Oscar And Poppi The Cockapoos Q&A

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 16 August 2021

Oscar and Poppi are Cockapoo siblings living in London.

These two beautiful Cockapoos have raced to over 3,000 followers on Instagram in little over 18 months.

Their striking fox red coats garner attention whereever they go in the English capital.

Cockapoo Oscar (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Oscar (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

While we’ve spoken to some dog owners with a Cockapoo, Oscar and Poppi’s account can give you an insight into life with two members of this hybrid breed.

We wanted to learn a little more about their personalities as well as the challenges and advantages of owning two Cockapoos.

You can follow Oscar and Poppi on Instagram (@two.london.poos).

1) How did you hear about Cockapoos?

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

We first became aware of the breed Cockapoo whilst we were out walking our first dog Alfie, meeting and socialising with Cockapoos.

2) What attracted you to Cockapoos?

When our first dog Alfie past away at the age of 14 years, we found life was too quiet and empty without a dog. As a family we decided we didn’t want another Spaniel, we felt we would always be comparing him/her to Alfie so the happy compromise was a Cockapoo.

3) Can you tell us how you ended up with Poppi and Oscar?

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Poppi and Oscar were purchased from a breeder who advertised on Dogs For Homes. As we live in an apartment, we did our research! We were looking for a show Spaniel crossed with a toy Poodle, Health tested parents, but the sex of dog didn’t matter. We had decided on colour and because of that we had to patient. Originally we had decided just to purchase one dog, Poppi. But on our second visit to see Poppi, we all feel in love with Oscar, so our family of four became six.

4) How would you describe each of their personalities?

Poppi – She’s very intelligent, eager to please. She has the ability to sense our emotional state. She’s very playful at times.

Oscar – He’s also very intelligent, calm, extremely affectionate. He’s my shadow!

They both love balls and to play fetch, water and getting wet/ muddy! There is never a dull moment with Poppi and Oscar.

5) How is owning two Cockapoos different to one?

Cockapoos Oscar and Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoos Oscar and Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Initially having two puppies at once was hard work! Individual training was time consuming. Double the love though, they keep each other entertained and exercised. Double the issue of hole digging! Having two reduces separation anxiety but we do separate them from time to time.

6) Do Cockapoos have separation anxiety? Does have two help?

Poppi and Oscar do have separation anxiety, this is something we are working on. It’s not a problem when we leave the home but for example when one member of the family goes off.

7) Do Cockapoos shed?

Cockapoo Oscar (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Oscar (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Poppi and Oscar are more Poodle like they have a soft, dense silky fur. They are low shedding. They both require daily grooming.

8) Do Cockapoos need a lot of exercise? Do Poppi and Oscar tire each other out?

They are both energetic dogs and enjoy as much exercise as we can give them.
They enjoy walks on the lead but have at least an hour running free.

9) Do Cockapoos bark a lot?

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Poppi is very calm and quiet. As Oscar has reached early adulthood he has started to bark more often. Something we are working through.

10) Would you recommend Cockapoos to a first-time dog owner?

100%, yes.

11) Is there a big Cockapoo community in London?

We have met lovely fellow dog owners in London. We attend the Hyde Park doodle meet on a monthly basis.

12) What comments or questions does Poppi and Oscar get out and about?

Cockapoo Oscar (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Oscar (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

“Poppi and Oscar are super cute!”

We are stopped on a daily basis… no joke!! We have pictures taken/requests to stroke the dogs by tourists/ families, we have even been asked for a photograph with some policemen. Most frequently asked question: “What breed are they?”

12) What’s your favourite memory (or post) with Poppi and Oscar?

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoo Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Difficult to identify a favourite, love them all.

13) Would you say London is dog friendly? Areas to improve?

London is ‘well behaved’ dog friendly. A few more poo bins would be great.

14) What other Cockapoo accounts would you recommend?

• CockapooMarley
• Missdarcyadventures
• Freddieposingcockapoo
• Mabel_the_cockapoo
• Betsy.and.me

Cockapoo Pros and Cons

Cockapoos Oscar and Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)

Cockapoos Oscar and Poppi (Photo: @two.london.poos / Instagram)


• Cockapoos are the best qualities of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.
• Excellent family pet
• Happy temperament
• Low shedding dogs
• Easy to train
• Very social with other dogs and humans
• Loyal dogs form part of the family


• Prone to separation anxiety
• Sensitive
• Required daily grooming and regular salon trimming

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