Social Stars

Meet some of the biggest pet influencers on social media.

Italian Greyhounds (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Italian Greyhounds To Follow On Instagram

Italian Greyhounds are perhaps Instagram’s most stylish dog breeds. This adorable dog breed are no stranger to eye-catching outfits or snug turtleneck sweaters. The Italian Greyhound is 73rd out of […]

Sprocker Spaniel plays in the water (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Sprocker Spaniels To Follow On Instagram

The Sprocker Spaniel is a popular cross breed in England. The Sprocker is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Springer Spaniel, combining the features of both breeds. They […]

Winnie the Cattle Dog (Photo: winniethecattledog / Instagram)
Winnie The Cattle Dog Questions And Answers

Meet Winnie. She’s an Australian Cattle Dog who prefers to be in front of the camera rather than herding cattle. With beautiful coat markings, Winnie is often confused for other […]

Kenzie the Bernedoodle (Photo: @kenziedood / Instagram)
21 Bernedoodles To Follow On Instagram

Bernedoodles are a popular hybrid dog breed on Instagram. A quick search of the designer dog breed will yield nearly 1 million photos under the relevant hashtag. It’s easy to […]

Hugo, Ursula and Huxley (Photo: @hugoandursula / Instagram)
Hugo And Ursula Questions And Answers

Have you met the Steve Jobs of dogs? Hugo the Golden Retriever became a viral sensation in 2019 when his owner Ursula Aitchison dressed him up as the Apple founder […]

Morkie (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Morkies To Follow On Instagram

You’ve probably met a Yorkie. The Yorkshire Terrier is a common dog breed that is hugely popular as companion pets throughout the world. When Yorkies are crossed with the easy-going […]

Cavachon puppy (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Cavachons To Follow On Instagram

Cavachons are one of the world’s most popular cross breeds. They’re a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise, resulting in the Cavachon hybrid. These dogs […]

Magnus the Therapy Dog (Photo: @magnusthetherapydog/Instagram)
Magnus The Therapy Dog Questions & Answers

Meet Magnus. This handsome Labrador Retriever is one of the best-known therapy dogs on Instagram. Magnus regularly visited hospital and schools to offer his therapy services to terminally ill patients […]

Ellie the Golden Retriever with owner Kevin (Photo: @k_bubolz/ Instagram)
Ellie Golden Life Questions & Answers

Ellie and Kevin are dog-dad combination with a mission to put smiles on faces. This beautiful Golden Retriever is a therapy dog that volunteers in many different settings, including hospitals […]

Zoey the Cavalier (Photo: @zoeymycav / Instagram)
Zoey The Cavalier Questions & Answers

Rachelle and Zoey have a special story to tell. Zoey has played a key role in Rachelle’s recovery from triple negative breast cancer. Having successfully battled cancer, Rachelle need a […]

Dora the Staffy (Photo: @dorastaffy / Instagram)
Dora The Staffy Questions & Answers

There’s a good chance you’ve already met Dora. This ‘A-Dora-Bull’ Staffordshire Bull Terrier hit the headlines in 2016 when she chewed through her mom’s expensive new Louboutin heels. Dora has […]

Lolly the Whippet (Photo: lollythewhippet / Instagram)
Lolly The Whippet Questions And Answers

Lolly is a Whippet based in London. Likened to a velvet snake in her Instagram bio, Lolly loves to adventure around the UK. Seeing as her mom is an illustrator, […]

Spaniel (Photo: Nom Nom)
20 Cocker Spaniels To Follow On Instagram

Cocker Spaniels are one of the world’s best-loved breeds. The smallest member of the sporting Spaniel group, the Cocker Spaniel was traditionally used as a hunting dog. However, in the […]

Pomsky is a cross breed between a Husky and Pomeranian (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Pomskies To Follow On Instagram

A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. Not to be confused for an Alaskan Klee Kai or a mini husky, the Pomsky is not a […]

Whippet poses for the camera (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Whippets To Follow On Instagram

Whippets are perhaps one of the most elegant dog breeds. These sighthounds may look lightweight but they’re a surprisingly robust breed. Whippets are popular with dog lovers in cities given […]

Baloo the Rescue Dog (Photo: @bully.baloo / Instagram)
20 Rescue Dogs To Follow On Instagram

Adopt Don’t Shop. That’s a phrase that you’ll regularly see on Instagram as rescue advocates urge dog lovers to consider heading to their local shelter. There’s no greater gift than […]

A black Chow Chow and red Chow Chow (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Chow Chow To Follow On Instagram

Chow Chow are one of China’s oldest dog breeds. These dogs are described on the American Kennel Club’s website as “a muscular, deep-chested aristocrat with an air of inscrutable timelessness”. […]

Brodie the Goldendoodle (Photo: @brodiethatdood / Instagram)
Brodie That Dood Questions & Answers

There’s a fairy good chance you’ve seen one of Brodie’s viral videos on social media. This Goldendoodle is perhaps most famous for sticking his head out the car window sporting […]