20 famous Pomeranians To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 12 June 2020

Pomeranians are the 23rd most popular breed in the USA.

It’s little wonder that the breed have proven so popular on Instagram.

In fact, the most followed dog in the world is a Pomeranian – but more on that later!

Pomeranians, or Poms for short, originate from the northern region of Poland and Germany but are now a popular breed worldwide.

The hashtag Pomeranians has over 12 million entries on Instagram, to highlight their soaring popularity.

Daniel Sturridge's Pomeranian Lucci (Photo: luccidapoochie / Instagram)

Daniel Sturridge’s Pomeranian Lucci (Photo: luccidapoochie / Instagram)

So let’s get down to business and look at 20 Pomeranians you should follow on Instagram!

20) Abby (@fluffypompaw) – 1,030 followers

First up is a fluffy Pomeranian called Abby (@fluffypompaw). She was born in Norway but lives in the United States. Abby loves to play, especially chasing her tail. She doesn’t lack self confidence: she – and over 1,000 followers – knows she’s beautiful.

19) Oso (@lvpom) – 1,925 followers

Oso (@lvpom) is a four month old Pomeranian. Considering Oso is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn this beautiful Pom is both mischievous and devious. You can watch this black and tan Pom grow up!

18) Dexter (@dexinthecity) – 3,631 followers

Next up is a New York City Pom living it up in the city that never sleeps. Dexter (@dexinthecity) is a little Pomeranian exploring the big city. The black and white Pom is closing in on four thousand followers.

17) Kosmo (@kosmoadventures) – 7,745 followers

We’ve got a special Pomeranian up next! Kosmo (@kosmoadventures) lives in Los Angeles and likes to find dog friendly places. Unfortunately Kosmo is losing his eyesight fast. You can help Kosmo by visiting this adorable pup’s Go Fund Me page.

16) Sebastien (@selfieswithseb) – 9,027 followers

We’ve got a Pomeranian bringing smiles to the streets of Los Angeles and Phoenix next on our list. Sebastien (@selfieswithseb) has a simple mantra: life isn’t so ruff so just pet the fluff. This upbeat Pom has over 9,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

15) Cookie and Parker (@twotoypomeranians) – 10,200 followers

What’s better than one Pomeranian? Two Pomeranians, of course. Cookie and Parker (@twotoypomeranians) are two Poms who seem inseparable. Cookie is the big sister – she’s almost 13 years old. Parker is the baby brother and is three years old. Together, they’ve got over 10,000 Instagram followers.

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14) Mia the Pomeranian (@miapomeranian) – 13,200 followers

Mia (@miapomeranian) is another 13-year-old Pom like Cookie. Mia is living with congestive heart failure but you wouldn’t know it from her constant smiles. She’s an aspiring food critic with a cute baby sister called Pippa.

13) Kira the Pomeranian (@orlaandipoms) – 15,100 followers

Kira (@orlandipoms) is a black and tan Pomeranian that is plotting for world domination. Kira’s well on the way to achieving it with over 15,000 followers on Instagram. They are currently living in Puerto Rico. Kira has a little brother called Kuma whose just as cute.

12) Buddy Pom and Cubbie Pom (@buddy_cubbie_pomeranians) – 20,000 followers

Buddy Pom and Cubbie Pom (@buddy_cubbie_pomeranians) are two Pomeranians living in Sheffield, England. These dog influencers are always together and will leave you bowled over with their good looks! They’ve got over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

11) Perry the Pom (@perry.thepom) – 27,800 followers

Perry (@perry.the.pom) is based in New York City. He’s a model and pup influencer. The four-year-old is a four pound Pomeranian. Perry has a simple rule for Pomeranians everywhere: fluffy and fabulous.

10) Pixel (@pixxel_the_pom) – 39,500 followers

Pixxel (@pixxel_the_pom) is a one-year-old Pomeranian living in Singapore. The Pom likes to go on journeys and explore the beautiful country. If you want to watch Pixxel grow, you can follow along with over 39,000 followers on the social media app.

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9) Santorini The Pomeranian (@santorinithepom) – 51,800 followers

Santorini (@santorinithepom) is a Pomeranian living in Miami, Florida. The two-year-old is a Pom with good hair. It’s little wonder that Santorini has nearly 52,000 fans on Instagram. Santorini has a cute brother called Abudhabi that you’ll want to check out too!

8) Mocha (@mochapom_) – 52,600 followers

Next up we’ve got another adorable Pomeranian! Mocha (@mochapom_) is our first Australian representative. Mocha has the perfect name to describe his lush coat. Mocha has over 52,000 followers who follow his daily life.

7) Lucky Lucci (@luccidapoochie) – 53,400 followers

A special sporty Pomeranian is up next. Lucky Lucci (@luccidapoochie) is just a little Pomeranian boy that looks like a mini husky. Lucci has had a dramatic month after this one-of-a-kind Pom was stolen before he was safely returned to Mom and Dad. You may know his Dad – he’s former Liverpool FC footballer Daniel Sturridge.

6) Pom Pom Chewy (@pompomchewy) – 66,900 followers

If you’re looking for a little trendsetter, look no further than Pom Pom Chewy (@pompomchewy). With a name you won’t forget in a hurry, Pom Pom Chewy is a working model and actor. The Toronto pup has got almost 67,000 followers on Instagram.

5) Chewie (hi_im_chewie) – 102,000 followers

Our first centurion is Chewie (@hi_im_chewie). The Hi-Five Pom likes to post about his daily life, food, travel and staycations. You’ll certainly be entertained by this California dog – just like 102,000 other people.

4) Cupcake and Pumpkin (@cupcake.the.pom) – 111,000 followers

One of Kansas City Chiefs’ biggest fans is Cupcake (@cupcake.the.pom). Cupcake has a sibling called Pumpkin – too. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, this Pom duo has over 111,000 followers on the photo-sharing app. The pair will leave you smiling!

3) Big Pom Family (@bigpomfamily) – 158,000 followers

If you still haven’t had your Pomeranian fill, then Big Pom Family (@bigpomfamily) is the account for you. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they’re a pack of six Pomeranians with different colored coats. You’ll never get tired of seeing photos of this sextuplet like 58,000 others.

2) Bertram the Pomeranian (@bertiebertthepom) – 384,000 followers

Adopted off Petfinder.com from a shelter in Oklahoma, Bertram (@bertiebertthepom) is now a bona fide social media star. He’s got 384,000 followers on Instagram. This chocolate Pomeranian currently lives in New York. Bertram can be found working at an art gallery.

1) Jiffpom (@jiffpom) – 9.1m followers

We couldn’t talk about famous Pomeranians without mentioning Jiffpom (@jiffpom) who has more followers on Instagram that a lot of Hollywood’s biggest stars!

Don’t forget: The Daily Pomeranian (@thedailypomeranian)

If we’ve left you craving more Pomeranians, you should check out The Daily Pomeranian (@thedailypomeranian) for the funniest doggos in the world.

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