Peanut the Yorkshire Terrier Questions and Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 20 January 2020

Peanut is a Yorkshire Terrier living in Tokyo.

He’s just one member of a four-dog pack in Japan’s capital city.

Peanut is described as a little boy with a little, special bark.

This tiny Yorkshire Terrier has got over 75,000 followers on Instagram along with the rest of his family.

We spoke to Peanut’s mom to learn more about life with a Yorkshire Terrier.

You can follow Peanut (@peanut.yorkie) on Instagram.

1) How did you first hear about Yorkies?

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

When I first met Peanut! I didn’t know about Yorkies before I saw him. I saw Peanut and later asked about his breed.

2) How did you end up with Peanut?

I used to walk my toy Poodle everyday and I saw a small breeder shop selling dogs and I went inside to see and I found Peanut. It’s a long story but he was sick then he chose me rather than I chose him.

3) What is his personality like?

Very timid, but very very smart. He’s scared of people walking around him because he’s tiny. He loves snuggling, he’s quiet, he’s very patient and mellow. He never ever growled, he’s 100% pure sweetness

4) Do Yorkies bark a lot?


5) As a Yorkie owner, would you say Yorkies can be left alone?

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

Yes they can but I don’t like leaving him alone for more than four or five hours.

6) How much exercise do Yorkies require a day?

Depends on their size, but Peanut is pretty tiny. I find 10 or 15 minute walk is fine for him.

7) Do Yorkies shed a lot?

They don’t shed (in my experience).

8) What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting a Yorkie?

They’re amazing dogs, they might be more prone to knee problems, but they’re very loyal and sweet dogs.

9) Would you recommend a Yorkie to a first-time dog owner?


10) Does Peanut get a lot of attention out and about?

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

Yes – a lot! Everytime we are out, people stop to take pictures of him.

11) What’s the best thing about having an Instagram account for your dogs?

Making people happy and connecting with an amazing, sweet community that genuinely love animals and dogs.

12) As someone who owns two dogs, what tips do you have to take photos?

I honestly can’t take pictures of all of my dogs together. I actually own four, unless my husband helps. But if it’s just two, it’s easy! Just hold a treat and make sure they know the trick “stay or wait”.

13) Do you have a favourite Instagram post?

I love the one with Peanut running full speed.

14) How much time do you dedicate to your Instagram page?

That’s a broad question, it depends on the day but usually I like to post on our stories snaps of them playing or enjoying the sun. And just about an hour preparing video content for the feed.

15) What other dog Instagram accounts would you recommend?

Mayapolarbear and Norbert.

Yorkie pros and cons

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)

Yorkshire Terrier Peanut (Photo: @peanut.yorkie / Instagram)


• They’re small so you can travel with them everywhere.

• They’re very friendly and outgoing usually with other dogs.

• They get along with other dogs!


• You need to shower then more frequently because their hair gets kinda greasy.

• They might have knee issues but that’s ok if you prepare to treat that.

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