Social Stars

Meet some of the biggest pet influencers on social media.

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)
20 Sheepadoodles to follow on Instagram

It’s easy to see why Sheepadoodles are so popular. These fluffy dogs are not only beautiful in appearance, but they’ve got wonderful temperaments. For those who haven’t figured it out […]

Yorkshire Terrier Michcant (Photo: Michcant)
10 Yorkies to Follow on Instagram

Yorkies are loved around the world for their small size but big personalities. The Yorkshire Terrier started as dogs bred to hunt mice and rats in the cotton and woolen […]

Lola the German Shepherd (Photo: @pawsofshire / Instagram)
25 German Shepherds to follow on Instagram

German Shepherds are the second most popular dog in the United States. Only the Labrador surpasses the German Shepherd in the popularity stakes. These elegant but powerful animals are medium-to-large […]

Alaskan Klee Kai Copper and Skye at Golden Gate Bridge (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
Alaskan Klee Kai interview

Alaskan Klee Kai have attracted increasing media attention over the past couple of years. Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner put these dogs in the spotlight after the British star […]

Siberian Husky pack Navas Huskies (Photo: Navas Huskies / Instagram)
Navas Huskies exclusive interview

Have you ever considered a Siberian Husky as a pet? Well Navas Huskies (@navas_huskies) are experts when it comes to this breed. With almost 52,000 followers on Instagram, this pack […]

Ava the Corgi (Photo: littlepnwpups/Instagram)
Ava the Corgi exclusive interview

If you’re looking for a Corgi star on Instagram, look no further than Ava. This Pembroke Welsh Corgi will melt hearts on her Instagram page @littlepnwpups thanks to her gorgeous […]

Brussels Griffon originated in Belgium (Photo: @squidthegriff / Instagram)
Squid the Griff exclusive interview

If you’re a fan of Brussels Griffon dogs then you’ve almost certainly come across Squid the Griff on the internet. The Aussie-based pup has over 200,000 followers on Instagram who […]

Ava the Corgi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Photo: @littlepnwpups / Instagram)
21 Corgis you should follow on Instagram

The Queen has helped to make the Corgi one of the world’s most popular breeds. While the British monarch brought these dogs notoriety, Corgis have become a firm favourite on […]