followers.

19) Lara (@thescottishrottie) – 6,674 followers

We’re heading to Scotland next to meet Lara (@thescottishrottie). This Scot is a professional poser, so you can expect some beautiful photos. Unfortunately, Lara does struggle with elbow dysplasia. You can watch this brown-eyed beauty explore the Scotland on her Instagram page.

18) Boss and Cake (@coco_love_rotties) – 7,500 followers

Boss and Cake (@coco_love_rotties) are two beautiful Rottweilers living their best life. You can often find Boss and Cake sat next to the newest addition to their family, proving these dogs can make excellent family dogs. Their mom Coco regularly shares photos of Boss and Cake.

17) Buster (@roger.skwarek) – 8,000 followers

Buster (@roger.skwarek) is a Rottweiler based in Australia. He has two big passions in life: camping and touring. Buster is certainly a handsome boy and he’s amassed a following of nearly 8,000 people following over 300 posts on Instagram.

16) Cruisa and Diesel (@purerottweilers) – 8,700 followers

We’ve got another Rottweieler double act in the shape of Cruisa and Diesel (@purerottweilers). They’re pure German Rottweilers living in Sydney, Australia. You can witness firsthand the touching bond between Diesel and Cruisa.

15) Lola (@ourgirllola_) – 9,300 followers

We’re heading to the UK to meet Lola (@ourgirllola_). She’s a cuddly Rottweieler living in Berkshire. Registered with the Kennel Club, Lola is always sassy. Who can blame her? She’s got the best smile.

14) Kane, Abel, Eve (@kane_and_abel) – 9,500 followers

You won’t meet a more impressive looking trio than Kane, Abel, Eve (@kane_and_abel). Kane is a German Rottweiler who is joined by his partners in crime, Abel the Bullmastiff and Eve the Cane Corso. These siblings are based in Oakland, California.

13) Tata (@tatatherottie) – 10,300 followers

Next up we’ve got our first Italian member of the German Rottweiler family. Tata (@tatatherottie) has a wide grin that will put a smile on your face. You can check out her pool parties, playtime and many naps. Tata has over 10,000 followers on the social media page.

12) Floyd and Willow (@roamingrotties) – 11,600 followers

We’re heading to Yorkshire next to meet Floyd and Willow aka (@roamingrotties). They’re two inseparable siblings who are fuelled by raw. You follow Floyd’s reactive journey and Willow’s adventurous antics alongside with nearly 12,000 others.

11) Rottgods (@rottgods) – 12,600 followers

If you want to get your Rottweiler fill, look no further than Rottgods (@rottgods). This Rottie crew is made up of Orion, Ares, Zeus, Nia, Maia and Achilles. You can join their Rottgods family by hitting follow and checking out the daily adventures.

10) Roy (@roy_the_rottie) – 12,700 followers

Roy (@roy_the_rottie) is a beautiful Rottweiler living in Amman, Jordan. Roy admits in his bio that he is a tad lazy but not when it comes to play time. You can watch this two-year grow in Jordan along with 12,700 others.

9) Diva (@diva_the_rottweiler) – 13,900 followers

Next up we’ve got a designated sassy pants called Diva (@diva_the_rottweiler). She is a professional model living in Australia. She knows how to strike a pose that will make you smile. Diva has an Instagram following of nearly 14,000.

8) Khaleesi (@Khaleesi_the_rottweiler) – 17,400 followers

Khaleesi (@Khaleesi_the_rottweiler) is a professional cuddle with a nose that loves to be booped. She is described as a happy pup, which shines through on her Instagram page. Khaleese lives in Austin, Texas. She’s got a TikTok account, too.

7) Marley (@marley_the_rottie) – 18,400 followers

Marley (@marley_the_rottie) is a German Rottweiler registered with the Kennel Club. She’s a three year old Rottie weighing 33kg. Extremely smiley, Marley is a water baby, which is a good thing because she lives on the island of Geurnsey.

6) Sig, Axel and Rogue (@sigaxelandrogue) – 25,600 followers

Sig, Axel and Rogue (@sigaxelandrogue) are three Rottweilers living life together. You can tell this trio have a close bond, that is brilliant to see. They love to go for a dip in the pool, so you can enjoy some pool parties with this trio.

5) Nala (@nala_the_needy_rottie) – 47,400 followers

Nala (@nala_the_needy_rottie) is a needy Rottweiler but isn’t nasty. Nala loves to pose for a selfie with Mum. Together, they’ve formed a deep bond that is evident to see when you scroll through Nala’s photos and videos.

4) Odie (@odietherottie) – 65,800 followers

Odie (@odietherottie) is a four-year old Rottweiler based in Melbourne, Australia. Odie has lots of dog friends that he likes to hang out with, proving that this can be a friendly and sociable breed. With an adorable head tilt, it’s no wonder Odie has nearly 66,000 followers on Instagram.

3) Banzai (@rottweiler_banzai) – 104,000 followers

Banzai (@rottweiler_banzai) may have started life in Mauritius but now lives in Mallorca. Enjoying the sunny weather on the Spanish island, Banzai is a sarcastic doggo that will make you laugh. Banzai has an impressive following of over 100,000 on Instagram.

2) Nat (rottie_girl) – 131,000 followers

There’s lots of beautiful Rottweilers to check out on Nat (@rottie_girl)‘s account. If you join their 131,000-strong following, you can get to know Logan, JJ, Roman, Stan and Kaizer. You’ll certainly get your Rottie fix thanks to this Instagram page.

1) Dani Mathers (@missdanimathers) – 446,000 followers

Finally, we’ve got Dani Mathers (@missdanimathers) who is the proud owner of a Rottweiler called Murphy. This adorable Rottie is a new addition to Dani’s family along with her German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois. You can follow Dani to watch her Rottie pup grow!

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