Melker the Samoyed interview

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 27 January 2023

Melker is a Samoyed living in Sweden.

With nearly 110,000 followers on Instagram, the Swedish floof is truly a social media star.

When Melker (@samoyedmelker) isn’t taking selfies, he’s brightening the feeds of his followers posing alongside beautiful flowers.

Samoyeds have a reputation for being friendly dogs that like to socialise, while they’re known as heavy shedders.

We spoke to Melker’s mom Gabriella to learn more about the Samoyed breed and Melker’s success on Instagram.

So let’s start our chat with Sweden’s fluffiest dog.

1) Why did you decide to get a Samoyed?

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

I saw a Samoyed in a friend’s Facebook pictures, I’d never seen one in reality. I just remembered that picture and a few years later when we were looking to get a dog, we searched for dog breeds on the Swedish Kennel Club’s website to see what could fit us, and then I saw that familiar dog again, and we went and read more about them.

2) How important is it to research the breed before getting a Samoyed?

Very Important! Samoyeds requires a lot, both training and but also care for their fur, for example. They are very quick learners but they can also be very stubborn, so even though they know what is right and wrong, they love to do just what they feel to! Haha! And Samoyeds love to be with their family, so even if you can leave them alone, you shouldn’t do that to often.

3) Can you give us an insight into Melker’s life in Sweden?

Melker lives with his family in the Swedish countryside in south Sweden, near the city Falkenberg. Here, he has a lot of outdoor space, surrounded by beautiful meadows and forests, the sea isn’t too far away either. The days consists of long walks, training and ball throwing with the classic Samoyed motto: “no take, only throw”, which can be hard sometimes since you often need to get the ball to throw it.

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4) Are there a lot of Samoyeds in Sweden?

No, it’s not a common breed. Besides Melker’s mum, and her Samoyed friend that comes to visit us sometimes, Melker hasn’t meet any other Samoyeds. But I know that in the north of Sweden, it is easier to find breeders, so I guess they are a bit more common there.

5) You’ve got beautiful photos in a variety of different landscapes and weather conditions. Does Melker enjoy the Swedish weather?

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

Thank you! Yes he does! In the summer, it can be warm. 25-30 celsius wasn’t unusual last summer. He stayed inside a lot and took only short walks. The Samoyed coat can also protect against heat, so it is not as bad as many think when they see all the fluff. But Samoyeds prefer the colder climate and Melker loves to lay outside in the winters with the snow falling down over him, then he doesn’t want to go inside.

6) Can tells us about Melker’s personality? Is it reflective of the Samoyed breed as a whole?

As I said before Samoyeds can be very stubborn – and that’s Melker in a nutshell. He is a quick learner and we have trained him to pick up things for us, but he only does it if he knows that he gets treats. He loves to talk and always comes to speak to us if he wants something with his classic “woo woo”. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he get angry and never stops nagging! Haha! He loves to sit outside and just watch everything and it looks like he’s a great philosopher. Very wise.

7) Are Samoyeds easy to train? Are they independent or stubborn like other northern breeds?

Yes, very easy, but also very smart. Why would they do something if they don’t get anything in reward? That is how they think. And you need to do something new thing with them since they easily can get bored.

8) Are Samoyeds affectionate? Do Samoyeds suffer from separation anxiety?

Yes they are, they are really good family dogs and want to follow you on your daily events, but they can also be left alone. Melker loves to be alone when he knows that we are close by, indoors or something. But when we leave him home, he gets sad for a minute and then just lie down and waits for us. But most of the time, we never leave him.

9) What is the most common question you get asked about Melker?

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

What breed he is and how often do we have to wash him. When I say that we only wash him 1-2 times per year they don’t believe me, but the Samoyed fur kind of cleans itself pretty good, and brushing helps a lot, the dirt just fall off.

10) What advice would you give to someone thinking about a Samoyed as a pet?

Read about the breed, go and meet breeders and other Samoyeds before buying. They don’t recommend a Samoyed as a first dog, they need a lot of training, some do bark a lot, and you can’t just go on long walks with them, they need other interesting stimulation. So do you have time for that? And, of course, the fur! It is daily brushing or at least once a week. But when they shed, which is 1-2 times per year, your home will be white anyway and you will not believe the amount of fluff that you just can pull of.

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11) Why did you decide to start Melker’s Instagram page?

I used to post some pictures on Melker on my own Instagram, but my friends got tired of all of my dog pictures so then I made a new one for Melker and the rest is history.

12) What’s your favourite part of running the Instagram page?

I think it is all of the sweet comments I get. It’s so many people, daily, that writes to me and say that Melker really makes their days better. That makes me so happy.

13) Do you have a favourite post or photo? If so, why?

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

I think it must be this one. I just took one photo with my phone doing a high five with Melker, and it turned out to a selfie! He looks so happy among the lupines.

14) What advice do you have for other dog owners who want to turn their dogs into Instagram stars?

Try to show your followers your dog’s personality. Every dog is unique – both via the photo or video but also write a fun text that shows what he/she’s thinking. And take a lot of photos! Many people think that I just take a picture and post, but 99% there is a lot of work behind.

15) Are there any other Samoyed accounts on Instagram that you’d recommend?

I really recommend @mayapolarbear – super sweet and funny. And @coconutricebear – the coolest San Fransisco resident, ever.

Samoyed pros and cons

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)

Melker the Samoyed (Photo: @samoyedmelker / Instagram)


• Quick learners
• Smart
• Don’t smell “dog”
• Big heart


• Stubborn
• Shedding
• Can bark and talk a lot
• Have their own will

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