Social Stars

Meet some of the biggest pet influencers on social media.

Maverick the German Shepherd (Photo: mav_and_friends / Instagram)
Mav and Friends Questions & Answers

Maverick is a German Shepherd living in Australia with two cats for friends. His account is aptly named Mav and friends, giving German Shepherd lovers an insight into what owning […]

Eloise the Ragdoll cat (Photo: @eloisefluff / Instagram)
Eloise Fluff Cat Questions & Answers

The first thing you’ll notice about Eloise are her striking blue eyes. Eloise is a three year-old, cross-eyed, blue bicolor ragdoll with a big catitude. This fluffy social media star […]

Bandit the Husky (Photo: bandit.thehusky / Instagram)
Bandit the Husky Questions & Answers

Bandit is a husky that will make you smile. That’s because Bandit is always smiling, whether you follow him on Instagram or TikTok. To learn how we got 1 million […]

Maxine the Corgi (Photo: @madmax_fluffyroad / Instagram)
Madmax Fluffyroad the Corgi interview

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve already stumbled across Maxine on Instagram or TikTok. She’s a Corgi who likes to travel around New York City in style, perched on the […]

Tod the Fox (Photo: @tod_the_foxx / Instagram)
TikTok: Tod the Fox Q&A

Tod is a fox with over 1.7 million followers on TikTok. He has quickly proven a social media sensation on the video-sharing app thanks to his big smile and loving […]

Cabo the Blind Doggo (Photo: @cabotheblinddoggo / Instagram)
TikTok: Cabo the Blind Doggo

Cabo is a rescue dog with no eyes. Adopted by his family from a shelter, Cabo didn’t go blind until around three years in his forever home due to an […]

Louie and Marie the Beagles (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)
Beagle Universe Questions and Answers

Louie and Marie are the stars of Beagle Universe. If you love Beagles – or dogs in general, you’ll love Beagle Universe with their fun and educational content. Louie and […]

Ramsey the Cavapoochon (Photo: @teddygramsey / Instagram)
Ramsey the Cavapoochon Questions and Answers

Cavapoochons are still a relatively new cross breed. They’re a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodles and Bichon Frise. Ramsey is a Cavapoochon ambassador living in Dallas, Texas. […]

Alaskan Malamutes Tonka and Monroe (Photo: @tonkaandmonroethewaterwolves / Instagram)
Tonka the Malamute Questions and Answers

Alaskan Malamutes Tonka and Monroe are YouTube sensations. Dubbed the Waterwolves, they’ve got an incredible following of 107,000 subscribers around the world. Their funny and upbeat videos have been viewed […]

Cockapoos Oscar and Poppi (Photo: / Instagram)
Oscar and Poppi the Cockapoos Q&A

Oscar and Poppi are Cockapoo siblings living in London. These two beautiful Cockapoos have raced to over 3,000 followers on Instagram in little over 18 months. Their striking fox red […]

Cockapoo Harvey (Photo: @harvey_the_cockapoo_ / Instagram)
Harvey the Cockapoo Questions and Answers

Harvey is a cute Cockapoo living in New York. His profile states that he’s half Cockapoo, half teddy bear. Harvey certainly has a bear-like expression with his gorgeous brown eyes […]

Cavapoochon (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Cavapoochons to follow on Instagram

Cavapoochon are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Bichon Frise and a Poodle. If you’ve read our Cavapoo feature, you’ll know that they’re a mix between a […]

Coffee the Cavoodle (Photo: coffeethecavoodle / Instagram)
Coffee the Cavoodle Questions and Answers

There is a big Cavoodle community in Australia. One of the many Cavoodles in Melbourne is the beautiful Coffee. She’s a pretty lady with over 12,000 fans on photo-sharing app […]

Cooper the Cavapoo (Photo: @_instacoop / Instagram)
Cooper the Cavapoo Questions and Answers

Cavapoos can come in a wide range of colors. Cooper is a stunning ruby and white Cavapoo with the sweetest expression. Embodying the traits of both his Cavalier and Poodle […]

Cavoodles Lily and Daisy (Photo: lily_cute_cavoodle / Instagram)
Lily the Cavoodle interview

Cavoodles are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This mix has proven especially popular in Australia over the past decade or so. Lily is a […]