20 Miniature Schnauzers To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most popular breeds in the USA.

In fact, the American Kennel Club state on their website that these beautiful dogs were the 18th most popular breed in 2019.

They’re the smallest member of the Schnauzer family that can live between 12 and 14 years.

Perhaps the most appealing characteristic about these dogs is their hypoallergenic coats, making them a potential companion for pet lovers with allergies.

Darcy the King Schnauzer (Photo: jemmadventures / Instagram)

Darcy the King Schnauzer (Photo: jemmadventures / Instagram)

They’re popular dogs on social media, with over 2.2 million entries under the #minaitureschnauzer hashtag on Instagram.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Miniature Schnauzers to follow on Instagram if you’re looking to learn more about these dogs.

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20) Leon (@gofetchleon) – 429 followers

First up we’ve got Leon (@gofetchleon) representing the Miniature Schnauzer. He’s just trying to make fetch happen. This Ontario-based Mini Schnauzer is a stylish little character. He definitely deserves more followers. You can watch Leon grow as he embraces adulthood.

19) Charlie and Ted (@charlesandteddy) – 3,527 followers

We’re swapping Ontario for Merseyside to meet Charlie and Ted (@charlesandteddy). Charlie is the older Schnauzer sibling, who likes woofing and napping. His dislikes include the postman and squirrels. Ted is three is a big fan of food but hates the hoover.

18) Arthur and Cleo (@arthurminischanuzer) – 5,440 followers

Arthur and Cleo (@arthurminischanuzer) is a black Miniature Schnauzer who has an adorable sister called Cleo, who has a salt and pepper colored coat. They’re based in Brisbane, Australia. This cute duo have over 5,000 followers on Instagram.

17) Rex (@rex_theminischnauzer) – 6,378 followers

We’re heading to the Big Apple to meet another Miniature Schnauzer duo. Rex (@rex_theminischnauzer) is the older sibling and his little brother is called Rio. Their cute little expressions will win you over. You can help this New York City pair reach 7,000 followers on Instagram.

16) Watson and Wimbledon (@watsonandwimbledon) – 7,518 followers

Watson and Wimbledon (@watsonandwimbledon) are two fluffy little characters enjoying the sunny life in Brisbane, Australia. You can catch these two soaking up the rays. Wimbledon is a Miniature Schnauzer and Watson is a Westie.

15) Gigi (@gigitheschnauzerr) – 7,743 followers

Sticking in Australia, we’re moving to Melbourne to meet TikTok superstar Gigi (@gigitheschnauzerr). She’s got over 300,000 followers on the video-sharing app. Gigi’s fun videos will put a smile on your face so you can help her reach the illusive 10k milestone on Instagram. You can read her interview with us here.

14) Mina (@mina_the_schnauzer) – 7,942 followers

Next up we’ve got an Italian Mini Schnauzer called Mina (@mina_the_schnauzer). Her biography reveals that she’s an ex FBI agent and a little crazy. She sounds like quite the character so no wonder she’s almost got 8,000 followers on Instagram.

13) Mushu (@mushuthemini) – 8,213 followers

It’s time to meet a certified good boy, Mushu (@mushuthemini). He’s a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer who eats a raw diet. Mushu is still a puppy so you can watch him grow through is beautiful Instagram photos.

12) Bella (@bellaminischnauzer) – 8,717 followers

If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your day, look no further than Bella (@bellaminischnauzer). She’s based in the UK and loves to photograph her adventures. She captures every moment and shares it on the photo-sharing app.

11) Martha (@martha.the.mini) – 11,000 followers

We’ve had a certified good boy and now we’re going to meet a sassy Miniature Schnauzer called Martha (@martha.the.mini). She certainly looks like she’s a little dog with a big personality. Martha is keeping over 11,000 fans entertained with her photos.

10) Churapurimama (@churapurimama) – 11,300 followers

Joy (@churapurimama) is our first Japanese Miniature Schnauzer in this list. Joy is a diabetic with cataracts but lives his life to the full in the Asian country. His undeniably good looks will put a smile on your face.

9) Leroy (@leroy_minischnauzer) – 13,900 followers

We’re heading to southern California to meet Leroy (@leroy_minischnauzer). He’s born and raised in SoCal and is named after Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS. You can follow his silly, crazy lovable life along with nearly 14,000 others.

8) Bentley (@bentley_badass) – 17,000 followers

Bentley (@bentley_badass) is a Mini Schnauzer based in North Carolina, United States. He’s AKC registered. Bentley has a couple of funny pastimes, including biting toes and bark flows. He’s got over 17,000 friends on the photo-sharing app.

7) Hector (@hectorschnauzer) – 17,400 followers

We’re meeting our first Nordic Mini Schnauzer on this list. Hector (@hectorschnauzer) is a little dog with a penchant for knitwear. You can enjoy Hector sporting a variety of clothing. This stylish Mini Schnauzer is well worth a follow.

6) Wally (@wonderwallythedog) – 17,600 followers

Next up is a wonder called Wally (@wonderwallythedog). He’s not strictly a Mini Schnauzer because he’s described as part monster. Oops. This Houston-based canine has bundles of personality and nearly 18,000 followers.

5) Simba (@rawrsimba) – 19,700 followers

Simba (@rawrsimba) plays a big role in his family’s life. Not only is he a much loved pet, but Simba is a professional model. You’ll find him sporting some his human’s latest designs. You wag along with Simba, his family and their nearly 20,000-strong fanbase.

4) Winston (@schnauzerminiwinston) – 23,200 followers

Proving that Australia is a country with a real soft spot for Mini Schnauzers, we’ve got Winston (@schnauzerminiwinston). He’s a little black and silver dog who is spoiled by mum. Winston has two big obsessions in life: tennis balls and bananas.

3) Norman (@lildogbigcity) – 25,000 followers

Norman (@lildogbigcity) is a gentleman and a troublemaker. This handsome Mini Schnauzer loves sweaters and hand holding, so he’s definitely a companion dog. Based in Toronto, Norman is a six year old with 25,000 followers.

2) Cher (@minichernauzer) – 32,100 followers

Combining two pop Queens, we’ve got Cher Minogue (@minichernauzer) up next. She’s a six year old living in Manchester, UK with her brother, Sonny the Toy Poodle. Cher has quite the celebrity status with over 32,000 followers.

1) Remix (@remixthedog) – 144,000 followers

Finally, we’re at number one on our list of Mini Schnauzers to check out on Instagram. Remix (@remixthedog) has a staggering 144,000 followers. This public figure has been photographed for ELLE, Glamour, Mr Porter and more. Remix is on TikTok, too, so you can expect stylish photos and great videos if you decide to hit the follow button.

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