Social Stars

Meet some of the biggest pet influencers on social media.

Mocha the Pomeranian (Photo: @mochapom_ / Instagram)
MochaPom the Pomeranian interview

Mocha is one of Instagram’s best-known Pomeranians. The chocolate and fawn Pom has over 53,000 followers on Instagram. You can get a real glimpse into her life through her beautiful […]

Siberian Huskies Hila and Britney Spears (Photo: Sixty Formula / Instagram)
Sixty Formula Siberian Husky interview

If you’ve watched Siberian Husky videos on YouTube, you’ll almost certainly have encountered Sixty Formula. Siberian Husky siblings Hila and Britney Spears are the stars of the Sixty Formula YouTube […]

Fawn Pug stretches (Photo: Adobe Stock)
21 Famous Pugs To Follow On Instagram

Pugs have been trend setters on the internet for quite some time. These toy dogs have proven a huge hit in the age of the internet along with other breeds […]

Minnie and Max the head-tilting Pugs (Photo: @minniemaxpugs / Instagram)
Minnie and Max The Pugs Interview

There are a host of pugs that have achieved social media fame in the Instagram era. But two of the first pug double acts to make waves on social media […]

Simba The Samoyed (Photo: @simba.thesamoyed / Instagram)
Simba The Samoyed Interview

Simba is a Samoyed living in Australia. Samoyeds originated in Russia but the northern breed can be found all around the world. Nicknamed smiling Sammies, the breed are easily identifiable […]

Pavlov the Corgi (Photo: @pavlovthecorgi / Instagram)
Pavlov The Corgi interview

Pavlov is a Corgi based in Santa Barbara, California. Owners Anthony and Tram have managed to build an impressive following on Pavlov’s Instagram account (@pavlovthecorgi). The Corgi has over 110,000 […]

The Little Aussies (Photo: @littleaussies / Instagram)
The Little Aussies Interview

Australian Shepherds originate from the western region of the United States rather than Australia. However, they’ve become a popular breed around the world in the past couple of decades. Australian […]

Chunki the French Bulldog (Photo: chunkithefrenchie / Instagram)
Chunki The French Bulldog interview

Chunki is a French Bulldog based in London. The handsome Frenchie has over 17,600 followers on Instagram and is a bona fide social media star. Chunki (@chunkithefrenchbulldog) was a guest […]

Alaskan Klee Kai Skye (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
21 British dogs to follow on Instagram

It’s no secret that Britain loves dogs. The United Kingdom is a nation of dog lovers, which is reflected in the many canines that can be found all over the […]

Boxer Husky mix Frankie (Photo: @pupfrankie / Instagram)
Frankie the Boxsky Interview

Odds are you’ve never encountered a Boxsky. The cross breed are a mix between a Boxer and a Siberian Husky, resulting in a high energy dog that is protective of […]

Willo the Corgi (Photo: @willothecorgi / Instagram)
Willo The Corgi Interview

Corgi are intelligent dogs that are usually easy to train. With consistent and persistent training from a young age, you should have a well-rounded Corgi on your hands. Their ability […]

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)
Boris and Doug interview

Boris and Doug are new brothers from other mothers with quite the following on Instagram. Doug is a Dalmatian pup and Boris is a fox red Labrador and their adorable […]

Alaskan Klee Kai were created in Alaska in 1980s (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
20 Most Famous Instagram Dogs

Many people join Instagram to follow celebrities but some famous dogs have attracted huge fanbases that some film and sports stars can only dream of. Jiffpom has the biggest following […]

Great Dane (Photo: Adobe Stock)
21 Great Danes To Follow On Instagram

Great Danes are the biggest dog breed in the world. Called the “Apollo of Dogs”, these magnificent canines may appear intimidating due to their sheer size, but they’re gentle giants. […]