Pom Pom Chewy interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 11 August 2021

If you’re want to see a little trendsetter in the dog world, look no further than Pom Pom Chewy.

This Pomeranian is a working actor and model based in Toronto, Canada.

His favourite pastime is travelling and making appearances across North America, hopping from one sunny patio to the next.

Pom Pom Chewy has got his own unique fashion sense with his fresh style and his slick back hair.

With over 66,000 followers on Instagram, Pom Pom Chewy is a bona fide social media star.

We spoke to Pom Pom Chewy (@pompomchewy) to learn more about this Pomeranian.

1) How did you first hear about Pomeranians?

Pom Pom Chewy the Pomeranian (Photo: @pompomchewy / Instagram)

Pom Pom Chewy the Pomeranian (Photo: @pompomchewy / Instagram)

Pomeranians were always one of my favourite breeds since I was little.

2) What attracted you to the breed?

Their unique personality and furry coats.

3) Has owning a Pomeranian lived up to your expectations?

Absolutely, life with a Pomeranian is never boring!

4) Can you give an insight into Pom Pom Chewy’s personality?

He’s very aware and also curious. He can tell how the people around him are feeling and will act accordingly. He loves playing fetch and find the toy.

5) What are the challenges of owning a Pomeranian?

Barking is something that can get out of hand with a Pomeranian due to the nature of their breed. We focus on training and keep him from being bored.

6) Is it hard to train a Pomeranian?

Pom Pom Chewy the Pomeranian (Photo: @pompomchewy / Instagram)

Pom Pom Chewy the Pomeranian (Photo: @pompomchewy / Instagram)

Yes and no. They are very smart so need lots of stimulation and unique training but being smart means they pick up training very quickly.

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7) How much exercise does a Pomeranian need?

Pom Pom Chewy is small and will tire somewhat easily. What he likes the most is natural exercise, hiking and exploring.

8) What other stereotypes do Pomeranians have and are they representative of the breed?

Being cute, fluffy, yappy, hyper. They can be but with proper training and exercise they aren’t yappy or overly hyper. Cute and fluffy absolutely!

9) If you could dispel one myth about Pomeranians, what would it be?

That they are aggressive, its like any breed, proper training is everything.

10) Do you think Pomeranians are a good option for first-time dog owners?

They can be a bit hard but if you do a lot of research and have time to commit to training then absolutely! Small dogs tend to be treated like objects rather than dogs. This can be harmful for training.

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11) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Pom Pom Chewy?

My friends and family were tired of me posting dog photos on my personal page ha!

12) How much time do you spend on your Instagram page?

Pom Pom Chew the Pomeranian (Photo: @pompomchewy / Instagram)

Pom Pom Chewy the Pomeranian (Photo: @pompomchewy / Instagram)

A few hours a day on Pom Pom Chewy things (not just insta).

12) What is your favourite photo or post?

His photos with glasses and his mini computer!

13) What advice would you give to someone starting an Instagram page for their dog?

Be active, take bright clear photos, interact with your community, and have fun!

14) What other Pomeranian accounts would you recommend?

That’s way too hard! There are so many!

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