20 Pomskies To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 28 September 2020

A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.

Not to be confused for an Alaskan Klee Kai or a mini husky, the Pomsky is not a recognised breed by the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club.

Nevertheless, Pomskies are one of the most popular cross breeds in the world, alongside some Poodle hybrids such as the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.

Pomsky cost between $1000 and $5000 (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pomsky cost between $1000 and $5000 (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pomskies are still relatively rare so you should do careful research before looking to get a member of this designer dog breed.

Often found in puppy mills, it’s important to research ethical and responsible breeders. You can often talk to current Pomsky owners on Instagram to learn more about the mix breed.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Pomskies to follow on Instagram.

alaskan klee kai
Follow Copper and Skye to learn more about Alaskan Klee Kai or to get in touch

20) Taro (@taroandtoastie) – 1,350 followers

First up we’ve got Taro (@taroandtoastie). This young Pomsky is still very much a puppy. Taro isn’t grumpy but does have a resting bitch face. This Singapawrean pup will soon be welcoming a new sibling in the shape of Toastie the Corgi.

19) Maddie (@maddiethepomsky) – 5,800 followers

Maddie (@maddiethepomsky) is a New York pup that’s used to receiving lots of attention in the Big Apple. Maddie is always getting stopped on the streets because she’s just so cute. This cute Pomsky is a zoomie extraordinaire. This four-year old can be found posing in front of some iconic New York landmarks.

18) Vesper (@thevesperbear) – 8,780 followers

Vesper (@thevesperbear) is another Pomsky based in the city that never sleeps like Maddie. Vesper is a digging expert, avid stick collector and sock stealer. Vesper is quickly closing in on 9,000 followers on Instagram.

17) Mochi (@mochipomsky) – 10,300 followers

We’re swapping the east coast for the west coast to meet Mochi (@mochipomsky). This black and white pup is usually sporting a big smile. It’s little suprise that this San Fran Pomsky is offering to be your e-MOCHI-nal support dog. Let’s be honest, we’ll all take whatever support we can get right now!

16) Mishka (@mishka_pomsky_) – 10,500 followers

Mishka (@mishka_pomsky_) is another Pomsky living in New York. This beautifully colored Pomsky can be found exploring Long Island and afar. Mishka is always smiling so it’s no surprise she’s already got over 10,000 Instagram fans.

15) Miya (@themiyagram) – 11,000 followers

We’re heading back to Singapore to meet Miya (@themiyagram). Miya is a two year old who has a Cocker Spitz sibling. Miya loves a good head tilt, is always smiling and lives an active lifestyle. You can follow Miya’s adventures along with 11,000 others.

14) Bambi (@bambithepomsky) – 11,300 followers

Bambi (@bambithepomsky) has a simple approach to life: eat, play and love. Bambi is yet another Pomsky living in New York City. You can also find Bambi on the new hit social media site TikTok, where Bambi has over 5,000 fans on the video-sharing app.

13) The Pomdashians (@thepomdashians) – 14,000 followers

If you love Pomskies, you’ll get your fill with The Pomdashians (@thepomdashians). This account features Penelope, Giovanni, Bellarose and Malakai. It’s clear to see that they’ve all go distinct personalities that shine through in their daily lives. They’ve got one aim: to sass up your life.

12) Rufio (@lil_rufio) – 15,800 followers

Next up we’ve got Rufio (@lil_rufio). This is a Pomsky that loves to travel, which is evident on Instagram profile with snaps from all around the USA. Rufio isn’t fat, he’s a little husky. His pawrent is actor Big Joe aka Joseph Fauria.

11) Kai (@kai.toy.pomsky) – 16,200 followers

Not to be confused for an Alaskan Klee Kai, Kai (@kai.toy.pomsky) is a toy-sized Pomsky. He’s the bow-tie king that is always smiling, Based in New York City, Kai weighs in at a mere 8.5 pounds to underline his petite frame.

10) Jed (@mrpomsky) – 16,500 followers

It’s time to meet Jed (@mrpomsky). He’s a Pomsky based in Dubai, who loves to explore the city. Impeccably groomed, Jed has a beautiful auburn coat and warm brown eyes. You can follow Jed along with 16,500 other Pomsky fans.

9) Jon Snow (@snowthepomsky) – 17,200 followers

We’re proud to introduce to you the Lord Commander of the Night’s Walk Jon Snow (@snowthepomsky). Living in sunny Southern California, Jon Snow loves to go for hikes or trips to the beach. The five-year old has over 17,000 followers.

8) Winter (@winterpomsky) – 18,900 followers

Winter (@winterpomsky) is a dapper Pomsky based in Michigan. He’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face whether it’s his big grin or his quirky outfits. Winter has a strong presence on Instagram but he’s even bigger on TikTok, with nearly 1 million fans.

7) Khaleesi and Leia (@pomskysisters) – 20,900 followers

Continuing the Game Of Thrones and sci-fi theme, we’ve got Khaleesi and Leia (@pomskysisters). This adorable duo are based in Seattle. These two sisters appear to have a deep bound judging by their photos on Instagram. Khaleesi and Leia hit the 20,000-follower mark this summer.

6) Nova (@pomsky_minipigandpom) – 22,000 followers

There’s a fairly good chance you’ve already met Nova (@pomsky_minipigandpom) but you weren’t aware of it. Nova is a Pomsky who went viral for playing with her pig sibling, Piggles. Don’t worry, Nova isn’t hurting Piggles!

5) Oreo and Mochi (@oreoandmochithepomskys) – 25,000 followers

Oreo and Mochi (@oreoandmochithepomskys) are two Pomskies living in Portland. They’ve got striking blue eyes that will leave you mesmerized. They appear to inseparable judging by their cuddly photos throughout their Instagram page. Oreo and Mochi have built a following of over 25,000 fans.

4) Arlo and Kensie (@arlothepomsky) – 39,900 followers

Arlo and Kensie (@arlothepomsky) are two Pomskies based in Albuquerque. These two love to play in the snow, enjoy a hike in the wilderness or just some dress up at home. You can follow along as Arlo and Kensie live their best lives together.

3) Yuki (@yukipomsky) – 55,200 followers

Yuki (@yukipomsky) is 3/4 Pomeranian and 1/4 Husky. Living in San Francisco, this four-year old has the sweetest expression. Yuki’s website explains that her name means happiness and snow. Yuki was adopted by her human and has been enjoying her forever home since 2016.

2) Kiara (@kiarathepomsky) – 55,400 followers

Let’s meet mini wolf Kiara (@kiarathepomsky). Based in Orange County, this Californian Pomsky can be found relaxing at home with her family. This sweet little lady has an adorable snow nose with lots of floof. You’ll find Kiara posing alongside her adorable human sibling, melting hearts amongst her 55,000-plus following.

1) Norman (@normanthepomsky) – 102,000 followers

We’ve reached the end of our Pomsky feature so it’s time to introduce one of Instagram’s most popular Pomskies, Norman (@normanthepomsky). For our readers who are still confused about what a Pomsky is, Norman does a good job at explaining: a Pomeranian and a Husky walked into a bar…and then they had me! Norman has over 100,000 fans on Instagram.

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