20 Petit Brabancons To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 4 October 2019

Petit Brabancon are a variety of Brussels Griffon.

They’ve got a smooth coat which can come in a variety of colors: red, black-and-reddish-brown (called belge), black and tan, and black.

With easily recognisable faces that indicate big personalities in small bodies, it’s no surprise Petit Brabancon have proven a huge hit on Instagram.

The Petit Brabancon hashtag has over 250,000 results on the social media app, proving their popularity.

Brussels Griffon have expressive faces (Photo: Danzig Bros / Instagram)

Brussels Griffon have expressive faces (Photo: Danzig Bros / Instagram)

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Petit Brabancons to follow on Instagram, living in various locations around the world.

So let’s get started with our list of Petit Brabancons.

20) Greta (@petitgretancon) – 1,021 followers

We’re heading to Sweden to meet our first Petit Brabancon. Greta (@petitgretancon) is a petit influencer living in northern Europe. This little lady has a strong pout that has earned her over 1,000 followers on Instagram.

19) Crumpet (@thesweetestcrumpet) – 1,546 followers

Next up we’ve got Crumpet (@thesweetestcrumpet) is puts the “putting the smoooooooooth in smooth coat”. He’s had eight years to work on his charm – and he seems to have mastered it. You won’t take long to fall in love with this silver fox Brussels Griffon.

18) Rufus (@abeastnamedrufus) – 1,900 followers

Don’t be fooled by the handle, Rufus (@abeastnamedrufus) isn’t as fierce as you may think. In fact, there are some similarities between Crumpet and Rufus. Rufus is also a brown smooth coat Petit Brabancon with adorable white hair on his snout.

17) Frankenstein (@petitfrankie) – 1,959 followers

Proving that Petit Brabancon are ideal for quirky names, we’ve got Frankenstein (@petitfrankie). This Petit Brabancon is four years old. You can find Frankenstein living in the island of the Long. He’s fast closing in on the 2,000-follower mark.

16) Frida (@petit.frida) – 5,153 followers

When you land on Frida’s Instagram page (@petit.frida), the first thing that hits you is the elegance of this little Petit Brabancon and her feed. However, a quick read of her biography reveals the real story. Frida is described as a sassy little fart machine. Frida is living in Helsinki, Finland.

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15) Tao (@taothegriffon) – 5,300 followers

Tao (@taothegriffon) is another Petit Brabancon living in Helsinki, Finland. He’s a Brussel Griffon who likes to consider himself the answer to David Guetta in the doggie world. This smooth coated Brussels Griffon is much loved by his owners.

14) Ramzes (@petitramzes) – 5,640 followers

We’ve got a two-year old Brussels Griffon next up called Ramzes (@petitramzes). He loves to play, eat, sleep and be grumpy. It certainly sounds like Ramzes is living his best life. Ramzes is quite the model, whether he’s wearing a cute outfit or posing in front of a plate of cookies.

13) Olive and Zeus (@olive_and_zeus) – 7,320 followers

It’s our first Petit Brabrancon duo! Olive and Zeus (@olive_and_zeus) live in Australia. Their personalities are summed up as sassy, entitled and high maintenance with a side dose of cute. We can certainly speak for their cuteness, proving an adorable duo. They’ve got over 7,300 followers on photo-sharing app Instagram.

12) Arthur (@kingarthurbrabancon) – 10,100 followers

We’ve had Frankenstein, now we’re meeting King Arthur (@kingarthurbrabancon). He’s a Petit Brabancon ruling Prague in the Czech Republic. He certainly looks like nobility with his regal poses. This Brussels Griffon monarch has over 10,000 followers.

11) Austen Bean Griffon (@austengriffon) – 11,900 followers

Moving back Down Under, we’re meeting Austen Bean Griffon (@austengriffon). He’s a smooth-coated Brussels Griffon living in southern Australia. Austen has amassed nearly 12,000 followers. He’s an eight-year old Petit Brabancon.

10) Gogogriffon (@gogogriffon) – 12,800 followers

Gogogriffon (@gogogriffon) has a penchant for an outfit or two or three. Whatever the season, holiday or occasion, you’ll find Gogogriffon dressed appropriately. This popular Brussels Griffon has nearly 13,000 followers on Instagram. If you need costume ideas for the festive season, this is the account for you.

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9) Fuji Son (@yamafujisun) – 20,100 followers

It’s our first Asian representative, Fuji Son (@yamafujisun). Based in Japan, Fuji is partly the star of this account. But if you love all things Brussels Griffon, this is a page that you’ll want to follow along with over 20,000 others.

8) Brus Griffon (@mister_griff) – 20,300 followers

We’ve had some well dressed Petit Brabancons in this article so far, but there’s no doubt that Brus Griffon (@mister_griff) is a sharp shooter. He describes himself as a well dressed Brussel Griffon living in the less fun part of New York.

7) Uno (@its.uno.u.know) – 29,100 followers

We’re back in northern Europe for the seventh Brussels Griffon on our list. Uno (@its.uno.u.know) is notorious Swedish viking. He’s a self-proclaimed prince of snuggles. Uno calls himself the master level mischief-maker who’ll eat anything in sight.

6) The Bone Squad (@the.bone.squad) – 30,900 followers

The Bone Squad (@the.bone.squad) are six Brussels Griffons making waves on Instagram. The members of the gang are Bentley, Oliver, Nala, Elliott, Indie and Monroe. They say they’re six tiny humans trapped in Brussels Griffon bodies. As far as we can tell, five members of the group are Petit Brabancon.

5) Bing and Walter (@bingandwalter) – 31,300 followers

Bing and Walter (@bingandwalter) are two dogs living in Brooklyn. Walter is a Petit Brabancon with quite a substantial following of 31,300 people on Instagram. He’s a Brussels Griffon likes to make a splash. Walter is a handsome boy well worth a follow.

4) Astrid the Brussels Griffon (@petitbacon) -38,600 followers

Even Astrid’s Instagram handle makes us hungry for more Petit Brabancon photos. Astrid (@petitbacon) has a call to action for his followers: smack his ass and call him bacon. Having said all that, Astrid is actually a vegetarian. As you’ve probably figured out, this is a Brussels Griffon with a lot of personality.

3) The Giz (@heygizmo) – 84,400 followers

The Giz (@heygizmo) has mastered the art of posing. This Petit Brabancon knows how to pose for a profile photo. His Instagram page is a collection of handsome snaps of Giz. This San Francisco pup has over 84,400 followers. Giz’s Instagram bio simply reads: “tiny love bat retired child star”.

2) Bart Danzig (@bartdanzig) – 87,900 followers

We’re nearly at the end of our feature on Petit Brabancon feature. Bart Danzig (@bartdanzig) is a little dog with a big personality. He’s a therapy dog with nearly 88,000 followers. This Brussels Griffon can be found living in Los Angeles, California.

1) Sprout (@brussels.sprout) – 144,000 followers

Sprout (@brussels.sprout) has a catchy phrase in his bio: just trying to make it in the hustle and Brussel of NYC. If you want to see fun photos of a Brussels Griffon in the Big Apple, this is the account for you. He’s a Petit Brabancon superstar with over 144,000 followers on Instagram.

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