Miss Darcy the Cockapoo Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 4 February 2020

If you’re looking to learn more about Cockapoos, Miss Darcy is your lady.

She’s a London-based Cockapoo with a thriving blog about their adventures around the English capital and further afield.

Miss Darcy has the travel bug as a quick glance through her Instagram show trips to Paris, Belgrade and the west of Ireland.

You’ll often find this Cockapoo with her partner in crime, George.

We spoke to Miss Darcy to learn more about the Cockapoo breed, life in London and the success of her blog.

You can follow Miss Darcy (@missdarcysadventures) on Instagram or read her latest blog posts here.

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo Questions & Answers

1) How did you first hear about Cockapoos?

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

I was looking to get my first dog, and I had no idea which breed I wanted. I happened to be in Rutland having lunch with a friend – discussing about breed of dogs for a city life when a lady from London with a Cockapoo enthusiastically advised me that they are the best breed for the city. She listed their attributes and they matched my criteria. I have never heard of the breed before,

2) What attracted you to Cockapoos?

I lived in a flat on the second floor in central London so it couldn’t be too big and it needed to be able to do stairs. I am obsessive about being clean – so slowly I built a list of requirements – size mattered, non or little moulting and given the proximity to neighbours, not one that is yappy – and not a breed that needed a lot of exercise. Cockapoos tend to be medium sized, most do not moult and they are intelligent dogs.

3) How did you end up with Miss Darcy?

Miss Darcy at Primrose Hill (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Miss Darcy at Primrose Hill (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

When the person who told me about Cockapoos suggested a breeder, I got on their website and started trawling through her site. And I saw three apricot pups looking back at me. At first I wanted a boy but some advised me to get a girl – and there was just one girl amongst the three puppies.

4) How did the dynamic change when George joined your pack?

George (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

George (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Darcy felt she was not consulted about George coming to stay with us. Well, he was never meant to stay. I was just going to foster him, but he had me at ‘hello’ – and five and a half years later, they are family. Darcy ignored George at the start and it took about two years before they felt like a pack. Darcy will always be number one dog but George will always be the best number two. But I learnt that you never love two people or dogs the same way. We love them for who they are. George has always wanted Darcy’s love and he persisted. Today, Darcy does love George but she would never admit she does. For me, it is more of a challenge to travel with two dogs but I wouldn’t want to not be without them.

5) What’s the best thing about owning a Cockapoo?

They are cuddly! They are cute! They are intelligent dogs. And they are incredibly ‘human’ – they love the human connection.

6) Do Cockapoo make great family pets?

Amazing! But like every dog – it all depends on how the humans treat them. Treat them like family and they will be like family. They like human connection.

7) Do Cockapoos bark a lot?

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

It all depends on the dog and how they are brought up. Darcy is opinionated. She will tell off any dog she doesn’t like but on the whole she hardly barks. She barks at dogs she doesn’t like and sometimes she barks at certain neighbours she doesn’t like.

8) Can Cockapoos be left alone?

Yes, and it’s all down to training. The longest I have left her alone has been six hours. It was I who needed to be trained to not be anxious about leaving her.

9) What comments/questions do you get when out and about in London with Miss Darcy and George?

George (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

George (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

What breed are they? Cockapoos have become quite common these days so in fact George gets a lot of the attention – partly because he is so cute and he engages with humans very easily. He loves humans.

10) Is there a big Cockapoo community in London?

Massive! Everywhere you go you will undoubtedly see one.

11) Would you say London is a dog friendly city?

Areas to improve? Yes, certain parts of London are incredibly dog-friendly like where we live. Others are coming around to it.

12) What’s your favourite place you’ve visited with Miss Darcy and George? Country?

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Oh so many. But the recent travels to Salzburg for Christmas was special and beautiful, and then to the most dog friendly island, Sylt in Northern Germany. We felt so welcomed and the place where we stayed was barren and soul-searching. We can go on and on. Those two are the most recent – there are so many memorable trips.

13) Why did you decide to start your blog/Instagram for Miss Darcy?

I love to write and it was easier to write behind another being – not as first person. When I started writing about all the things I had discovered I could do with a dog in the first years, I started sharing them on my Facebook page till a friend told me that Darcy had sabotaged my page. So I started a her own Facebook page and that eventually led to writing a blog.

14) How much work goes into running your blog and social media?

George and Miss Darcy (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

George and Miss Darcy (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

I used to write a blog post a day, sometimes twice but it has evolved over the seven years we have been writing. Today I write when I have something I want to share. Instagram came much later and after a flurry of activities on the ‘gram’ – I have gone back to being primarily blog focused. Yes it takes considerable amount of time – collecting photos, taking photos, finding props and doing research.

15) Have you had many cool/different experiences on the back of it?

We met a lot of new friends along the way – we’ve met people from many different countries all with Cockapoos.

16) What other Cockapoo accounts would you recommend to our readers?

Besides the ones you have already listed – Barnaby-Poo, Freddie the Posing Cockapoo,

Cockapoo Pros and Cons


• Intelligent – they learn quickly

• Playful and mischievous – they can be ball-obsessed, they love to chase squirrels.

• Devoted and affectionate – they love the human connection

• Non-barkers – in general they are non-barkers

• Non-shedding – depending on which breed attributes dominate


• Grooming – they matt easily and are quite high maintenance

• High-energy – they require exercising

• You cannot be sure which of the breed qualities can dominate – so you cannot guarantee non-shedding

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