21 Newfoundlands To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 April 2021

Newfoundlands are an affectionate, devoted and patient dog breed.

These working dog are the 40th most popular dog breed in the USA according to the American Kennel Club.

These faithful companion dogs have proven a big hit on social media, with their trademark looks.

Newfoundland dogs have nearly 2.4m submissions under their hashtag on the photo-sharing app.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Newfoundlands dogs to check out on Instagram.

Newfoundland (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Newfoundland (Photo: Adobe Stock)

21) Yondu (@yondubagwai) – 1,769 followers

Yondu (@yondubagwai) is a one-year old Newfoundland that has quite a few passions in life. These include balls, wet kisses, long walks, friends and deconstructing footwear.

20) Ursula (@ursulathenewf) – 3,150 followers

Ursula (@ursulathenewf) writes on her Instagram profile that she’s just a big dog making it in a small world. Going through one chew toy at a time, you’ll find this adorable Newf in Pittsburgh.

19) Ray (@martis_newfie) – 3,400 followers

Ray (@martis_newfie) has made his owner’s dream come true! This Newfoundland can be found roaming the streets of Rome with his mom and other Newfoundland friends. We couldn’t do a Newfoundland article without featuring an Italy-based Newfy given their popularity in the European country.

18) Rain (@rainthenewfie) – 4,600 followers

Moving from Rome to the rain of south Wales, we’ve got Rain (@rainthenewfie). This beautiful black Newfie is living the van life in the UK. You can follow Rain’s adventures in the breathtaking scenery of South Wales.

17) Bear (@bearthebignewfoundland) – 6,158 followers

Next up we’ve got Bear (@bearthebignewfoundland). This one-year old is based in New Brunswick in Canada. Bear is no stranger to snow! This Canadian canine has over 6,000 followers.

16) Henry (@newfoundland_henry) – 8,100 followers

Henry (@newfoundland_henry) is a floof bear exploring the Devon Coast. This windswept Newfie likes to rock a stylish bib to elevate his looks. He’s got a TikTok, too.

15) Harley (@harleys.angels) – 8,360 followers

Harley (@harleys.angels) has a proper title: Harley Duke Of Woofington. This gorgeous brown Newfoundland works as a therapy dog to enrich the lives of others. Harley is continuing the legacy of Oscar through the power of social media.

14) Emmy (@emmy_the_newf) – 8,912 followers

Ready to meet a big bear? Emmy (@emmy_the_newf) has a simple mission on Instagram: to make you smile. She’s training to be a therapy dog, so you could say making people smile is her profession!

13) Hector (@hector.the.newfoundland) – 9,000 followers

We’ve been to New Brunswick but now we’re heading to the New Forest to meet Hector (@hector.the.newfoundland). This handsome Newfoundland likes to have the sand between his feet. 9,000 people enjoy following Hector’s daily adventures on the south coast of England.

12) Bjorn (@newfoundland._bjorn) – 9,400 followers

We’ve got a Newfie girl living in a big city next on our feature. Bjorn (@newfoundland._bjorn) is a Newfoundland girl living in London but with Swedish roots. Her Instagram bio explains that Bjorn means Bear in Swedish!

11) Bumper and Fender (@newfy.brothers) – 11,100 followers

Bumper and Fender (@newfy.brothers) are two Newfie brothers who live a life covered in drool and floof. They love to eat, play and cuddle. Don’t be fooled by their size, their Instagram bio explains that they’re gentle giants. They work as water rescue dogs!

10) Guggs (@guggenheim_thenewfie) – 11,800 followers

Guggs (@guggenheim_thenewfie) can be found at Pender Harbour in British Columbia. Guggs is a self-professed Newfervisor. The two-year old Newfoundland is no stranger to life by the water.

9) Ted (@tedthenewfoundland) – 12,500 followers

We’re heading back to South Wales to meet another Newfoundland. Ted (@tedthenewfoundland) is a three-year old who is also a big deal on TikTok, with over 100,000 fans on the video-sharing app.

8) My Brown Newfies (@mybrownnewfies) – 19,400 followers

Sherman and Leroy (@mybrownnewfies) are the co-founders of this Instagram page but they’ve sadly passed over the rainbow bridge. However, Odin has continued their Newfoundland legacy on mom’s award-winning blog. You’ll find Odin chilling with his sibling Finn, who is a Corgi.

7) King Koa (@kingkekoa_thenewfie) – 21,200 followers

King Koa (@kingkekoa_thenewfie) has a fluffy partner in crime called Boston. Together they make two lovable hair bears on wild adventures from Maui to South California.

6) Ranger and Bentley (@newfoundlandtales) – 25,400 followers

Happy Ranger and Lady Bentley (@newfoundlandtales) are two sweet lovable brown Newfoundland dogs. Ranger is five and Bentley is six. They bring smiles to over 25,000 people on their Instagram page.

5) Chewie (@chewie.the.newfie) – 41,700 followers

Chewie (@chewie.the.newfie) has a catchy Instagram bio: Chewbacca is my name, being adorable is my game. Chewie certainly delivers along with his brother Gus. This dribbling duo have over 41,000 followers on Instagram.

4) Hugo (@hugo_the_newfie) – 58,300 followers

Hugo (@hugo_the_newfie) is a 70kg bundle of black floof. Whether it’s snack time, walkies or pulling derp faces, Hugo will brighten your Instagram feed. Living in Melbourne, Hugo weighs in with over 58,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

3) The Newf Crew (@thenewfcrew) – 68,500 followers

The Newf Crew (@thenewfcrew) will certainly provide our readers with their Newfoundland fix. They’re a gang of nine Newfies on a mission to spread joy and education along with their mom. You can meet their crew in their highlights on their Instagram bio.

2) Stasha (@northwestmommy) – 88,300 followers

Stasha (@northwestmommy) is a dog mom to two Newfoundland dogs called Bruce and Max. This is an account full of beautiful snaps of Bruce and Max thriving in all the seasons.

1) Ralphie and Boss (@ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss) – 219,000 followers

We’ve reached the end of our Newfoundlands feature with Ralphie and Boss (@ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss). They’re two bears who have travelled throughout 50 United States in a 34ft RV. Now that sounds like a story to follow!

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