Pablo the Havanese Questions and Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 8 December 2020

Havanese are popular pets for first-time owners.

The Cuban breed are relatively low maintenance, which makes them ideal for pet parents with limited experience owning dogs.

They’re also hypoallergenic, so you won’t need to worry about shedding.

Havanese are particularly popular with dog lovers living in big cities as they’re ideal for apartment life.

The toy-sized dogs don’t require a lot of exercise but they will need a certain amount of stimulation daily.

We spoke to Pablo the Havanese (@havaneser_pablo) to learn more about this small breed.

Pablo the Havanese Questions and Answers

1) How did you first hear about Havanese dogs?

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

My daughter hat the idea of ​​having a dog in our family. She inspired us so much that we were very interested in the idea. Before we decided which dog, we researched a lot on the internet and also read books on different breeds. We talked to people with dogs, saw somebody with a Havanese and fell in love.

2) Why did you decide to go with a Havanese as a pet?

We wanted to have a family-friendly, small dog, also suitable for beginners. The Havanese seemed to be the right dog.

3) Has owning a Havanese lived up to your expectations?

Yes, it has.

4) Can you give us an insight into Pablo’s personality?

Pablo is a friendly and self-confident dog. He is cheerful and likes to play.

5) In your experience, do Havanese bark a lot?

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

As a puppy, Pablo didn’t bark at all. When he barked for the first time, we were totally surprised. Now at the age of two, he sometimes barks when he sees that a cat enters our property or a postman he doesn’t know yet. But it does not last long.

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6) Would you say Havanese are prone to separation anxiety?

When Pablo was a puppy, he always wanted to be at my side. Meanwhile he can stay alone.

7) Are Havanese difficult to potty train?

Since we have small comparison, it is difficult to say. The first weeks were very exhausting and it often went wrong. If it did work out, we really had a party. And when he had done his big business outside for the first time, it would certainly have been worth a post on Instagram, but he had no account in these early days.

8) How much exercise does your Havanese require?

Pablo likes to go for a walk, even for several hours. If it’s too hot or it rains, smaller rounds are enough. He is very easy to take care of.

9) Would you recommend Havanese to first-time owners?

Yes, I would. Even if it is said that havanese are easy to educate, you should stick to it from the beginning. Havanese are very smart and take advantage of the fact that you tend to give in because they are so cute.

10) What’s your favourite memory with Pablo?

As a puppy he was sleeping on top of my legs. I liked it very much.

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11) Does Pablo get confused for other breeds?

Pablo confuses people because his colour is brown. He is often thought to be a Bolonka.

12) What’s the best thing about having an Instagram page for your dog?

I got to meet lots of nice people. The community is open minded and helps each other with many tips. I show Pablo’s pics to a very interested community. The comments are always very friendly and there is a great atmosphere.

13) Is there a big Havanese community on social media?

There is a big dog community on Instagram. I met many Havanese owners, too.

14) What other Havanese accounts would you recommend?

I met @da_vinci_the_havi and he is one of my closest friends already. Another great accounts are @havaneasy, @havaneser_amy, @eddy_toskana

15) Would you ever consider getting a second Havanese?

My daughter would like to have a buddy for Pablo. But we do not concider getting a second havanese, yet.

16) Does he shed?

Pablo doesn’t shed at all.

Havanese Pros and Cons

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)


• Havanese are small friendly dogs
• They do not shed and they are antiallergic
• They do not need as much activity then other breeds
• They are dogs for beginners


• They stay alone for only 3-4 hours
• They can be a little stubborn

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