Miah And Bali Hungarian Vizslas Questions & Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 15 April 2021

Meet Miah and Bali.

They’re a mother-daughter duo who love to explore the UK together.

Their adventures are beautifully captured by Magdalena on her Canon camera.

The result is a breathtaking portfolio that not only highlights what magnificent dogs Hungarian Vizslas are, but areas of outstanding beauty in England.

We spoke to Magdalena to learn more about Miah and Bali, Hungarian Vizslas and much more.

You can follow Miah and Bali on Instagram here (@miahthevizsla).

Editor's note: This article is meant to be informative in nature but it does not represent professional advice. Always contact a licensed dog behaviorist or trainer if you have any questions about how to train a dog.

1) How did you end up with Miah and Bali?

Bali the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Bali the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

The very first time we’ve seen a Vizsla was at a Doggie Daycare. We fell in love with this breed on the spot and never looked back. After further research, we have found a breeder and put down a deposit for our pick of the letter when Miah was just four weeks old.

Bali is Miah’s first born.

2) How would you describe the Vizsla personalities? Do they have distinct personalities?

Vizslas can be described as energetic, affectionate, and intelligent. They work hard to please their owners. Vizslas are also often referred to as “velcro dogs” because they are known for following their owners around the house and for demanding constant attention and snuggles.

Miah and Bali like to give us hugs by wrapping their cat like paws around us.

3) How does owning two Vizsla compare to owning one?


Having two Vizslas means that they can provide each other with companionship and physical stimulation. Bali makes a great running partner who can keep up with Miah, whereas most breeds wouldn’t be able to (Vizsla’s speed: 40mph).

4) Are Vizslas fussy eaters?

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

We can’t speak for all Vizslas but our Vizslas are definitely picky with their food (our fault entirely). They are normally fed on dry kibble mixed with cooked chicken, lamb or fish.

Bali was the fussiest eater with scrambled egg being her favourite but we are glad to say that after 11 months – she has finally got a normal diet.

5) Are Vizslas expensive to own?

For us, most of the cost goes into their diet. There is no need for groomers and their vet bills are minimal, however Vizslas can be quite costly to buy in the first instance.

6) Does owning two Vizsla help with any separation anxiety?

Not necessarily as Bali was born during lockdown and she is used to most of the family members working from home.

7) How hard is training a Vizsla?

Vizslas are very easy to train as long as the training is fun and varied. It’s all about being consistent too.

Bali started to recall off the lead around 6 months old to a simple whistle.

8) Are Vizslas good off leash?

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Vizslas are good off leash if properly trained.

Bali recalls to a whistle and Miah recalls to ‘come’ command but if they are both hunting, the recall can be less effective at times.

9) Do Vizslas make great family pets?

Although Vizslas bond strongly with their owners, they make great family pets for families with an active lifestyle.

We would not recommend them for families with children under 6 as Vizslas can be quite clumsy and their exuberant jumping can be overwhelming.

10) Is a Vizsla a good first dog?

Yes, if you are looking for a medium sized, active dog for hunting, hiking or other outdoor activities. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to prevent destructive behaviour at home.

11) What did you start an Instagram page for Miah and Bali?

We have created an Instagram account for Miah and Bali back in March 2019 to fill our time during lockdown. We have since found the Instagram dog community to be extremely supportive and encouraging.

12) What’s your favourite memory or photos with/of Miah and Bali?

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Our favourite memory of Miah was her becoming a mother. Seeing her feeding, caring for and cleaning her puppies was simply beautiful.

Our favourite photo of Bali is


13) Is there a big Vizsla community in the UK?

The popularity of Hungarian Vizslas has steadily risen in the UK in recent years. Since Hungarian Vizsla Yogi (Miah’s Great Grandad) won Best in Show at Crufts in 2010, there has been an increase in puppy registration.

There are also plenty of Vizsla groups on Facebook that allow you to share pictures of your Vizslas and to generally ask for any Vizsla related advice/tips.

14) What tips do you have for readers who want to take better photos of their dogs?

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

One of the biggest tips is to get down to dog level instead of standing over the dog and shooting downwards. This will allow you to create more interesting shots.

Always analyse your background first – make sure it’s clutter free. Avoid taking pictures where the background detracts from the dog.

Focus on the eyes (if you can auto-focus on the eyes to make sure they’re always sharp).

As with any great photo, look for good natural lighting (for indoors shots – get your dog to pose by a window).

Finally, don’t forget to pay your model! A few treats can go a long way😊

15) What are the pros and cons of Vizslas?

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)

Miah the Vizsla (Photo: miahthevizsla / Instagram)


• Vizslas coats are very short and single layered, which means that they don’t need much grooming

• Affectionate companion

• Incredible stamina – it is very hard to tire them out


• Vizslas do not do well left alone for a long period and may suffer from separation anxiety.

• Need significant amounts of exercise

• Need a lot of early socialization to build confidence

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