Social Stars

Meet some of the biggest pet influencers on social media.

Dawson the Boxsky (Photo: @dawson_s_creek / Instagram)
Dawson The Boxsky Questions And Answers

A Boxsky is a cross between a Boxer and a Siberian Husky. As a result a Boxsky dog will inherit characteristics from both the Boxer and Siberian Husky parent. It’s […]

The Red Huskies (Photo: @thehuskypride / Instagram)
The Red Huskies Questions and Answers

The Red Huskies are pack of 10 dogs living in Indonesia. A mixture of Siberian Huskies and Samoyed Husky mixes, the Red Huskies have accumulated almost 70,000 followers on Instagram. […]

Aussalier Ryker (Photo: rykertheaussalier / Instagram)
Ryker The Aussalier Questions and Answers

Ryker is a beautiful example of an Aussalier. For the uninitiated, an Aussalier is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Shorterened to Aussalier to […]

Dylan the Beagle (Photo: Dylan the Crazy Beagle / Instagram)
20 Beagles to follow on Instagram in 2021

It’s no surprise Beagles are such popular dogs. Their happy-go-lucky approach to life is charming, while their big brown eyes heighten their cute expression. Initially used as hunting dogs, the […]

Mason The Akita (Photo: @mason_theakita / Instagram)
Mason The Akita Questions and Answers

Mason is an Akita based in Belgium. This one ear up bear is an American Akita who has over 16,000 followers on Instagram. Mason’s owners were inspired to get an […]

The Husky Squad explore a forest (Photo: The Husky Squad / Instagram)
The Husky Squad interview

Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri are three adopted Siberian Huskies who form the Husky Squad. Along with their pack leaders JC and Victoria, the Husky Squad (@huskysquad) can be found exploring […]

Mykie and her Alaskan Klee Kai Ripley (Photo: @mykie / Instagram)
Mykie On Her Alaskan Klee Kai Ripley

You can’t have a bit of glam without some growl. Just ask Alaskan Klee Kai Ripley. This AKK’s Mom Mykie is a social media star with over 3.5 million subscribers […]

The Dobie Team (Photo: @thedobieteam / Instagram)
20 Dobermans to follow on Instagram

Doberman are a loyal and fearless dog breed. The American Kennel Club list the Doberman as the 17th most popular breed in the United States. They’re a member of the […]

Tydus the Alaskan Malamute (Photo: @trez_and_tydus / Instagram)
Tydus The Alaskan Malamute Interview

When you think of South African animals, you probably think Safari wildlife. However, Tydus is firmly putting Alaskan Malamutes on the map in South Africa thanks to his large social […]

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)
Archer the Wolfdog interview

Archer is a high content Wolfdog with a huge following on social media. This stunning wolfdog is one quarter of pack that also contains Sol, Luna and Cricket. Sol and […]

Porky the Alaskan Klee Kai (Photo: Porky Basquiat / Instagram)
What breed is Sophie Turner’s dog?

Sophie Turner has two dogs that she owns with her husband Joe Jonas. The red-haired actress shot to fame as Sansa Stark in HBO’s acclaimed Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner […]

Akita Inu Masami (Photo: @masamiakitainu / Instagram)
20 Akitas to follow on Instagram

The Akita is a noble Japanese breed. These dogs originated in the Asian country but have become popular around the world. There are two strains of Akita: the American Akita […]

Loki the Wolfdog (Photo: @loki / Instagram)
20 Wolfdogs To Follow On Instagram

Loki is the most famous “wolfdog” in the world. The Colorado-based dog has over 2 million passionate followers on Instagram. Loki’s social media presence has shone a spotlight on wolfdogs […]