Murphy The Dobermann Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 6 August 2020

Murphy is a Dobermann who loves to explore.

Murphy and his dad Chris help to highlight the stunning countryside in the West Midlands thanks to their gorgeous photography.

This handsome Dobermann likes to climb mountains and run through forests, which are all caught on camera by Chris.

Murphy’s Instagram profile has no shortage of breathtaking photos that provide his 14,000 followers with some escapism during these uncertain times.

We spoke to Chris to learn more about Murphy and Troy (his first Dobermann), the breed as a whole and his photography.

You can follow Murphy on Instagram (@murphy.the.dobermann).

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1) How did you first hear about the Doberman breed?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

I always wanted my own dog. I did a lot of research into different breeds and love what I read about Dobermanns.

2) What attracted you to the Doberman breed?

They are a beautiful looking breed. They love being with their owner which is something I love.

3) How did you end up with Murphy?

I first got Troy (a Black Dobermann). Myself and my wife wanted a dog after I lost Troy. I talked her into a Dobermann!

4) Is Murphy your first Doberman? Would you recommend Dobies for a first-time dog owner?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy is my second Dobermann. If someone is willing to do their homework, I can’t see why not.

5) What is Murphy’s personality like?

Murphy is a big softy. In the house he loves relaxing. When out walking he loves nothing more than to run around!

6) What does an average day look like for Murphy?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Up about 6am, breakfast, relax while it goes down. I’ll either take him biking (10 miles) or a hike (anything from 5 to 12 miles). Back home and sleep all day. Dinner around 6pm.

7) How much exercise do Dobermans need? Murphy seems to have a very active lifestyle.

They definitely need a good walk. I would say a minimum of 3/5 miles everyday. Less I they are young of course.

8) Are Doberman’s difficult to train? Does Murphy have good recall?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

I don’t think any dog is difficult to train really. It’s more down to the human understanding how to train them. Saying that, Murphys recall is 50/50 if he smells something!!!

9) Does Murphy get along with other dogs?

I put a lot of time into Murphy socialising him from a young age. He’s very good with other dogs.

10) Are Doberman’s fussy eaters? What type of diet does Murphy get?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

I can’t speak for all Dobermanns, but both I’ve had love food. Murphy is on a dried fish food because of his sensitive tummy.

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11) What are some of the frustrating stereotypes that come with being a Dobie owner in UK?

People think that Murphy is going to eat their little dog and will cross the road to avoid him. Some think he will eat them too!!!

12) What questions do you regularly get asked about Murphy or Dobermans?

What breed is he!! Why does he have a tail. Why’s his tail so curly. Is he crossed with a Vizsla.

13) Why did you decide to start an Instagram account for Murphy?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

After I lost Troy, I realised I didn’t have many pictures of him. It’s something I regret. I started Instagram to make memories of our lives together.

14) How much work goes into planning a photo session with Murphy on your hikes?

Sometimes none. I’ll just hike and look for something I like. Other times I’ll plan a hike for a picture I have in mind.

15) What’s your favourite memory or photo of Murphy?

That’s a tough one to answer! I have many memories already and I love to many images to pick one!!!

16) If you could go back to when you first got Murphy, what advice would give yourself knowing what you know now?

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Murphy the Dobermann (Photo: @murphy.the.dobermann / Instagram)

Definitely leaving him alone more in the house by himself, as he doesn’t like being left. Also not letting him go so far away from us on walks. He has a high pray drive and can run quite a way sometimes.

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Doberman Pros And Cons


You get such a loving and velcro dog having a Dobermann. Also you feel safer when out walking and in the house!


Definitely DCM is a problem with this breed. Twisted gut is something also to be careful of.

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