Rolo The Cocker Spaniels Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 26 October 2020

Rolo in an English Cocker Spaniel with quite the Instagram following.

This Cocker Spaniel’s daily adventures in England have amassed Rolo a fanbase of over 44,000.

Rolo’s favourite pastimes include being a sniff chaser, treat muncher and meeting people.

It’s little surprise Rolo has amassed such a big following on social media given his handsome good looks.

We spoke to Rolo’s mum to learn more about the English Cocker Spaniel.

You can follow Rolo on Instagram (@rolo.cockerspaniel).

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1) How did you first hear about Cocker Spaniels?

I was lucky enough to grow up with a Cocker Spaniel as my big sister, so cockers have always been a breed I’m familiar with.

2) What made you get a Cocker Spaniel?

I was really keen to get a dog to keep me company when I bought my own house, and it felt like the perfect time to get my very own Cocker Spaniel, known for being loving, gentle temperament and happy, to keep me company and to keep me active.

3) Can you give us an insight into Rolo’s personality?

Rolo is a funny fellow! He is very keen to be involved in anything and everything I do, even if it’s just nipping to the shop, changing a light bulb or emptying the bin! He’s very independent and extremely intelligent. Nothing gets past him!

4) What does an average day look like for Rolo?

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Rolo’s day usually begins with breakfast and a walk. He then keeps me company whilst I work from home, with a lunchtime and tea time walk thrown in for good measure. His days tend to follow the pattern of sleep, eat, walk, eat play sleep eat sleep! He’s never one to turn down an opportunity to eat!

5) Are Cocker Spaniels smart?

Rolo is extremely intelligent. As a youngster, his trainer advised that he’s ‘above average intelligence’ and because of those brains, he’s also above average stubbornness as he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it!

6) Do Cocker Spaniels have separation anxiety?

Rolo is OK with being left but is always very happy to see me return. Cocker Spaniels are known from struggling with separation anxiety, but if you train them carefully, from a very young age, it really helps them to be OK with settling without you. He has always slept in his own room overnight, not with me, since day 1, so has a good routine and knows its OK when I’m not there – I think that made a big difference.

7) Are Cocker Spaniels clingy?

I liken Rolo to velcro – he’s not especially clingy, but he does tend to stick with me whenever I’m moving about. More out of curiosity and chance of getting food than from being clingy!

8) Does Rolo bark a lot?

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Rolo rarely ever barks. This is unusual for a spaniel, but as a pup I taught him that barking got him nothing at all, so he now rarely barks unless a noisy truck pulls up outside or if something really worries him – he tends to sing or squeal more than barking.

9) What should people look for when buying a Cocker Spaniel?

It’s important to see the pup with his/her parents and to choose based on temperament – Rolo’s mum was very gentle, shy and sweet mannered – as a result, so is Rolo, which is what I wanted. You can’t teach temperament.

10) In your experience, are Cocker Spaniels fussy eaters?

Rolo is the least picky eater ever – he’ll happily eat anything at all – I say he eats like a labrador! But he does have food sensitivities, so I have to be careful – He cannot eat any forms of poultry…that being said, it doesn’t stop him diving into hedges and finding slices of pizza, hot dogs or random seemingly inedible things!

11) Why did you decide to start an Instagram account for Rolo?

Like with many dog accounts – Rolo’s began as my personal Instagram – when I realised people preferred his photos to mine, it quickly became Rolo’s Instagram and grew from there!

12) What tips do you have for other dog owners who want to step up their IG game?

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Don’t try too hard! Just enjoy posting content and sharing stories from your days together, and share your dogs personality as it is – be natural – that’s what people love about Rolo’s account – his cheeky character and funny stories do all the talking!

13) What is your favourite post or memory with Rolo?

I have far too many favourite memories with Rolo – every day is an adventure. Holidays and outdoor exploring always hold the happiest of memories for me. I particularly like some of our posts on Holkham Beach in Norfolk, and of playing games in the garden – ears flying everywhere!

14) Would you recommend a Cocker Spaniel for a first-time dog owner?

Yes and no – Spaniels are energetic and very intelligent. Although they have a lovely personality and look beautiful, they may not always be the easiest ‘first dog’.

15) What advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now if you were to go back to when you first got your dogs?

I would advise myself to make sure I was more mentally prepared and remind myself how exhausting raising a puppy can be, and not to expect them to be or act in the same as previous dogs as Rolo had a completely different character to my previous dog, and it took me totally by surprise! I would also tell myself not to obsess over training and to enjoy being together more than trying to train skills and behaviours every time we were together. Enjoy every moment together!

English Cocker Spaniel Pros And Cons

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

Rolo the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: rolo.cockerspaniel / Instagram)

English Cocker Spaniel Pros

• Cockers are happy, cheerful and eagre to please – they’ll brighten up even the darkest of days.

• They’re not too big or too small – the perfect size for most homes

• They are very loving and loyal

English Cocker Spaniel Cons

• Can be too intelligent (and catch you out), but can also mean they get a bit jealous sometimes.

• Coat maintenance is hard work – cocker spaniels should never be shaved (it ruins the growth, condition and is it repairable once done, even once) – to truly keep their coats in good condition is hard work

• They can be more prone to allergies than other breeds, and often have ear issues from the long floppers!

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